Helix: 4 Song E.P (1983)


To commemorate Canada’s B-Day what better way than to hook up with the one an only Mikey Ladano and do a double shot of HELIX reviews! We Love Helix and so should You!

Click the Link here for Mikey’s writeup! 


Picked up this little 4 song ass kicker E.P (which is the size of a 33 LP but plays on 45 ) that features two songs from Helix’s big label debut from 1983 No Rest For The Wicked as well as two songs that were not on  Capitol Records release of NRFTW!

  • Brian Vollmer – vocals
  • Paul Hackman – guitars
  • Brent “The Doctor” Doerner – guitars
  • Mike Uzelac – bass
  • Greg “Fritz” Hinz – drums

Heavy Metal Love is a classic Helix track that put them on the map right here in Thunder Bay back in 1983. My good pal Tbone was the first to buy No Rest For The Wicked on cassette tape once we saw the video for Heavy Metal Love on MuchMusic! I love the sound of the guitars during the solo and if you have read my various Helix concert and album reviews you know I say that the guitar duo of the late Paul Hackman/ Brent Doerner never got their full due In the ’80s as they should have gotten.

The second track No Rest For The Wicked is a great rock track. Period! From the get-go, the song lifts off with a real swift kick in the ass from the guitars of Hackman/Doerner as Vollmer tells the wicked tale of being in a rock n roll band!

Breaking Loose was the opening track from Helix’s second independent 1981 album White Lace Black Leather.  These funny Canucks had a record out two years earlier in 1979 called, wait for it…Breaking Loose.

Even on the NRFTW album Helix, the last song on the album is White Lace Black Leather the title of, Yup you guessed it the title of their second independent album!

Funny Fella’s!

Everybody Pays The Price I believe was a leftover from the NRFTW sessions which is a song that I first heard down the road in 1989 on one of those ‘Over 60 Minutes With ..’ compilations that Capitol Records released with a bunch of artists. Helix being one.

I had no idea this existed, but I’m sure glad I came across it!


17 thoughts on “Helix: 4 Song E.P (1983)”

  1. Happy Canada Day! I was looking up Helix on Apple Music and there are hardly any albums which surprised me a lot. I was hoping to see what the big deal was, but my choices are so limited. Maybe they will get on there some day. Nice to have the twofer from you and Mikey!

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    1. Back at ya Geoff!
      Enjoy the summer off with your ladies!
      Did you happen to see my Monster Truck review from a few days back!
      Catch em if they come around Kingston in the next bit!

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      1. And happy summer to the Williamson ladies too!
        I haven’t seen the review yet – now that it’s summer, I’m hoping to spend a lot more time on wordpress without that pesky school getting in the way!

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  2. I think this is a real treasure. I know I have never seen one. And I honestly was not aware that Everybody Pays the Price ever came out before Over 60 Minutes, but here is the proof. That to me makes this a very interesting release. Also, probably the ONLY vinyl release of that song. Over 60 Minutes was a CD-exclusive series (hence the title).

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