Record Store Day-2019


Record Store Day came and went! Me and my daughter Lexie headed down to our only Record Shop here in Thunder Bay which falls under Sunrise. A National Chain that gobbled up all the HMV Stores when that company tanked…

This morning fellow blogging pals John T Snow and the one an only HMO scored a double Cheap Trick Vinyl that looked real slick.

Too be honest I wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed as Sunrise’s Facebook Page didn’t even mention it but had a link from RSD 2018!

But we went anyways and when I got there was small section of stuff set up maybe about 20 release’s like Mumford and Sons(Gah) and three picture discs on the shelf  of Rush’s Hemisphere’s going for $45 Canadian each! No thanks I’ll pass…

Mikey Ladano  mentioned to me earlier today  about Glorious Sons having a double live album out. That intrigued me as I have been meaning to check em out for a while now and why not make my first real introduction to their music than it being a Double Live Album!

Only problem is the Glorious Sons Double Live was going for $60 Canadian.. umm I’ll pass…

I get it that’s the way it is..Limited edition’s are going to cost ya..

I mentioned to Lex that Sunrise should capitalize and lower the cost for one day the regular cost on their albums that have been sitting in there  bIns for days/weeks/months….

Nope not happening…

So after we left Sunrise we split and I went back to my familiar place for vinyl and spent my cash on Three Used Albums at Moon Money Vintage!

KISS-The Elder. Triumph-Thunder 7 and Hear N Aid!

Man, Hear N Aid I only ever bought on cassette tape back upon its release so …kinda psyched to get these added to the collection…

As I was paying for my scores I was talking to store owner Martha who after some small talk said  that the shop was thinking of doing a RSD but just ordering stuff for customers who they know won’t stiff them. As I was paying for my records I told Martha that I would rather support and pay a local business as opposed to a Chain…

If it’s gonna cost me for limited editions I would rather support Local Business…

Great idea! As I told her on the way out I would be totally up for that as the ‘Corporate Store’ doesn’t give a Shit!

Cheers for Local Business! Support em if you can!

23 thoughts on “Record Store Day-2019”

    1. Thanks Joe. I think It may have run its course here as well. Figures the one year I decide to make a go of it and its meh..haha.
      I still got vinyl so it was still a win win!
      Thanks for reading…

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  1. Hear hear to supporting local businesses!
    And I’m keen to hear what you think of the Elder in 2019 – I remember you saying when it came out, you weren’t sure about it (a flute on a Kiss record?!)
    I’m curious if it’s one of those LPs that improves over time

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    1. Good point!
      The way Gene and Paul are if it was a hit they would keep that money chain going by a followup for sure…
      The ELDER Part 2!
      May have had a different direction on Creatures and Lick it Up…
      Money drives the KISS Bus that’s for sure…

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  2. Elder is one of my fave albums. One of my most played KISS albums probably!

    RSD still seems to be in full swing here but I’ll be interested to see how it all went sales-wise. The prices have got beyond ridiculous. I have to REALLY want something to spend that much. Passed on a Saxon set cause it was a total rip off at £50.

    I feel lots of people were buying but people seemed to be buying less than usual?

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    1. Awesome to hear about The Elder Scott! Knew you liked it but man thats hardcore hahaha..
      Good for ya!

      RSD yeah the prices are kinda goofy but I don’t mind paying for something if its what I want and that CT set u got looks cool. But for the other things yeah plus Sunrise here in town it was lame-o Lex said they had no display in the window when we first got there..
      Figures I finally make the effort to go out to RSD and it sucked balls! haha

      But I was pretty happy to get those 3 albums used! I actually got a fourth which isn’t pictured which was Live Bootleg by Aerosmith which I’m giving to Tbone as he needs that album as its his fav…
      Think I should sell it to him at a ridiculous cost now that I thought about it…hahaha

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  3. RSD is one of the few Saturday’s I don’t go to the record store. Good luck to them and all that but it’s just TOO MUCH. Too
    Much money, too many people, too much the records you already have but repacked in something shiny.

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    1. Good point! IF its something cool yeah for sure I would be willing to pay extra…but only one thing…
      I know I won’t go back to Sunrise for RSD thats for sure…

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  4. I’ve never really gotten involved in RSD, as I don’t like crowds and, well, parting with loads of cash pennies for vinyl. Maybe I’m just not all that vinyl daft after all!

    There were a few releases I was keen on this year, but getting out wasn’t really a possibility. The biggest want was The Flaming Lips’ King’s Mouth, which HMO snagged for me and I’m awfy pleased about that. Proper new release and priced about the same as a standard release these days.

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    1. Thats cool of HMO. Why not send HMO to crash through the masses to score vinyl for you!..hahaha
      Great chap that fella is!

      I just wanted to go and check it out. There was no crowd and there was nothing so …
      but I still scored so I’m good with it…
      The prices are goofy for sure. Your still Vinyl Daft dude. Your just smart about it!

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      1. It was indeed! If it weren’t for HMO I would likely not have a copy.

        It’s good that you got some vinyl even if it wasn’t specifically RSD stuff.

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  5. I think a lot of people passed on Rush’s Hemisphere picture disc since I still see it in the stores. Too pricey and it just got a reissue…. We noticed the absence of deals too and the “limited edition” stuff was front and center this time around…. We did shoot a video of our RSD pickups. Go get on editing that at some point…

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