The Trews: Acoustic: Friends And Total Strangers(Deluxe Edition)-2015


Back in 2016 The Trews came to Thunder Bay to play Rock The Fort and almost stole the show during there set on that Sunny hot July  Saturday that also featured 54-40(keep reading) Tom Kiefer and The Cult.

Yeah, The Trews were that Good!

Up till that point I owned no Trews(yeah, shame on me) but the stuff that I heard on local radio was quite good. Anyhoo after their performance I wandered on up to the Merchandise Table to buy something Trews as they had a bunch of CD’s and Swag for sale along with 54-40 and there merchandise.

As it turns out there was only one other dude at the merch table who was chatting up the merch girl. I quickly realized it was the guitar dude from 54-40(not the lead singer guy) so anyways lots of chit-chat between the two yada yada. I just want buy a  CD and I’ll be on my way!

Finally after what seemed like an eternity I was able to secure a Trews CD which was is  this one which for all reasons is an Unplugged Acoustic release.

Now I’m not big on these Unplugged kinda deals but the price was right($10) and to be honest I just wanted to get away from the merch table as quick as fuckin possible!

Kinda funny that both the bands will be back here in TBAY July 5-7th for the yearly Bluesfest that features other acts. I don’t like promoting  too much out of the festival as the suits that run it ruin it!

Guess what else Folk’s?

This CD sat around until  this past month until I finally put it on my iPod and I can tell you the harmonies on this and the musicianship even acoustic  driven is phenomenal!  The Brothers McDonald let the guitars breath between each other while the use of percussion is brilliant not any overplay at all. Plus the Trews feature a dude from Thunder Bay (Jeff Heisholt)If you have never heard the Trews click the video I posted at the top of the page! It’s a great version of Poor Ol Broken Hearted Me

The Trews…

  • Colin MacDonald – Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • John-Angus MacDonald – Lead guitar, vocals, bouzouki
  • Jack Syperek – Bass, vocals
  • Sean Dalton – Percussion, vocals
  • Jeff Heisholt – Accordion

So by me taking forever to get around to reviewing it I knew Aaron had  already done so as I  basically I high jacked his review of it which is brilliant.

Aaron makes and shows the point of a CD/DVD and this Deluxe Version have all different track listings! Where is Paranoid Freak? It’s on the DVD version yet not on the CD Deluxe! Gah!

So click the link below and check it out the fine vocabulary of one Mr Books! Plus Aaron does Spread Sheets in his review !!! Check it out….

18 thoughts on “The Trews: Acoustic: Friends And Total Strangers(Deluxe Edition)-2015”

  1. When they played an acoustic set in Kingston (maybe 2014) – Paul Langlois & Gord Sinclair joined them on stage for 38 years old, they did a stellar rendition!
    Good to hear they can hold their own with those other groups too – now I simply have to see Aaron’s spreadsheets!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. More than I have ever had. Never have and still don’t own a cell..haha..Sue has one so we pay for that and if I really need 2 I can always borrow the girls phones…
        When I go to local concerts I get Tbone to snap a couple of pics for the blog and such…
        Its amazing how people can film whole shows off a phone haha

        Liked by 1 person

    1. These guys are big business up here in Canada. They do tour the States as well. By all means check em out when u get a chance…u can click the vid I posted…
      Its good to keep busy Jeff! Hope all is well in your world!


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