Rock Candy Magazine- April/ May:2019

Ah there we have it. Def Leppard fronting the cover of the latest Rock Candy issue that hit the streets back earlier this month!

Once again another fine issue by the crew at Rock Candy that  has some fantastic written pieces…

A bunch of pages devoted to Leppard and new interviews with Joe Elliot/Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell. 

Tesla as well gets some coverage with an in-depth interview..

Styx discusses what happened when Kilroy Was Here was released and the record stopped selling…

One of the best ever bands never to become mega huge The Four Horsemen has  founder Dave Lizmi talking about the crazy wild ride that was The Four Horsemen!

I will add that even now when I read through the bi monthly issue of Rock Candy I can learn interesting little tidbits bits that even I didn’t know like how the Horsemen were considered the opening act for the huge Stadium Tour back in 1992 that featured co headliners Guns N Roses/Metallica.(which I attended) I won’t tell you why the Horsemen didn’t get the spot but dang…. (Faith No More got the slot)

Franke and the Knockouts! Remember them? Ha?! Whut? Check out that pic below that shows picture proof of the band that Tico Torres was in before he joined Bon Jovi! Can you spot Tico below?

Bunch more stories are featured throughout!  Do go and score a copy as its stellar!

One more thing  about this magazine is that with this current issue both Leppard and Tesla have plugged it on their social media sites…

15 thoughts on “Rock Candy Magazine- April/ May:2019”

  1. Bad timing for Four Horsemen and most other heavier rock bands that started in early 90’s.

    It’s too bad Def Leppard couldn’t have had a few more buttons on their clothing.

    I’m pretty sure I have some Frankie & The Knockouts in my vinyl collection. That name though???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tons of interpersonal drama with the Horseman as well….a very combustible band that bordered on the fine line between crazy and brilliance!

      At least Phil Collen is wearing a shirt…period! ha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a huge stadium show Geoff. Faith No More was indeed the opener as I reviewed this show a ways back where Patton spent most the show crouched over in front of a floor monitor….Kinda irked me haha

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