The Scream: Let It Scream( 2018 Reissue)

Let’s don’t mince words here folk’s. The Scream released Let It Scream back in 1991, and that was it.

The term “One and Done” applies right here! The Scream came out with one stellar debut that packed an absolute punch to the noggin blending all things cool in the hard rock sphere!

The Scream featured former Racer X members Bruce Bouillet (guitar) and Juan Alderete (bass), and former Shark Island member Walt Woodard III (drums).

On vocals …wait for it!  Here’s Johnnny! The one and only Mr. John Corabi!

Now The Scream was the album that those two funny rock guys Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee had heard and than pooched John from The Scream to join Motley Crue after the Crue gave Vinnie Neal his walking papers in early 1992!

Somewhere Back In Time..

But let’s rewind here back for a minute to 1991 and these guys put out such a wicked album that even today (June 2019) this album does not sound dated whatsoever! That is one of the best things I can add to this review. But as we all know it’s all about timing and due to the shift in musical tastes (Take a bow Grunge!) The Scream suffered because of it!

I recall reading about these guys perhaps in RIP Magazine or maybe Metal Edge, but I never bit as around that time frame mid 80’s to the early ’90s there was so much hard rock floating about that somethings I couldn’t keep up with.

Basically, I would read about a band and think ‘I gotta check these guys out’ and then over time I would forget about it!

Unfortunately, The Scream was one of those bands until,

Corabi left The Scream and joined Motley Crue and recorded with Motley what I would consider one of the Top 3 albums Crue had ever recorded!

So with the self-titled Crue album hitting the streets in March of 1994 and really hearing for the first time Corbai on Lead Vocals which blew me away as John had that great raspy rock voice basically Rod Stewart on steroids while gargling razor blades!

So with John in the Crue Ranks It was time to get a copy of that album by his former band.

One problem though…

I couldn’t find it anywhere. It disappeared off the market. Perhaps I could have ordered it through a record shop but I never ever did that kind of thing so the I once again I forgot about this release.

Fast forward to the present!

Then a few days back I was flipping through my latest issue of Rock Candy Magazine and not only do they release a cool mag but they also reissue and release a ton of artists from yesteryear and one of those bands in there add was Let It Scream.

Hmmm, so I drifted over to iTunes and there it was for $9! Not only that but it was the Rock Candy reissue title with 5 bonus live tracks!


1. Outlaw
2. I Believe in Me
3. Man in the Moon
4. Father, Mother, Son
5. Give It Up
6. Never Loved Her Anyway
7. Tell Me Why
8. Loves Got a Hold on Me
9. I Don’t Care
10. Every Inch a Woman
11. You Are All I Need
12. Catch Me If You Can
13. Young and Dumb
14. Outlaw (Live 1992)
15. Give It Up (Live 1992)
16. I Believe in Me (Live 1992)
17. Father, Mother, Son (Live 1992)
18. Catch Me If You Can (Live 1992)
19. Lick and a Promise (Live 1992)
Upon my first listen to my ears which is a new release for me but is actually a 28-year-old release is that this debut is plain and simply phenomenal.  All of the 13 tracks are stellar. Produced by Eddie Kramer who basically keeps the sound live in the studio was a smart move. No polish added to these tracks!
The band as a whole is on fire. These guys are talented cats and it shows from the opener of Outlaw is an ass-kicker of an opener leading into  I Believe In Me which is another great rocker that includes instead of the obligatory guitar solo a sax solo instead. Basically sounds like a sax-driven through a 100 watt Marshall amp!
Even the slower  material like Father Mother Son the song doesn’t wimp out as the song still has a decent enough pace not falling into the trap of power ballad.
Course with it being the early 90’s there is some guitar driven Van Halen like rock in the form of  Catch Me If You Can which to me has that Hang em High VH feel to it! Splendid!
One of the tracks that really sticks out is Man in the Moon. With its bluesy like opening that goes into all good things, rock is such a brilliantly written song! 5 plus minutes of pure  Hard Rock Bliss!

Did you crank the video of Man in the Moon? That tune could have fit on side 2 of the Motley Corabi album perfectly! There is a ton of fun rock on here but with some good lyrics and a ton of cowbell tossed in for good measure! No lazy doddle rock from the musicians on this album.
The 5 added bonus live tracks are in your face live! Make no mistake about it folks as The Screams live cover of  Aerosmith’s Sick of a Dog is friggin brilliant!
Crank the vid below!

This album should have been huge and it all boils down to yep you guessed right…timing!
You have to hand it to John Croabi folks as between this stellar debut from 1991, the Motley Corabi album from 94 and the debut Union album from 95 John had a talented run that is kinda ignored by people but make no mistake he’s one talented cat!
Pretty amazing to being blown away by a debut album that is almost 3 decades old yet to my ears its a brand new spankin release!






24 thoughts on “The Scream: Let It Scream( 2018 Reissue)”

  1. I loved The Scream. I had Let It Scream on cassette after seeing Man In The Moon on TV. There used to be a rock show on once a week in the UK called RAW Power and it was on that. I still know all the words to most of these songs even though I haven’t heard them in 25 years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Get it, dude. It has so many different textures in the tracks. It’s amazing I totally dropped the ball on these guys back then.
      Not anymore!


  2. I love this album. I purchased it because of the Racer X connection as I had no idea who Corabi or the drummer where. And man, I was loving it. As a Crue fan I was sort of bummed he left The Scream for the Crue because I wanted to hear what The Scream would do afterwards.
    And the guitar playing was perfect, more rockier and less technical.

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    1. I read that the Scream replaced Corabi recorded an or were about to record than lost there deal
      Still though its a great listen! This one will be in my Top 10 albums for the year 2019! Hahaha

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      1. Agreed for 2019 top albums. Just cranking it on Spotify and man it’s not dated at all. The album is perfect and still unknown lol…

        I have a file of the second album made up of demo songs submitted to the label for the 2nd album. I got it around that Napster/Rapidshare era. I need to find the storage drive which has it and give it a relisten.

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  3. Gotta find this album today and give it a spin. Gonna agree with you on the motley comment, my fave album after too fast and shout.
    Have seen the dead daisies twice now and can say that Corabi has ONE HELLUVA voice and can work a crowd better than 95% of the front men out today!!
    I also love how Mick Mars and him still remain tight and am hoping a wee colaberation between them happens someday, I know Mick has been hoping for a better lead singer for years haha
    Another great read HMD ……keep on rockin!!

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