King of the Nighttime(Stationary) World!

Today I like the Mailman. Came home and seen that Aaron(Mr Books) had sent me  something and look at this Folks! Rush playing Cards!!

How cool is that? Thanks a bunch Aaron!! Much Appreciated! Dude is the King of Stationary! Nobody comes close! Kinda keeps the KISS review week going as RUSH opened for KISS back in 1975! Just Saying!


30 thoughts on “King of the Nighttime(Stationary) World!”

      1. KISS cards man….I wish I would have kept them as well….too young when I had those kind of things. I’m glad I can now pick away at the vinyl stuff again. Pretty good as for KISS I have the whole 70’s output except the debut.
        80’s I need Animalize/Asylum/Revenge…Hot in the Shade I’m not to concerned about getting unless I see it dirt cheap

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      2. I was at a collectible show on Sunday and for $30 they had a sealed box of Kiss cards from 1996. I passed. Reunion era merch is everywhere.

        Revenge is one you will have a hard time getting on vinyl, mine is on grey marble from the early 90s. That’s expensive today and so are the recent reissues. The others you shouldn’t have a hard time getting cheap.

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      1. Oh they will get cracked open at some point but its nice have it a sealed up as Mikey posted a video of his review of the Rush Cards..


  1. I’m so glad the parcels are arriving! I could only get so many but I bought them out, and sent them to all the Ontario KMA Readers I could think of!

    Y’all wanna know something fun? I had mentioned a bit ago about wondering what I would do when the Aaron notepad ran out… but I found another one in adrawer! I’ve got lots of notes now!

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    1. Yeah man your a legend now with the Note Pads!
      Mr Books aka Mr Note Books as Mikey said…
      Thanks again and its cool Mikey reviewed the card set so I don’t have to crack mine open…YET!


      1. Haha a legend in my own time… I was thinking back on it and you know, even as a kid I remember having notepads, pens and pencils, whatever with my name on them. They even do road signs, bumper stickers, coffee mugs… Used to sell them in junk shops and dollar stores etc. And I honestly don’t even know where these pads I have here now even came from, seriously no clue. Probably multiplied like rabbits in my desk drawer.

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