Jared James Nichols: Black Magic(2017)

As many of you already know it takes a lot for me to really dig my heels into any new rock at this point in my life!

One of those acts that has recently come along is Jared James Nichols who smacks a real guitar oriented heavy blues rock in a power trio format or as Jared says “Blues Power”.

It was Frank Loffredo who put me  in the direction of Jared’s music as Frank raved about Jared when he made his Thunder Bay debut a few months back opening for Fozzy and as Frank mentioned  that JJN stole the show that night!

Now Frank has been bringing hundreds perhaps thousands of acts to Thunder Bay for over 30 years so when he says something like that he’s not saying it as Bullshit! Put it this way. Frank even said it on social media and he doesn’t toss those kind of statements lightly! He also told me Jared is a “real chill great guy…”

At the recent John5 show here in town that Jared was opening he didn’t disappoint in backing up what Frank had said about him. Jared fused a ton of heavy blues rock fronting a power trio and kicking all kinds of ass all over the stage that night!

Even at one point Jared told the crowd ” We got T-shirts and CD’s for sale. You don’t have to buy anything even just come back and say Hey Man!”

The chill great guy comment I can also back up as I met him after his set and Jared is a great guy. Perhaps someday I can get a 10 questions or some kind of interview out of him….


So after Jared’s set which was right behind where me and Tbone were standing was the merch table. I purchased both a T-shirt and CD for $20 each which in this day and age is a steal. Jared and his band obliged and signed my disc….

So the day after the concert it was a quick drop onto the iPod the Black Magic disc via the computer.

Black Magic is a great album. Not just saying that, it seriously is! Jared fuses his own style of Blues Power and that’s what this album is.

From opening track Last Chance to the last track What Love Jared lays down some serious law on the guitar and has a great rock voice as well. Listen to that solo on the opening track posted below!

I love the fact that Jared doesn’t muck about on these songs. Only 2 of the 10 tracks are over 3 minutes long while all other tracks are under 3 minutes!

Short N Sweet and to the Point!

Must mention also that Anthony Perry (Joe’s Son) co wrote and produced this disk with Jared. I love the production on it as it’s not produced to slick and still has a little rough around the edges rawness to keep  it from sounding  over polished!

Other than the drums being played on the album by three different fella’s( Aquiles Priester/Benjamin Tilestone/Dennis Holm )and Perry himself. Jared handles of course all Guitars/Lead Vocals and Bass.( except for one track on the album. Erick Sandin has that honour on Gotta Have You by playing the four string!) I must add the extra use of Percussion and Keys at certain time’s enhances the overall sound of the disc.

These guys kept it in-house with a sound that bleeds blues and heavy rock throughout with no two songs sounding alike. Take the second track The Gun that just goes into the opposite of opener Last Chance. Very diverse sound but maintaining the common thread and when you listen to this disc you get it what Blues Power actually is…

Blues delivered with Power!

If you stumbled across my concert review of the John5/JJN’s show last week you will have read  that I compared Nichols sound to a certain act. There are other influences as well. Give the two vids a watch/listen and tell me your thoughts on it…

Thanks Frank for steering me in the direction of some Blues Power! A highly recommended Disc and if Jared hits your town by all means Go!

21 thoughts on “Jared James Nichols: Black Magic(2017)”

  1. Ok, you convinced me. I will add him to my playlist and give him a try. I like blues rock so I should dig it. $20 for T-Shirt…Crazy. I saw the Kiss merch table and prices were like $50-60 for a T-Shirt and one was actually $100…it might have been long-sleeved.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It can be harder to get into new music now for sure. I have mad no bones about it that I’m a one track pony when it comes to my listening habits.
      But every so often something comes along and in this case its JJN’s and I get hope again that all is not lost with me sonically…haha

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  2. Last Chance was the the song that hooked me in when it came across it in a Discover Spotify playlist and from the album, Last Chance, The Gun and End Of Time still stand out today. Great artist and I’m keen to see what he does next.

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    1. I’m onboard as well Sir! His live show won me over Than I bought his CD after this set! Pretty rare in this day and age for me to get won over like that but JJN’s owned that stage like a pro man..

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      1. I love bands (music) like this. Your take was bang on. The album is real good. My style of hard rock. Every blue moon something like this comes along and I take notice. Jared just stripped it and got down to business. Like you i have enough music to last me forever but it’s cool when CB gets his head turned. Thanks
        (A long time ago a similar band called Cry Of Love did the same thing)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Man!
        I’m real glad you took the time to check it out and are blown away by it!
        Once I seen his 45 minute set slamming guitar and chatted with Jared he was super chill and relaxed guy. Totally approachable and a genuine dude! It comes across on his tunes…
        Fantastic stuff…
        Cry of Love I remember them as well. I recall hearing them around the same time as Tangier..

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