BIG WRECK: …but for the sun(2019)

…but for the sun is the new release from BIG WRECK that has frontman Ian Thornley calling their just-released work “no bullshit return to loud rock’n’roll.”

I tend to agree with Mr. Thornley on that statement. This album upon the first couple of spins  reminded me very much of the debut album from  these guys back in 1997 (In Loving Memory of)  which featured a bunch of tailor-made rock classics (The Oaf/That Song/ Blown Wide Open and my personal fav Fallin Through The Cracks) that had a lot of us listening to what these guys were doing as not only could they deliver it song-wise but they had the musical chops to back it up as well.

I stuck the course with BW and even found that when Ian ditched the BW moniker and released his own Thornley material that it was quite good also. But as many things that do happen along the way BW was rebooted a little ways back and here they are dropping down a what I would call return form to the first album from  22 years ago!

1 Voices 4:57
2 Locomotive 5:00
3 In My Head 4:08
4 So Clear 4:09
5 Follow Me 4:07
6 Give Us A Smile 6:30
7 Too Far Gone 5:09
8 Alibi 4:57
9 Help Is On The Way 7:05
10 Found My Place 4:56
11 One More Chance 3:16
12 The Fly and The Bowl 4:36

Ian Thornley – lead vocals, lead guitar
Dave McMillan – bass
Chuck Keeping – drums

The most noticeable thing is BW is down to a three-piece after the passing of Brian Doherty(RIP).

Thornley has stepped up huge on this album as the drums sound huge and that has to go to producer Eric Kratz who does a fantastic job at honing in the sound of BW.

When I first heard the lead-off single Locomotive I was hooked. What a track! Phenomenal playing along with some slick lyrics and an ace in the whole chorus which is the money shot as far as I’m concerned! I must mention that I love that off-tempo time change that does sound like the Locomotive is coming off the tracks but doesn’t!

In My Head is another sure-fire winner as Ian doubles done on one fantastic solo as he shreds that fretboard to smithereens and lays down some serious guitar law. I mean for all the raving about the guitar work on this album how about a shout out to Ian’s vocals! Very good as well.

BW goes all over the sonic highway on this one but keeps it in the rock format big time!

Love that ZZ TOP  intro-outro of One More Chance as Ian shifts gears as well. This cat can play ask Myles Kennedy! Speaking of which let’s also give some credit to Bassist Dave McMillan and Drummer Chuck Keeping (Listen to the drums at the end of Locomotive! Bam!) who give Ian a ton of room to maneuver around on the guitar without getting in the way.

A really solid effort! Check it out!



35 thoughts on “BIG WRECK: …but for the sun(2019)”

  1. No way! Literally just heard about this band in an article about how all our music heros are dying and they were ones that might pick up the slack on real music. I checked them out last week, will give another go.

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      1. Dang what about Sloan? These guys are fantastic live they switch up there instruments during the show which is real cool
        I know they hit Oregon lots


      1. On the 4th song(So Clear) now and the only minor issue is I feel the drums sound a little muddy at times, but the album is still really good. 3.85/4 so far.

        As for Eric Ratz, Ian worked with him on the Monster Truck- Sittin’ Heavy album, so perhaps he got a feel for how he produces a record (amazingly in my opinion). Plus I see his credits his producer credits include the band, or a member such as the case here with Ian and Eric sharing producer credits.

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      2. Thanks for that Bop! I bought it on itunes so no credits. I was going to buy the album at the show but it was 40 bucks.
        I bought a T-shirt instead as the album is 30 on Amazon. Toss it on my Xmas list along with Triumph’s Classics reissue!

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      3. Not anymore. I checked last night and the vinyl was $49.95 on Amazon (still is today), so I plunked down my $40.

        I am re-listening to Too Far Gone and ever friggin’ awesome. That chugging guitar gives me an Ozzy solo or Motley Crue feel. Heavy and awesome.

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