Page 38- Burning The Midnight Oil(2019)

When a new band comes out hailing such notorious influences as AC/DC, Judas Priest, Airborne, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Motley Crue you will no doubt get my attention!

Better yet Page 38 hails from, ready for it? Thunder Bay!!


Shock a roo for sure but I tell ya these four Fella’s (Andy Hubbard on bass and lead vocals, Taylor Nicholl on drums, and Jacob Goodman and Noah Anderson on guitars) know the fine art of crafting catchy hooky driven rock songs that harken back to the good old days yet keeping their sound current!

There 5 song EP just came out a few weeks back and is a great listen! Opening Track  145 sets the pace as its just a straight-ahead rocker that sets the tone throughout the EP!

Gypsy Soul is a great track, and better yet, Page 38 even has a video to go with it! So instead of me babbling on and on about it. Click the video below and crank it!


Mama June has a great chorus that is the money shot which proves you don’t have to rip along the sonic highway at a 100 mph, but at times you can put the brakes on to have a slower groove that will have the same effect!

Some Sabbath like musical trimmings has the tune No More Lovin You chugging along and I have to add that I also like the fact that songs are all around or just over the 3-minute mark!

The EP wraps up with barroom boogie of Get Even basically a four on the floor stomper!

Page 38 was a band that I had just recently seen open for Anvil and in my opinion, and a few others owned the stage over the headliner that night!  Page 38 is a band on the up and up so much so that local promoter guru Frank Loffredo has Page 38 opening up for Monster Truck this upcoming Saturday Night! (June 29th).

Burning The Midnight Oil is available on Apple Music/Spotify/Bandcamp and iTunes! I purchased this on iTunes for $4.95 which is worth the dough.

Get it. Check it out, Crank it!

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