Aerosmith:Get Your Wings(1974)


I sure do love me the albums by a band with a ton of successful albums under there hat, but when you dig around in the back catalog, there is an album or two where the group is broke with no dough and just going for it.

Get Your Wings by Aerosmith is one of em!

1974 and after a year of touring behind 1973’s self-titled debut comes Aerosmith with the followup.

Get Your Wings has Steven Tyler composing 7 of the 8 tracks as he basically took the show over as Joe Perry co-wrote two tunes with Perry while drummer  Joey Kramer had a co-write(WHUT?)  with Tyler!

Steve-o turned up with a batch of fresh tunes, and when you spin this album, the sound on it is incredible. That warm fuzzy like recording where everything sounds Live!

Ah, man, some of these albums sonics from the ’70s can’t be replaced or duplicated!

Tyler/Perry right off the hop cooks up a fresh batch of rock in the form of Same Old Song and Dance. What an opening riff as well as a driving beat that doesn’t take the foot off the gas!

Tyler man always has been a great lyricist and Same Old.. proves that theory…

get yourself cooler, lay yourself low
coincidental murder, with nothing to show
with the judge, constipation will go to his head
and his wife’s aggravation, you’re soon enough dead

it’s the same old story, same old song, and dance, my friend
it’s the same old story, same old song, and dance, my friend

gotcha with the cocaine they found with your gun
[alt: shady lookin’ loser, you played with my gun]
no smoothy face lawyer to getcha undone
say love ain’t the same on the south side of town
you could look, but you ain’t gonna find it around


The rest of Get Your Wings follows that format! Lot’s of super cool tracks that have that real slick Aero groove to it. S.O.S(Too Bad) with the crisp line of.

Salt Lake City, salt-lickin’ bitties
Bogies turn, stinkin’ of gin
Well my daddy was hard
His face was pretty scarred
From kickin’ ass to playin’ poker to win

Lord of the Thighs with that long jam out as you know just by listening Aero was ll pickled up in the studio as Jack Douglas and Bob Ezrin brought the sounds at the recording console!

Speaking of Ezrin for years it wasn’t mentioned but Ezrin while making those classic Alice Cooper records had guitar for hire slingers Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter on the vinyl grooves of those Cooper albums.

So Ezrin brought in Hunter for some guitar solo’s on Train Kept A Rollin while Wagner also contributed to some solos on Train Kept A Rollin as well and not only that but supposedly Wagner did the lead take on Same Old Song And Dance!

Whatever the case it was interesting that Ezrin used these guys on the KISS Destroyer album as well. Kinda his go to perhaps when things stagnated in the studio or dudes (Ace Frehley) just didn’t show up. Whatever the case, a good song is a good song! Get Your Wings has Aerosmith trending in the upward position as this was a step in the right direction towards the classic Toys In The Attic album that would drop a year later in 1975!


33 thoughts on “Aerosmith:Get Your Wings(1974)”

    1. Thanks,
      I have read only the official authorized books from Aerosmith.
      Walk This Way by Aerosmith themselves.
      Joe Perry’s Book- Rocks Off
      Steve Tylers Book-Does the Noise inside my head bother you?
      Joey Kramers book- Hit Hard

      All pretty decent reads. Lots of info…
      Check them out ..

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    1. It’s amazing about the Ghost solos on some of these albums that went uncredited.
      Your right though in the big picture it doesn’t matter.
      It’s fun to talk about!

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  1. What?? Other bands used ghost players besides Kiss…I can’t believe it!! Oh, the things we learn as time passes and the magic mystery of a band is truly revealed. Is nothing real anymore?? Great review Deke!!

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    1. Great year to be born Brother!
      Aaron( Mr Books from the KMA) for my 50th two years ago got me Hendrix Are You Exp. as he wanted to get me an album that was released the year I was born! (1967)
      One of the coolest ideas and one gift I will remember forever!

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      1. That’s brilliant. My brother and I brought each other the UK number one single for each other’s 40th Birthday. I managed to get him the gold disc of a song called Son Of My Father which was number 1 in March 1971. He got me a reggae number called Everything I Own. We both have them on the walls in our houses.

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  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t know this one at all. I know Train Kept A Rollin’ and Seasons of Wither (great tune), but that’s it. But I’m surprised that Tyler wrote the majority of it and that Perry isn’t slinging lead on all these tunes!

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    1. Guess the guitar action of Perry was still new to the studio. But I have read that Ezrin was a taskmaster in the studio. Check this album out J. You will Likey…haha

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      1. You know I’m on this! Got it lined up for some time this week…

        Ezrin obviously knows how to make great records, but I feel awfy uncomfortable about how much control he has / had. Guess his success rate allowed him to be the boss in the studio, right enough.

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      2. Perhaps lack of patience or perhaps in Ace’s case I’m sure punctuality had more to do with Ace not appearing on some of those Destroyer tracks than anything

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      3. Haha. Mr J!
        I know when I read that book on the recording of Destroyer Ezrin pushed them around in the studio.
        That’s perhaps the main reason why they went back to Eddie Kramer right after until The Elder.

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  3. You are 100 percent right when you said
    “Ah, man, some of these albums sonics from the ’70s can’t be replaced or duplicated!”

    And they can’t, because every studio had different equipment and different sounding rooms and what not. Now people record tracks in hotel rooms and release them.

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