Foreigner: Records(1982)


One of the first Greatest Hits albums outside of KISS that I heard was Foreigner ‘Records’  back in 1983 and that was thanks to my pal Muc who at times would get his hands on some records/bands that I hadn’t really heard up till that point.

Foreigner Records is one of them. A 10 song album stuffed with singles and some pretty ass-kicking guitar-driven rock songs!

All the songs featured on Records were recorded between 1977-1981 and that’s a pretty impressive run of creativity between Guitarist Mick Jones and Lead Singer Lou Gramm.

The songwriting and crafting of these songs are brilliant. Jones and Gramm flex their rock muscle right off the bat with the first three tracks. Cold As Ice/Double Vision/Head Games set the tone and what an opening 3 pack of songs on any Greatest Hits set!

Waiting  For A Girl Like You is a great slower tempo tune that has Gramm singing for his supper! The man has a wicked classic voice as you know when he sings you know it’s him.

The Jones only penned Feels Like The First Time ramps up the pace of the album again followed by the classic Urgent which features one killer sax solo which drives this tune forward.

Dirty White Boy what a great riff by Jones that is a very catchy simple driven track which plows straight into the mighty Juke Box Hero. I always loved the build-up of this tune into the super-duper catchy chorus which leads to the song blasting off after Jones solo!

What has to go down in recorded history as the best-written song to clock in at 2 minutes and 47 seconds would have to go to Long Long Way From Home which has that opening synth twirly sound which is so friggin 70s catchy! Lou belts it out like no one’s business!

Records end with the live version of Hot Blooded! What a tune! What a riff! Such a kick-ass catchy tune especially those verses.Love how the guitar just crunches along to the beat!

What a Killer 10 Pack!

The crazy thing is up to earlier this month I had never ever owned it on any version. Once I saw it sitting in the bins it was a no brainer purchase for $7!

A long long time ago I was cruising Itunes and they had Records and I was about to click purchase but the iTunes version had only the studio version of Hot Blooded! Why I have no idea so I just passed on it.

I have to add that the packaging of Records is awesome. Gatefold sleeve and how many albums do you have in your collection where the songs are listed on the Juke Box front cover and not on the back cover?


When you pull out the sleeve it’s actually the songs on one side of the white sleeve and the credits on the other side. Whoever came up with this concept for this album is a genius!

This has to be one of the best Greatest Hits albums out there. I’m not big on these things but this one is the exception to the rule. Foreigner pulls no punches with this album. Every song is a classic song. The packaging is brilliant and this set came out before these guys entered the world of fluffy rock!

Since Records release in 1982 Foreigner has put out something like close to 20 Greatest Hit Sets which is ridiculous! You only need one and this is the ONE!

Nice to own it on vinyl! Muc, it only took me 36 years to get my own copy!

23 thoughts on “Foreigner: Records(1982)”

    1. A definite must-have for sure Andrew. Every song is a winner on this album. Even if it wasn’t the packaging is brilliant. Still though a win win in both songs and packaging​.

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  1. Still need to add this to my personal collection. My buddy Peter had it, and I remember listening to “Cold As Ice” in the back yard at the lake. Shooting our pellet guns at little tiny targets. Fuckin’ A.

    Yes $7 is a great price for songs like these.

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    1. Thanks Geoff the layout of this album is so worth it and of course when you can play track 1 thorough track 10 without skipping any songs you something briliant is going on!

      I think you will dig Mondays post even more!

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