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In all things KISS. Paul Stanley’s solo release from 1978 was out of the four the last of the solo albums I had heard which if my memory serves me correct it probably wasn’t well into 1979 I had listened to what Starchild had done on his album!

Stanley has always been the most sensitive one of KISS, and this album reflects that.  Make no mistake about it as Paul recorded a rock record. More of a grown-up collection of tunes at the time I suppose which considering some of the bubble gum stuff that KISS recorded Starchild wanted to be taken seriously as a songwriter!

Give Stanley credit for that!

Does Paul succeed? For the most part, he does!

Side One

Opener Tonight You Belong To Me with its acoustic opener that launches into the electric guitars along with the drums kicking down the door that Stanley comes in through vocally! Straight ahead rock track very single like! Pretty decent opener actually. Different than KISS but still rock!

Move On I always remember KISS playing this when I saw them in October 1979. Which looking back was kinda cool. Move On has Paul digging deep and pulling one out of the hat! I like the pace of this track and then the song’s chill’s right out up than ramps up again!

Ain’t Quite Right is sleazy back alley like the track that features a brilliant guitar solo which to me has some hooky elements of Bad Company during the chorus. Ok, maybe not 1970’s Bad Company but perhaps the late 80’s version of Bad Company when they were Commercial Company!

Ah. Now Starchild goes all in with Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me which is a great uptempo rocker with some more brilliant guitar chops that the solo sounds very Frehley like! Considering Bob Kulick played the solos on this album it makes sense as Bob played Ace like solos on some KISS songs when Ace didn’t show up!

Take Me Away (Together as One) which has Paul flexing some serious rock chops on this song as he goes outside his comfort zone yet still keeping the tune Rock! Amazing that this ends Side 1 and there isn’t a dud really among the first five tracks!

I’m Shocked!

Side 2

Flip the vinyl over and It’s All right lifts off with a brilliant hard rock riff along with the kick pedal of the drums and were off and running and the thing that I dig about this song is that it sounds live. Very little in backing vocals and Stanley gives his all in the vocal department! Great chorus and a real ass cracking tune that doesn’t even need the complementary guitar solo! Well done!

Hold Me Touch(Think of Me When We’re Apart) Yeah the jury is out on this tune. This kind of AM 70’s Radio Fodder is not really my deal. It’s ok for what it is but is little too much of a wanting a single! This may be your cuppa tea but it’s not strong enough for me. Now having said that. My pal Mikey Ladano posted a story and he wrote about this tune. Here’s what Mikey had to say about it.

“Jesus fuck!  I went full ballad.  This was probably my favorite ballad of all time back then.  Stanley’s guitar solo is flawlessly written and executed.”

Maybe I’m missing something here? Haha!

Paul must have heard me as he ramps the amps back to 10 and delivers Love In Chains! A straight ahead forward rocker. No rocket science here folks but kudos to Paul for kicking the dust off the previous AM tune and whoah another brilliant solo by either Bob or Paul which is wickedly good!

Stan the Mans album ends with Goodbye. A decent send off that features some more brilliant ax work during the verses. Nice hard rock melodic track.  Adios Amigos Mr. Stanley!  Thanks for coming out!

To be honest this was the first time that I actually dug into this album sonically. Yeah I know it was there along. I even have it on CD but there was so much KISS that I always focused on there studio/live material.

Stanley 78 releases a rock record which to my ears you can hear Paul taking his songwriting approach into a more melodic approach that was heard on Dynasty and even more so on Unmasked! This album could have been easily Side’s 3 and 4 of Dynasty or Unmasked(take your pick). That’s where his head was at the time so you gotta hand it to him!

Good on Paul as he stuck doing what he knew best at the time. Rock Songs! Also of the 4 solo albums, Paul did not do a cover tune!

deKe’s 1979 score- 5

deKe’s 2019 score-8



27 thoughts on “Paul Stanley-Paul Stanley(1978)”

    1. Tell us how u really feel about Side 2 Scott! haha
      Side 2 isn’t that bad but I agree not as strong as Side 1 though.
      Album as a whole is better than I thought…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok, I’ll take that.
        Side 1 did surprise me that it was very Unmasked like! Unmasked as you know took almost 4 decades to win me over!
        I was surprised though that this album wasn’t as mushy as I thought it would be.
        Better than I thought actually. Then​ again I think I said that about Mean Gene’s album!


      2. Fair enough Scott! Stanley I think wanted to be taken serious as a songwriter ( like Jon Bon Jovi wanted to become after the 80s ended) and tried with the next few Kiss albums!
        Than Paul realized by 1983 no one cared so he went back to the Lick It Up kinda tunes and succeeded!
        Give him credit for trying but stick to the bread and butter tracks like Bang Bang You !


  1. Loved Paul’s album. And I agree with you on Hold Me as that is the sappiest of sappy ballads and too much cheese on it as well. Still, this is a great album and one of my favorites of the four, except for one that you haven’t covered yet…and NO, not the Catman’s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simmons wrote basically everything himself surprise surprise haha.
      Stanley as well but he had a couple of cowrites with an outside writer. Ace the same, as well as Criss, had Stan Penridge co-write all his stuff with him.
      Thanks for reading along. Frehley is on tap for Monday!

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  2. Another excellent review, Derek. This was one of two Kiss solo albums I bought on the day of release. As a 12-year-old with limited funds that was the most I could afford. We’re pretty much in agreement on everything with the exception of “Hold Me, Touch Me.” That has been my go-to Paul Stanley song since the first time I heard it. Not sure why but I’ve always had a soft spot for melancholy music (aka sappy ballads), clearly going back to my pre-teens. Anything from The Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” to Little River Band’s “Reminiscing” to Mary McGregor’s “Torn Between Two Lovers” to Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s The Night” to Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” to Barry Manilow’s “Weekend In New England” just hits me in the gut. Had “Hold Me, Touch Me” been recorded by just about any other artist at the time it would have been a massive hit, but pop radio was never going to embrace it. Okay, now I’m eager to read your reviews on Peter’s and Ace’s albums. I’m pretty sure I know how you’ll feel about the latter but the former is a toss-up.

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    1. Nothing wrong being a softy Rich! I’m glad you’re reading, commenting and following along!
      Coming up this week is indeed Pete’s and Ace’s albums!
      This is gonna be fun!


  3. I enjoy the rhymes Deke – especially when Stan the man ramps the amps!
    And I think the multiple review score is an interesting system too, over 40 years I believe Ace lost a 0.5 point and Paul picked up a few!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Geoff!
      I’m glad you’re paying attention to my scoring system! haha.
      It’s a good way to rate these albums as it has been a listening curve from when I first heard them (the late 70’s) than reacquainting myself with 3 out of the 4 albums! Ace’s album is on more of a listening cycle than the other 3 guys.
      You’re right though I docked Ace .5 while both Gene and Paul gained points!
      One more to go on Friday which should be interesting!

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