Book Review: King’s X: The Oral History By Greg Prato(2019)



Ok first all let’s cut to the chase here! Greg Prato has written the most definitive book that you could ever read on a band that is loved by millions but never quite hit the mainstream like they should have.

Why I have no idea. King’s X has always done things there own way and have the respect of there peers but the finicky record-buying public had other ideas.

Prato did his homework in this 326-page story from the humble beginnings in Springfield Missouri to the relocation in Houston to having a controlling manager (Sam Taylor) but in the end, King’s X is still out there plying their craft making music sweet music!

This book is fantastic as it goes from an album to album song by song and better yet this is authorized by the band themselves so you get Ty Tabor/Dug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill‘s spin on the creation of there songs along with people that were involved in the history of King’s X. In other words, a no-nonsense bull shit read!

Course there are a zillion reasons why King’s X never cracked it big. But ask any musician like Scott Ian/John Corbai/Kip Winger/Devin Townsend/Mick Mars too many to name who all love what these guys are doing and have done to this day.

I don’t want to give away to many stories from this book but to go and show you the kind of luck that these guys had in the touring world is when King’s X got the opening slot on a Motley Crue Tour. Big time right?

Well, its about timing you see as King’s X supported Motley Crue when Corbai was singing and the ticket and album sales were not the greatest for Motley back in 1994. Now think if they would have gotten the slot on 1990’s Dr. Feelgood Tour where the arenas were sold out may have helped spread the word.

Speaking of the word it was interesting to read these guys spin on a Rolling Stone article that appeared back in 1991 that labeled them a Christian band which the boys say hurt them somewhat as they got pigeonholed into that category.

These guys have faced hardships lets face it as they could have thrown in the towel ( after Dogman and there Woodstock 94 performance) they almost did. I won’t tell you why as you need to get this book!

But still, they move forward. Even to this day. I will add that I’m not the biggest King’s X fan as I have some but not all of there albums. Trust me as you don’t have to be the biggest fan in the world to enjoy this read.

Kudos to Prato to bring to the forefront a band that should have been mega but to many are mega and I guess in the end that’s all that matters!

Highly recommended!



32 thoughts on “Book Review: King’s X: The Oral History By Greg Prato(2019)”

    1. You would like this one John as I’m not a huge fan either and that’s what makes the book appealing. The songs/tours/people/struggles it’s all here.
      Prato did a wicked job. Great read!

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  1. Funny thing – musically the Motley/King’s X tour would have been one of the very best that year, hands down. Who could have topped that? Dogman and Motley 94? Two of the very best albums of the entire decade!

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    1. True Mikey to the masses through Crue was sinking quicker than a turd hitting the toilet which is a shame as 94 is one if not the best.
      Dogman floored me the first time I heard it I was like listen to that Bass….
      Bam! Right outside the noggin!

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      1. I really wanted to see that 94 tour but by the time I had a chance to see them the tour was downsized to clubs which I had no chance of getting a ticket.
        Crue imploded by that point.

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      1. Tell him they are great guys and they don’t charge a meet n greet. I always grab a CD and get it signed. Last time was cool as I got all 4 guys..
        Super chill and wild when they all change up there instruments and Chris the Bass player hops on the drums. Its a wicked sight to see

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      2. Tell her she’s a honorary Canuck for hearing of them! Stream there Navy Blues album as they are playing that onefront to back. Than they take a break and than play a second set of hits.
        You cannot lose here Fella!
        And no I have no afflilaton with Sloan other than being a fan! haha

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  2. Nice write up Deke. You gave me enough info to get me interested.

    The thing is, I’m not their biggest fan. However there are bits and pieces in each song I dig. Plus Ty Tabor interviewed really well in the Guitar Mags, which got me coming back to check their stuff out.
    And you are right about the band having respect. Every review I came across had em rated high, yet commercially it didn’t translate and music is a business.

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    1. I was telling Mikey Ladano I’m not the biggest fan either but Prato keeps the book flowing which is a great year to year album to album. They talk about day jobs to survive for one of them that is.
      They pull no punches with the business at one point Ty breaks down how much cash is made.
      You would like this read Pete!

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  3. I’ll be honest, I still need to sit down and listen to some King’s X. I don’t know why I haven’t listened to them yet, cause I know I’m likely gonna dig them. I’ll make a note of this for further exploration once I start digging into the sounds.

    As for Prato, I’ve only read his Oral History of Grunge (Grunge is Dead) and that’s pretty ace.

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    1. Lots of time to dig into the sounds, Mr. J! I know Itunes has there Atlantic catalog which I believe is 6 albums in one package. Lots of stuff there.
      Prato is a very good writer and its cool that this read is legit!

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      1. Yeah, I was having a wee look. Seems I wont struggle to find their stuff on there. Gonna get them on this afternoon’s playlist… the 94 album a good place to start then?

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