Soundgarden: Live From the Artists Den(2019)

Man still bummed out about Chris Cornell’s passing, but the thing that softens that sting is that his music that he created will live on!

Having said that Soundgarden just came out with this live ass-kicker album that they titled Live From the Artist Den that has 29 Yup 29 Soundgarden songs! Check out that tracklist below.

1. “Incessant Mace”
2. “My Wave”
3. “Been Away Too Long”
4. “Worse Dreams”
5. “Jesus Christ Pose”
6. “Flower”
7. “Taree”
8. “Spoonman”
9. “By Crooked Steps”
10. “Blind Dogs”
11. “Rowing”
12. “Non-State Actor”
13. “Drawing Flies”
14. “Hunted Down”
15. “Black Saturday”
16. “Bones of Birds”
17. “Blow up the Outside World”
18. “Fell on Black Days”
19. “Burden in My Hand”
20. “A Thousand Days Before”
21. “Blood on the Valley Floor”
22. “Rusty Cage”
23. “New Damage”
24. “4th of July”
25. “Outshined”
26. “Black Hole Sun”
27. “Ty Cobb”
28. “Slaves & Bulldozers”
29. “FeedBacchanal”

How’s that for a smorgasbord of Rock!

Live From the Artists Den was recorded in 2013 just as Soundgarden was finishing up a tour in support of King Animal which came out in 2012 and was the first Soundgarden album in a bunch of years.

So basically this live album is Soundgarden focusing on the future as a bunch of KIng Animal tracks are played, and they just weren’t relying on their own nostalgia to tour. You gotta hand it to them for that!

The playing is awesome. Kim Thayail tosses down some cool guitar on opener Incessant Mace and it basically sounds like a mashup of Zep and Garden!

Matt Cameron assaults his drums like no one’s business while sidekick Ben Sheppard plucks those 4 strings to keep the rhythm groove machine moving along.

Superunknown is featured here with a smattering of tracks spread throughout. How cool is the tune My Wave? Love that groove of the drums and Chris’ vocals! Speaking of Chris, the dude can hold his own on rhythm guitar as well as no one ever talks about that.

Great performances throughout this release as Chris almost loses a lung when singing on of my all-time tracks Ty Cobb!

Hard-headed fuck you all
Hard-headed fuck you all
Hard-headed fuck you all
Just add it up to the hot rod death toll

I love me the live albums and this is a great recap of a bands career that came with a considerable loss!

R.I.P Mr, Cornell. You’re gone but not forgotten!

25 thoughts on “Soundgarden: Live From the Artists Den(2019)”

  1. King Animal was decent but I never gave it the time it needed. In today’s world it’s like one week it’s a new release and next week it’s old news. I have it and even the King Animal demos, but I need to absorb those more before I buy this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read they may and try to finish off some tracks. I hope they don’t continue under the Soundgarden moniker. Put something new together but don’t call it that.


    1. It’s a great track from a brilliant album! Glad they put this out as it’s a great document of the bands work throughout there career.
      Thanks for reading Sir!


  2. Nice one Deke, I never liked Black Hole Sun or the LP it was from – I’m totally with you on Ty Cobb though. I’m more of a Badmotorfinger kinda guy.


    1. I think it’s one show as it was filmed as well. I bought it off iTunes as it was cheap and of course had no digital booklet with this release.
      But’s its a great listen!


    1. Not a bad thing at all. I know Big Wreck started an extensive North American tour last week and they are going everywhere even my hometown but not until Nov 15th!
      Needless to say i’m going!

      Liked by 1 person

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