EXTREME: Rest In Peace EP-1992

I love this track Rest In Peace by Extreme as it has all the trimmings of a great rock track plain and straightforward!

Listen to those violins swirl around for a few seconds before Nuno Bettencourt lifts off on the fretboard with some serious riffing. Before I get any further into  Rest In Peace, let’s rewind back to 1992 to when Extreme was on tour across Canada playing on a bill that featured headliner Bryan Adams with Steve Miller playing in the second slot. An outside show and it friggin rained all day, but it was still brilliant!

Extreme owned that stage on that wet soggy day at Birds Hill Park just outside Winnipeg Manitoba. I reviewed that show a ways back, and one memory that still remains is when Extreme blasted off with ‘Rest In Peace’.

Extreme’s soon to be released CD (Three Sides to Every Story) had yet to hit the street but RIP was getting video airplay on MuchMusic, and I was hooked! So when this track came blaring at me that night in Winnipeg at full throttle, it hyped me up even more for the new album!

Smart selling strategy and it paid off!

So now in 2019 and look at what I came across? Never seen this before ever but what a slick layout!  The EP folds out into a poster which is the picture of the band that is on the back cover.

The poster is one thing but look at that vinyl! Now that is slick!

What’s even more impressive as I think it was  Mikey Ladano who said that it came out on vinyl back in late 1992!!

Great call Mikey! Who was snapping up vinyl at that time? Not me as I was snapping up CD’s  quick like my pal Tbone downs his Scotch on a Friday Night!

Seriously though someone at the record company was still into vinyl when everyone else was into discs.

Moral of the story is I guess all Record Company Suits weren’t knuckleheads back in the early 90’s!

35 thoughts on “EXTREME: Rest In Peace EP-1992”

    1. Ha! Glad you noticed that Geoff! I like to reference that kind of stuff so Tbone will laugh as he does have his own scotch room in his house! It’s nuts but very cool!

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  1. I LOVE it! That’s awesome, man! And completely different from the CD version. I’ve got a couple duplicate singles including Extreme that I have to throw in that box for ya!

    This is such a great track, too. On first listen I loved it but was also sad, because it was clearly not going to be a hit. Too advanced for 1992, with that Hendrix homage.

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    1. Nice and Thanks, Mikey!
      Yeah,​ I viewed it as an awesome song but your right it was kind doomed as far as a single went but still man Nuno lays down some serious law on that 6 string!


      1. Check out Nuno’s solo album. Half of it sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track! haha…but its quite good.
        ‘Note on the Screen Door’ is the best BREAKUP song ever!

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      2. I had a look on Spotify and it wasn’t there. Gah. Ended up listening to some Generation Axe thing he plays on and feeling a tad underwhelmed. Not enough songs. I’ll find it though.

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      3. I used to have Apple Music, but I switched to Spotify cause I had a good intro deal. It’s a bit more user friendly, though… so not sure I’ll go back to Apple Music.

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