Review: The Dirt (Biopic)


Hey Folk’s instead of everyone waiting around for my 2 cents on the Crue film why don’t I let my good bloggin pal Drew tell ya all about as I haven’t even watched it myself…
Click the link below Crueheads….

Update: I  just watched it.. (Saturday Afternoon…)

Drew's Reviews

There’s a scene in the show Seinfeld when Jerry convinces George to open up and let out all his emotions. The next scene shows Jerry slowly backing away from George in horror as he says “Good luck with all that.”

That’s how I felt a number of years ago after reading The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band the 2007 biography of exploits as written by the members of Motley Crue.

That tell-all has come to the small screen.

The biopic, just released (March 22) by Netflix, hardly provides the same effects but captures the essence of the book with all of its smutty sensationalism. The drugs (lots). The women (lots). The music. All of it. Even the reported scene when Ozzy Osbourne snorted ants poolside at a hotel while on tour.

Not all of it’s there, probably best, like that telephone. And a scene in a…

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12 thoughts on “Review: The Dirt (Biopic)”

      1. It’s not like we haven’t heard the music or anything before, so why can u post videos but something like that is just goofy


    1. It was a lazy afternoon Geoff so I sat and watched it. Considering it was full of bad wigs and somewhat debatable acting and I think its safe to say some embellishment at times as well as kooky at times I dug it.
      A pleasant experience watching a trianwreck before my eyes!
      Thanks to Drew for the review which between his and Bops got me to watch..
      Monday I will post the review of the Soundtrack!

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      1. This review and your comments definitely have me interested. Nothing wrong with a little cheesy 80s rock movie. I wouldn’t want my Crüe any other way. Lol

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    1. I’m sure a bunch of bands would like to lay claim to that title…
      Still remember when Guns N Roses took the stage back in 91 the announcer said something to the effect of ‘Out of 2 million bands in the’s another one” hahaha

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