Sammy Hagar & The Circle: Space Between Us(2019)


Whether you dig Sammy Hagar or don’t you have to hand it to him as Sammy being 71 years young can still sing for his supper and can still play a decent 6 string like no one’s business!

Here we are in 2019, and I’m at that point in my life that I don’t really care anymore if there is any kind of Van Halen reunion as it just keeps getting silly and sillier…

Having said that Sammy along with Micheal Anthony have put there best foot forward and have delivered a new studio album as Sammy Hagar and The Circle titled Space Between Us which features 10 songs (or as Sammy calls em Chapter’s!) on the album which deals with Money/Greed/Enlightenment and Truth.

Sammy/Mike along with Vic Johnson and Jason Bonham who round out The Circle have created a concept album which in this day and age is a mindblower considering no one buys records nowadays except some of us old school rockers!

Sammy Hagar & the Circle – Space Between Track List

1. “Devil Came to Philly”
2. “Full Circle Jam (Chump Change)”
3. “Can’t Hang”
4. “Wide Open Space”
5. “Free Man”
6. “Bottom Line”
7. “No Worries”
8. “Trust Fund Baby”
9. “Affirmation”
10. “Hey Hey (Without Greed)”

PRODUCED BY: Jaimeson Durr, Sammy Hagar, Vic Johnson
RECORDED & MIXED BY- Jaimeson Durr 
ASSISTANT ENGINEER: Steven Campodonico
MASTERED BY: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, TN.
ADDITIONAL ENGINEERS: F. Reid Shippen – Mixing Engineer for “No Worries”; Other: Alan Howarth, Ian Hatton, Alex Saenz
ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: Audie Delone – Keys, Brett Tuggle – Keys, Ian Hatton – Guitar
(Look at the additional musicians as there is Brett Tuggle he of David Lee Roth fame who was Roths keyboard guy and Ian Hatton who played guitar in Jason’s band ‘Bonham’ from a few decades back!)

If you recall a few months back I previewed the lead single on Space Between titled Trust Fund Baby which is a great hard rock track! The sound of that album sounds like a throwback and you can hear Anthony’s bass locking horns with Johnson and Hagar’s guitars to form that huge heavy Led Zeppelin sound!

Speaking of Zeppelin, Jason Bonham plays some great drums. Bashing along and keeping everyone in check! I don’t need to tell you that these cats can play. From what I read a lot of this album came out of jamming and you can hear it sonically!

Can’t Hang the third track in is a keeper. A different tune that I have never heard Hagar do. The great little pace set by Bonham as the song features a nice mashup of clean electric and acoustic guitar! Plus with the added backing vocals of Anthony adds pleasure to this Ear Candy delight!

Lot’s of different styles of rock as you head down the sonic highway with The Circle on this album.

Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Acoustic Rock it’s all here! I have to hand it to Sam as he says this is indeed his final album. I mean Sam is no bullshitter and if he says so I’m believing him as to why wouldn’t I?

Sammy has been at it for over 5 Decades and I mean at his age why not go out on top with a solid album release!

Space Between Us is that album!

Added Bonus… I’m not big on posting cell phone videos from youtube but I wanted to post The Circle playing a club show a few days ago and as you can see they don’t have a care or worry in the world. In other words, Anthony and Hagar are just having FUN! Fast Forward to the 3 in a half minute and see for yourself! Dude is 71!





20 thoughts on “Sammy Hagar & The Circle: Space Between Us(2019)”

  1. That was quick. The dang thing just came out (all things that I could say…that’s what she said…haha). Great review. I listened to it at work and thought it was great. It needs a proper listen on the car stereo and the home one before I can comment for sure on it. Great stuff though.

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    1. I like the element of surprise John! Not to often I can pull a quick review. If this is indeed Sams last album it is a great one to go out on top on!


    1. Trust Fund Baby I love that track. LIked it the first time I heard it! Nice to hear Anthony being part of a great band instead of being a kicking bag to the VH Brothers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love Halen but in this day and age of social media get with the times. Put some kind of info out instead of everything being a huge secret! Call it quits so be it but quit totting us fans for the last 35-40 years through a cess pool of silence..

        Liked by 1 person

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