Motley Crue:The Dirt (Soundtrack)- 2019


So to go along with the biopic movie on NETFLIX comes Motley Crue with a soundtrack of all your fav-o Crue tunes from the past and four new tunes,well three new tunes and a fourth which is a cover tune(keep reading friends!)!

Track List-
01. The Dirt (Est. 1981) feat. Machine Gun Kelly
02. Red Hot
03. On With The Show
04. Live Wire
05. Merry-Go-Round
06. Take Me To The Top
07. Piece Of Your Action
08. Shout At The Devil
09. Looks That Kill
10. Too Young To Fall In Love
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Girls, Girls, Girls
13. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S.)
14. Kickstart My Heart
15. Dr. Feelgood
16. Ride With The Devil
17. Crash And Burn
18. Like A Virgin

Pretty decent mish mash of Crue tunes and you can see how important a Soundtrack can be in promoting a movie, In other words look no further than what Queen did with the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack which in my mind is the best movie soundtrack of all time in the Rock Field!

Motley does there best of course with a 14 pack of the Sleazeball Rock that took em from the Gutter Bars to the Arenas in the roaring storming 80’s! As an added  feature is the four new tracks written and recorded for this album  pushing the track total up to 18 songs!

I get it Nikki Sixx wants to put the big tunes from the Glory Days to entice the casual music buyer  to purchase this  that may not be the biggest CrueHead in existence but one who knows the Crue Hits from yesteryear via video’s or even todays satellite radio!

I will give Sixx credit as he went five songs deep from Motleys sizzling debut Too Fast For Love. Four tracks deep from 1984’s Shout at the Devil and another three pack of hits from 1989’s Dr Feelgood.

Only one track appears from each 1985’s Theatre of Pain and 1987’s Girls Girls Girls release so I guess that tells you where Motley Crue themselves would rate these albums….

Than the true selling feature for me was in purchasing the four (one being a cover tune) new songs that piqued my curiosity level in wanting to purchase this is for those tracks.

So without further adieu  here’s my 2 cents worth of babble on what Nikki/Vince/Mick and Tommy have been up to in the studio!

First of all smart move bringing Bob Rock to produce these tunes as you know the sounds will be there!

The Dirt (Est. 1981) feat. Machine Gun Kelly- Is the first song on the Soundtrack and the first new song these guys have recorded since i dunno when! At first when I seen the name Machine Gun Kelly I thought aargh whats the Rap guy doing on here! (Kelly plays Tommy Lee in the movie) but you know this tune works well with Mr Machine Gun blitzing a bunch of words at hyper speed while the Crue lays down some law on the instruments. Vince sounds good vocally but then again anyone does in the studio right? Still though it’s good to hear Vinnie sing a full song while it’s a total pleasure to hear Mick Mars riff about as well.

Ride With The Devil opens with Tommy smacking those drums and for added pleasure there’s some cowbell being smacked about! Pretty wicked groove that this tune has going for it actually as Mars plays some mean slide guitar throughout it  as well!

Crash And Burn in my opinion is the best of the bunch. Just a slick cool rock track which really ramps up during the chorus. Mars like he does on all these new tracks keeps his solo’s short n sweet but Mick is the glue that holds these tunes together!

There’s a running theme of the use of the word DIRT multiple times on the three new studio tracks which is kinda silly but  It’s Motley’s deal so Dirt is the word!

Just like how I thought the Crue lost there marbles letting a rap guy sing on a Motley tune comes the cover of Madonna’s Like A Virgin which I first I dismissed without listening to it. Course I had to cue it up and listen to it and guess what? It’s a decent spin on it musically. Whatever Sixx did to the verses of the tune works well actually real well. Vince singing the chorus as a 60 year old guy is friggin borderline creepy but that’s the Crue doing something to create a buzz whether it be a good buzz or bad buzz but a buzz never the less!

The three Motley originals are pretty good actually. A different sound, maybe more Generation Swine than Dr Feelgood but this band is a way different beast than the broke band that recorded the first two classic albums of their career.

Basically this is a pretty decent Compilation/Greatest Hits set to go along with flick!

Bottom line is I’m digging it!

37 thoughts on “Motley Crue:The Dirt (Soundtrack)- 2019”

  1. Great review Deke! I noticed the whole “Dirt” word in all the new songs and thought that was kind of silly and slightly overused. The first song being called “Dirt” was more than enough. My verdict is still out on the tunes, but I did think “Like a Virgin” was better than I expected and I expected the worst!!

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  2. Remember when Saints of Los Angeles was supposed to be the Dirt soundtrack?

    I looked for this on the weekend but no luck. Sold out I guess. I’m so burned out on Motley Crue thanks to this thing.

    Corabi rules!

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    1. True I understand the burnout factor. Guess the P.R will slowly subside now. My only real gripe with the songs is they should have tossed a Corabi track on it.
      If nothing from the 94 albums than at least Let Us Prey which I swear u can hear Crabby in the backing vocals…
      But I hear what you’re saying Mikey..

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    1. Ok, I can understand that. But I found out when I cranked on the headphones that it is quite interesting but I can see how it’s not for everyone..
      Like i said Crue likes to create a buzz…good or bad but a buzz so people will talk about em..


      1. Fair enough Sir…
        I planning on rewriting my review of Shout at the Devil sometime down the road and the real story will come out….
        I think I will dedicate that post to u haha

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  3. Meh! Always thought Motley were so much better at being rock stars than they ever were at being in a band (Wild Side and Girls, excepted). Surely they must be almost level with KISS in the number of Best of’s competition by now?

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    1. HAHA…Yeah but for myself this is my only 2nd purchase of a Motley Comp! I originally purchased Decade of Decadance back in 91 and that was it..
      So for myself I’m A-ok with this one. You are right though they are in competition with KISS especially now with the stealing with the stage production haha…

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  4. I listened to the dirt soundtrack and I like the new songs, then again I also liked the Saints album and the single songs Sex and All Bad Things..
    for Like A Virgin, it was cool to listen but I’m in no rush to play it again anytime soon

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    1. Actaully hears what J said a few years back when I did review Siants..he hits the nail on the head here…

      Aug 25, 2017
      J-Haha! Man, this Crue lot are right shady! They should leave you alone… they promise you the world and give you a bucket of soil. I honestly can’t stand this band… there aren’t many bands that I just can’t tolerate, but Crue are one of them.
      Aug 25, 2017
      Bucket of Soil! Beautiful!
      Zero Patience! Well said J!

      J called it..Bucket of Soil meaning DIRT!


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      1. Haha! I’ve eased up on my Crue hatred, Deke… I dislike them, but that Corabi album is a good ‘un.

        Anyhoo, this soundtrack obviously isn’t aimed at me and I’m not feeling inclined to listen to big Vince sing Like A Virgin. Haha. Pure novelty stuff.

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      2. I agree with ya on the 94 album…
        Yeah that cover tune is something else as I had to find something else in that song to dig as Vince kinda creeps me out a bit with the vocals…
        Musically I like what the True did with it…

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  5. Nice wrap up. I looked this up on spotify and noticed songs I had not heard before. Wondered if they were new. I’ll give it a listen tomorrow. So, if they have recorded new music does that mean…

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      1. I wish I could take credit for it Deke – I borrowed it from a line in your post!

        “So without further adieu here’s my 2 cents worth of babble on what Nikki/Vince/Mick and Tommy have been up to in the studio!”

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  6. Great job Deke! Has to look up “Like a virgin” and have a listen after you told me it was on here. It is definitely different. Musically it’s kinda cool but I can’t get over the lyrics and Vince straining to sing like Madonna. With different lyrics this could be a good song.

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