SANTERS: Racing Time: The Definitive Remasters (2019)


Pretty psyched that SANTERS one of the very best bands that came out of Toronto in the early ’80s are getting there due with there early albums getting the full remaster job.

SANTERS first album Shot Down In FLames was reissued a ways back but yesterday came what I would consider there best album and that’s  Racing Time which was originally released in 1982.

It was a complete no brainer click on iTunes when I saw Racing Time added to the Apple Library!

Upon listening I can tell you all that the remaster is very noticeable. The album sounds like it could have been released now! It sounds warm, big and fuzzy. How’s that for a quick hit review!

As an added bonus SANTERS has totally revamped their website with album credits/lyrics/liner notes/story for all of there albums.

That’s how you do a website, Folks!

Click the Santers Home link below to check it all out. Tell em dEke’s sent ya!



10 thoughts on “SANTERS: Racing Time: The Definitive Remasters (2019)”

    1. Please do Pete and report back! They like so many had a label that folded and left them screwed.
      But the first three albums are excellent hard rock songs! This one Racing Time is my fav of the 3!

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      1. Hey Deke
        I gave the album a decent listen. Really enjoyed Mistreatin Heart, Mystical Eyes and Hard Time Lovin You. Actually Hard Time Lovin You reminded me of Nothin For Nothin from Cinderella. There was potential there and it’s a shame that possible careers get killed because the greedy labels can’t hold their shit together to protect their assets, which are the artists.

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      2. Potential is the keyword Pete! They had the songs and the musical chops. Santers even opened up for Ozzy on his 82 Canadian Tour but yeah the record company ended up letting them down.
        Their next release was ‘Guitar Alley’ in 84 which was produced by Rik Emmett. When Snaters called it a day Rick Santers joined Triumph as there rhythm guitar player for the Sport of Kings tour in 86. Santers even co-wrote Take A Stand ,off of the SOK’s album.
        Cool,​ you took the time Pete!

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  1. I remember earlier this year, you & John had a one sentence review.
    With, “The album sounds like it could have been released now! It sounds warm, big and fuzzy.” – that’s a nice & concise pair of sentences, definitely gets the message across efficiently & effectively!

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