STREETHEART: Live After Dark(1983-reissued in 2019)

For all of us Canucks out there, Streetheart is a name we are all familiar with. To this day you will still hear a bunch of there tracks on rock radio like One More Time/Tin Soldier and What Kind of Love Is This.

2019 brings us a Live StreetHeart album titled Live After Dark which is basically a reissue of StreetHearts release from 1983.

I sure do love the live album and come to think of it I don’t know how I missed this album the first time around! I had no idea this Double Album even existed.

The question has to be asked, ‘How did I miss this live set that came out 36 years ago?

I guess the saying goes snooze you lose. I did but not anymore as this album has been re-released and I can tell you Its a fantastic spin of some supreme Rock!

Streetheart recorded these tunes in Winnipeg/Edmonton and Regina back in July 1983.

Streetheart consisted of the following fella’s

  • Kenny Shields – vocalist 
  • Daryl Gutheil – keyboards 
  • Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve – bass 
  • Jeff Neill – guitar
  • Bruce Crump – drums 

The Songs:

1. Hollywood
2. Action
3. Too Hot To Stop
4. One More Time
5. Miss Plaza Suite
6. Without Your Love
7. Snow White
8. Just For You
9. Tin Soldier
10. Trouble
11. What Kind Of Love Is This
12. You’re Not The Only One
13. Look In Your Eyes
14. Highway Isolation
15. Under My Thumb

Streetheart was a severe live band, and this album and songs prove it.  Opener Hollywood sets the bar and from there its one dangerous rock track after another. Under My Thumb(album closer) the Stones cover is a wicked version, and this band makes it there own.

It’s so good to hear these songs Live. The mix of the album is brilliant as Jeff Neill’s guitar is mixed straight to the left side and has some decent crunch to the sound which makes the tunes a little more rockier. In other words, not too glossy.

One More Time proves my point! Give it a listen below.

Some serious players are in this band. If you are one for extra tracks, look no further than the Bass/Drums mashup of Highway Isolation which was never released on the original release back in 83. Bassist Spider and Drummer Bruce Crump lock in a wicked groove that will impress any music fan.

I have to add that Crump was the drummer in Molly Hatchet back in the late 70’s/early ’80s, as well as Spider, has gone on to play with Loverboy as well as Streetheart. Neill back in the 80’s played with Jimmy Barnes down in Australia, so these guys were sought out as well proving my point that they had the chops!

Live After Dark is basically a Greatest Hits Live Set which features the band in its prime as shortly after this release they disbanded for many years until they regrouped a ways back.

Unfortunately, Streetheart lost  Kenny Shields a few years back which was a huge blow as well as former drummer Bruce Crump which is a total shame, but this release is an excellent tribute to there musical legacy.

For my readers outside of Canada Streetheart had an impressive run with 6 Gold 4 Platinum releases. Even fellow rock acts like Frehley’s Comet and Hardline covered their tunes. In this case, The Comet covered the song Dancing With Danger while Hardline covered Hot Cherie. They opened for AC/DC across Canada on AC/DC’s Back In Black Tour(1980).

Nice to see these guys are back with a new lead vocalist Paul McNair. Hopefully, the road will lead Streetheart back to Tbay!



19 thoughts on “STREETHEART: Live After Dark(1983-reissued in 2019)”

    1. Thanks, John! This was just released this past Friday so its brand spanking new in an old kind away!
      Having said that check it out as it may be on the streaming sites.
      I know that one of there albums Dancing with Danger was produced by Spencer Proffer back in 83!
      So there’s a little rock history trivia​ for ya!


  1. Dude I’ve never even seen this one before!

    Spider Sinaeve is one cool cat. I first became aware of him when he was in Red Rider. What a talent.

    Well cool Dekes, here we are in 2019 and we’re still learning new stuff about rock bands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Still learning indeed Mikey!
      This live album would right in your wheelhouse fella!
      It’s a great album. Playing and singing is exceptional!


    1. I don’t think the band liked DWD either as they even say that on their website.

      “What would be Streetheart’s last studio album was ironically the only album recorded by Streetheart in the US. Made with the highest of expectations DWD would ultimately be a big disappointment for the band and begin the end of days for Streetheart.”


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