Tom Keifer Band: Rise(2019)


Whoa, Tom Keifer is back Folks! Rise is the name of the new release from Tommy and his band and I have to tell you this 11 song throwback sound to yesteryear is a wild listen that fuses Classic Hard Rock/Metal/Swamp Blues into one package!

Yeah, it’s that good.

Tom by the sounds of it has permanently iced Cinderella and to be honest, that’s ok in my book. I mean Cinderella has not put out any new studio product since 1994!

Fast forward to 2019 and Keifer has dropped his new solo album after his last one (The Way Life Goes) which is already 6 years old! So in the meantime, Tom has been touring and he tours a lot as I can vouch when Tom and his band showed up here in Tbay back in 2016 and played a local festival (Rock The Fort) along with The Cult and some other acts and in my estimation  Keifer almost stole the show from The Cult!

Tom Keifer Band is a serious live act folk’s, I shit ya not!

Back to the present as Tom and his 7 piece band! Yup 7 members including his wife on backing vocals have Tom basically putting together his own version of Cinder-Skynrd!

Full out kudos to his band featuring his wife Savannah Keifer, Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Kendra Chantelle, Jarred Pope and Kory Myers.

Rise kicks off with Touching The Devine and from there on out is a Blues Fused Hard Rock Delight of years gone by and Tom pulls out all the stops that put him on the map in the first place.  Tons of slide guitar throughout the album that is very reminiscent of the tune Night Songs which harkens back to yesteryear but don’t be fooled thinking this is a throwback release.

It is and isn’t as Keifer wrote all of Cinderella’s songs pretty much so this is how he writes and sings. Speaking of singing I think Tom’s voice is spectacular considering how his vocal cords crapped out on him in the ’90s but he’s back folk’s sounding better than ever.

Tom also co-produced this release and that’s the thing which is cool as Tom has kept the production simple just like those old 70s early 80s releases!

1. Touching the Divine
2. The Death of Me
3. Waiting on the Demons
4. Hype
5. Untitled
6. Rise
7. All Amped Up
8. Breaking Down
9. Taste for the Pain
10. Life Was Here
11. You Believe in Me

Tom knows his deal and throughout he takes on a sonic journey. Untitled the 5th track has to be in my mind one of the best Keifer written tracks I have ever heard!

The tune opens with some cool slide that is so different yet so good.

‘Untitled’ stomps and trots along but really ramps up after the demonic piano that puts the song into overdrive! It’s so different in some spots to what Tom has done in the past and I guess that’s what leads me to Untitled. It basically comes out of nowhere and basically has Keifer booting me in the arse and saying ‘Wake the FUCK Up Deke!’

All Amped Up could have easily slid onto either side of the brilliant very under-appreciated Still Climbing release from 94!

This album has a good tracklisting as you get the rockers mixed with the slower tempo tunes which makes it a really interesting listen.

Basically no Shake It don’t break it stuff on here and why would Tom retro the lyrics into that kind of stuff. Trust me I dig that stuff but you can’t expect a guy this talented to tread on his past merits!

Album closer You Believe in Me is another one that could have been on 1990’s Heartbreak Station. Tom alone with his acoustic ends the album on a high man as this cat has talent. Pure talent.

Class act the Keifer guy is.

Get This!

31 thoughts on “Tom Keifer Band: Rise(2019)”

  1. My review is being written this weekend so I shouldn’t have read this, but I did!! Awesome review as usual. I don’t think I disagree on any of this and in fact, I haven’t stopped listening to this since it came out. It keeps getting better and better. This one makes you forget about Cinderella.

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    1. Thanks, John. I really look forward to your spin on the album. I’m listening to it non stop as well. So Rockin. Many artists could take a lesson from Tom on how to record a rock album​ in 2019!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I tried Apple music as my daughters use so i tried it for 3-4 months a few years ago and I’m so old school that I need to own my stuff so I went back to buying Itunes albums.
        That’s how I keep up as it’s easier for me to buy a $9 dollar digital album download from iTunes than a $15-20 CD.
        Between buying old metal albums on viny and newer albums on iTunes I got the bases covered. I think.​haha

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      2. also Geoff I just preordered STP’s Purple Deluxe. Itunes has it for 25 bucks. Amazon has it for 65 physical. I can’t do that but I need that deluxe as it looks fantastic haha


    1. Oh yeah, this is a very good record! Tom knows the art of wicked riffs and catchy hooks!
      Cinderella got lumped in with all that nonsense because of the look but those cats could play.
      I thnky u will likey!

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  2. Excellent write up, Deke. Giving this a listen and digging it… a real gritty vibe to it and this Keifer guy’s voice is ragged as an old flag! You, John & Mike have sold me this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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