Van Halen by Derek: February 5 1981!

“I think of all the education that I missed
But then, my homework was never quite like this!”

I came across this piece of school work tucked away in a scrapbook of many concert reviews over the years! I wrote this back in  Februrary/1981 when I was in Grade 8!

Now, if you have been following this blog for any amount of time you all know how much of gamechanger of Van Halen’s Woman & Children First was in my world when I purchased it back in January/81!

Less than a month later I composed this quick little writeup which is hilarious as I had no idea how much partying VH did which I guess I should have picked up on especially since I cut and pasted that top picture of there rehearsal studio that looks like the ultimate party shack! Is that a great shot or what…!

So here it is in my own word’s a quick little history of Van Halen.



Seriously I think this is the best thing I have ever written!

23 thoughts on “Van Halen by Derek: February 5 1981!”

    1. Well,my younger sister and brother are 8 and 10 years younger than me and by the time they got to Grade 8 they had the teacher that I had in Grade 8. Mr. Camlin (teacher) who gave this to my sister when she reached Grade 8! It blew my mind that it survived and that Mr. Camlin had held onto it! haha..
      So when I saw it this morning I was like…
      The world needs to see this! haha

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      1. Mine too, I don’t even write in cursive anymore. People can’t read my notes. I was lucky that in grade 6 or so, my dad got a computer so I was able to do stuff and print it. And then the teacher forbade me from using a spell checker and said I had to do it myself. So I said “OK” and continued to use the spell checker!

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      2. At work, I’ll sometimes make notes and then look at them the next day and go “Whut?”. It’s sloppy but back in the day I could rock a page and a half of Halen and make it look respectable!

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      3. I remember grade school writing. A buddy and I got into fountain ink pens and calligraphy for a bit.
        My writing looked good for a while.
        Then high school I said screw it and went to printing.


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    1. I was waiting for your comment, Geoff! Pretty amazing that it’s that old and still in decent shape.
      VH should use it in there next promo package when they put together there next tour!
      I’ll let em use it for free!

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