Krokus: Ballroom Blitz EP-1984

I basically grabbed this 3 song Ep by my favorite Swiss act Krokus not for the songs but for the cover! Look at these guys!

3 of the 5 Krokus dudes are ready to rumble with clench fists! They mean business don’t they in there Bumblebee pants and Road Warrior knock-off dress attire for the times? (1984)


This EP could have been way better musically if they added a live track or something unreleased in the studio! But nope, the powers that be wanted to play it safe so safe that is except for that cover!

All three songs above are good songs from 84s The Blitz album, but this could have been so much better with some different stuff added!

Still, though Krokus will kick yer ass!


28 thoughts on “Krokus: Ballroom Blitz EP-1984”

      1. Ha! Actually, the band I was in that did Ballroom was called The DV8s, but I was in another band later called The Glampas, which was all glam, makeup, glitter, etc.

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      2. We actually did do a Glampas reunion show a couple years back. We had an opportunity to open for Pugwash (cool band out of Ireland). Lead singer came out and performed a song with us. I think there is a video out there. Will see if I can find it for you.


    1. J! This is the one EP in my collection that I did buy for the cover and cover only! With so many bands adding live/different tracks on EP’s Krokus and whoever decided to release this was beyond lazy!

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    1. That opening paragraph just about sez it all..

      ‘The sales clerk at J.C. Penney assumed the gold skinny jeans were for Jeff Japp’s wife. When the clerk offered to show his wife to the women’s dressing room, she was politely turned down. The clerk never suspected the shoppers were headed upstairs so Japp could try the jeans on in the men’s dressing room.’

      Awesome stuff Sir! Good to see you jamming about with some pals but did you guys actually play Stairway to Heaven? Wild if you did dude! If so how was the audience during it?
      Thanks for sharing!

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      1. LOL – no way. We were strictly 70s glam. Love Zep, but did that in other bands. Actually was in a band once called Back Pages and we did No Quarter. Got to lean heavy on the wah-wah pedal.

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