Back Covers: AC/DC: Powerage(1978)

Some pretty cool Back Covers I have done, but one of my personal favorites is this one of AC/DC taken by Jim Houghton back in 1978!

We all know how fantastic this album is but take a look at these guys

AC/DC is here Folk’s! I love how Angus Young is upfront and center while the late great Bon Scott is peaking over Angus’ shoulder with Bon giving a total sinister smirk!

Phil Rudd to Bon’s right looks somewhat amused by the shenanigans of  Angus and Bon. New Bass guy at the time Cliff Williams has his back against the wall while the King of Rythm Guitar Riffs Malcolm Young stands off to the side.

Such a simple but very effective back cover photo along with those 9 song titles from Powerage that alone will kick your ass!

17 thoughts on “Back Covers: AC/DC: Powerage(1978)”

  1. Aye, that’s a crackin’ back cover. My favourite era is the Bon era, though I have to admit that I’ve still not gotten to know this one well.

    Phil always looks a bit sinister, eh?

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