The Cult: Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary deluxe Edition(2019)

I pre-ordered back in July the reissue of The Cults Sonic Temple which is 30 years young this year!

That’s crazy! So come release time of the box set, scrubbed the actual release date for the 5CD set (which I preordered) due to some manufacturing delay which sucks but what can you do.

Itunes did have the Deluxe which came out on vinyl September 13th. So to make a long story short you can buy the limited edition 3500 vinyl pressed copy edition of Sonic Temple or go the iTunes route.

I went with iTunes for the 9 live tracks posted from the Sonic Temple Tour from 1989. 9 songs only but from what I read that’s all they had and they are from a radio broadcast.

1 New York City (live) *previously unreleased)
2 Automatic Blues (live) *previously unreleased)
3 American Horse (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
4 Sun King (live) *previously unreleased
5 Soul Asylum (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
6 Rain (live) *previously unreleased
7 Sweet Soul Sister (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
8 She Sells Sanctuary (live) *previously unreleased
9 Fire Woman (live) *previously unreleased

That’s a pretty decent mix of Cult Rock played by a band at the top of there Arena Rock game in 1989!

As you can see some of these are already out there but to me, I had up till I purchased these tracks heard any of them.

Listening to it sounds more bootleg like than anything, The sound is a little rough but if anything the band is firing on all cylinders as Billy Duffy/Jamie Stewart/Ian Astbury/Matt Sorum and John Webster bring it live.

You get to hear Iggy Pop and his voice intro New York City as The Cult blast off like a rocket.

7 songs live are featured from Sonic Temple and a real slick use of percussion at the start of American Horse.

Jamie Stewart! Where is this guy in 2019? He walked away in 1990 and was never heard again but you can hear him with a Bass solo at the start of Sun King. Stewart actually plays some slick Bass Lines throughout this show. Dude was very underrated in The Cult.

You can tell that these guys had to play the game somewhat back in 89 as during the chorus of Sweet Soul Sister you hear the backing vocals piped in from the studio album. I’m pretty sure of that but Ian’s vocals and the music are live. Trust me there friends!

This is a pretty cool show to own albeit all the songs aren’t here but it gives you a decent listen to how these guys were rolling live back in the roaring 80s!




28 thoughts on “The Cult: Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary deluxe Edition(2019)”

    1. Thanks, ​John. Since I wrote this a week ago I took the plunge and bought the demo side of it which is amazing to hear these songs as they are working on them at the time.

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  1. 30 years young – I still think 1989 was closer to 15 years ago!
    I’m always interested in hearing about the under-appreciated members of groups, good to see the spotlight shared on Jamie Stewart’s contributions here, Deke!

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  2. Another deluxe set! It’s deluxe set season, huh? This is one I’d like, I think… especially for a live set at that stage. I’d imagine there was a special energy around that. This is one I’ll look at when the price drops.

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  3. “Jamie Stewart! Where is this guy in 2019? He walked away in 1990 and was never heard again.”

    If you remember your Meat Magazine, he was active in Toronto, he produced a band there called Gut-Sonic, I believe. I also remember he wrote a review of the 1994 Cult album for a music magazine, which was pretty fucking cool.

    Anyway this just shipped, yet another box set to devour, and I’ll have to see if it’s got all the live B-sides that I have, or not!

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    1. I recall reading that in MEAT magazine but man that too was almost 30 years ago. Joe said he’s into computer stuff now.
      Man its amazing that that some guys can just pack it in like he did.

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      1. Like Gregg Giuffria. He’s been gone almost as long as Stewart. I always find those stories interesting.

        Chris DeGarmo! Another one.

        You me and John Snow all posted box sets today.

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