MAX THE AXE: Status Electric(2018)

While Kitchener Ontario’s fav-o Blogger Micheal Ladano morphs into Doc McGhee promoting local bands (which is great thing).  Mikey also writes and  gives these guy’s exposure via his blog/social media! Doc Ladano  should be commended!

Atta Boy Sir!

One of those bands that Mikey has championed the cause is Kitcheners own Max The Axe. Don’t be fooled by the name folks this isn’t some over the top Thrash Metal Act. No sir or Mam for that matter!

If you had a Music Blender and dumped some old school Sabbath/Headstones/Buggles and added  a shot of Danko Jones with a shot of BTO added into the mix as well out would spew Max The Axe!

A little later on I will explain the Music Blender which I’m sure you’re going  Sabbath? Headstones? Danko? BTO????????? Buggles????????????

Ha, well my review my ears! Anyways back a ways before Christmas this past year Mikey sent me a bunch of Max Webster CD’s along with Max The Axe which took me forever to get around to in which I apologize as the computer I have all my music on pooched and it was just recently I got it fixed up. Got my music back and now I’m backlogged on a bunch of stuff including this CD.

My apologies to the Max Fella’s but now its the time to toss down some thoughts on this…

First of all I’ll tell ya all right of the bat that this is a Pretty  Damn Good CD! Now you may go “Yeah sure Deke, your just being a nice guy” In other words just Kissing Ass!

About that Kissing Ass comment. If this was a bad CD I would not review it as perhaps it’s not my cup of tea but perhaps to others it would be as I am not the be all end all so I would politely add it to my collection and move on but seriously this kinda of Rock is up my alley for the most part.

Speaking of reviews..Mikey I’m still waiting for that Four By Fate post to drop…hahaha(inside joke folk’s)

Status Electric is the name of the disc.

Opener River Grand is a great opener. More of the Sludgy Sabbath live groove especially when the guitars of Mike Koutis and the Bass of Tom Cole lock up in the solo. Tom does that Geezer Butler Bass walk among the fretboard on this song which is real cool slick move. Koutis has no problems at all inner channelling Tony Iommi. Very good guitar player as well as a songwriter!

Next Plane to Vegas has Uncle Meat tossing down some attitude which this track could have easily squeezed on the Headstones debut Picture of Health easily… Winner Winner Getting Chicken Dinner…Love this stuff..

Uncle Meat has a pretty slick rock voice as  I almost hear that King of Leon’s singer in his voice at times after a few downed Bourbons!

Randy is another Sabby like menacing stomp of a track that goes off into a different spin at times. Max the Axe can change the tempo of a tune like that. Bam! Done!

Call of the Wild has some  fine picking from Koutis as Uncle Meat makes the song work lyrically especially the mashing up with the background vocals during the chorus!

Love the punchy kick of Sick of Living which should be the soundtrack to Monday Mornings. How about that chorus. ‘ You Make Sick Sick of Living Tired Tired Weak Weak Cheat Cheat! Actually i just really dig the fist to your face attitude of this song. Great Job!

Nice slam of the drums by Dr Dave Haslam on The Other Side which I really dig as the tune goes from a stomp to another tempo change as the drums/bass/guitar dive headfirst into another deep groove.

Gods On The Radio has Uncle Meat sounding like Trevor Horn from the Buggles doing that Video Killed the Radio Star like vibe vocally during the verses. But when Meat tells you to turn it up louder you better or else… Scott Baio and Phil Collins would be impressed!

Uptite Friday Night is a great title and this is the tune I hear BTO! Yeah man I do. Listen to that rhythm guitar that sounds to me shades of Randy Bachman! But these guys speed the fuck out of it…Uncle Meat makes you believe that he is heading out and it will be alright!

Scales of Justice is the end of album 6  minute plus track. Pretty cool tune as it shows the chops of the band musically and vocally. Impressive for a 6 minute song to be placed at the end of the album. But yeah, Mad Max can pull it off… Click the song that I posted below and you can hear Scales of Justice for yourself! Axe Attack!

Best thing I can say about this album is there is no need to  skip tracks. It’s really cool to hear this disc (finally) and get some thoughts out on it.

Please do support local/independent bands like Max The Axe as every little bit helps. If your interested in these guys just ask me or get in touch with Doc Mchgee (Ladano) and he will hook ya up!




27 thoughts on “MAX THE AXE: Status Electric(2018)”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Deke. Interesting review. Strangely I can understand the Kings of Leon vocal comparison. And the Horn Niggles thing is right on the money actually. I even referred that exact song to the producer when describing what I wanted for effects on the verses of Gods on the Radio. Great review and glad you enjoyed man. Oh .. and I’ll toss my pleasure into the ring here. Sausagefest is July 5-7 this year. You should come. I’m not kidding. Ya gotta!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Wow . I really gotta start proofreading before I post. Tossing my pleasure sounds like it should be my porn debut. I can’t even remember what that was supposed to be. So come to Sausage fest and toss my pleasure.

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Meat! it really is a great CD. You guys should be proud of it dude! Ha I do plan on coming to Sausage Fest but not this year unfortunately as I i don’t have that time off in July. But I told Mikey I plan on coming to one of those weekends sometime sooner than later…

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  2. I read this three times before commenting. It makes my heart warm to know my buddies like my other buddies’ music.

    And I like that you heard that Buggles thing that Meat says was intentional. And you heard it.

    Get Meat to tell you about Scales of Justice. The lyrics are a story. Only a fool would own a deadly snake, let alone two.

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