Book Review: RUSH- Wandering The Face of the Earth(2019)


Ok, there are books and then there are BOOKS!

RUSH- Wandering The Face of the Earth chronicles every single show that RUSH has ever played even going as far back as 1968!

500 pages stuffed with all kinds of RUSH info! Every single setlist. Concert ticket prices for each show, attendance, concert grosses as well plus quotes from opening acts once Rush became headliners on there own.  (Melvins/Saxon/Mr Big/Vinnie Moore/Primus/Andy Curran all comment)

Authorized by RUSH themselves who hired a team of diehard Rush fanatics who put this book together from the start of Rush’s career (late 60’s) to RUSH’s final show in Los Angeles (2015).

Skip Daly and Eric Hansen are the two fellows who put this massive book together and they deserve a round of applause for the fine job that they did!

Great to see through all the years of how RUSH went from playing high schools across Ontario to headlining arenas throughout the world!

Tons of pics of  Geddy Lee/Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson. What else is cool is that the band does not ignore the John Rutsey(RIP) years as well.

Everything is in this book along with a pretty cool forward written by Les Claypool(Primus). Long-time Rush employee Howard Ungerleider writes the introduction as well as an afterword written by Stewart Copeland(The Police)

Long-time Rush album cover designer and artist Hugh Syme did the honors as well on the cover of the book!

This book is big and heavy and better yet the cost was $50 Canadian via! ( I preordered this book as a birthday gift from my Parents)

Check out below this cool handwritten note from tourmates KISS back in 1975 from the Demon Gene Simmons. Love how he refers to Alex as the ‘Bag’. Alex used to show up to aftershow parties after KISS headlined wearing a paper bag over his head and would do a whole comedic routine that had everyone in stitches!

A must-own for any fan of RUSH! One of the very best put together books chronicling a band’s live career!

This sucker weighs at least 10 pounds!

Enough Babble check out these pics of the times RUSH has played Thunder Bay over the years. They never came back after 1978 and no wonder why when they only pulled in 1600 people that year! This town sucks man! LOL




20 thoughts on “Book Review: RUSH- Wandering The Face of the Earth(2019)”

      1. I think that is their secret sauce to longevity. They kept satisfying their core audience. If they got a few extras along the way who would be a fan and then not (depending on release) cool, if they didn’t get any extras then they still had their core. Which was also cool.

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    1. Real cool gift at a decent price. Came in at $52 bucks from which is a sign as I had turned 52 haha.
      You can spend hours looking over all the the different cities etc. Amazing how many dates they did once the debut came out in 74.

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  1. I reckon this is a great item… especially if you’re a fan of the band. I wouldn’t mind one for some of my favourite artists. Especially those who have been on the go a while. Would be good to see those that have had different line ups, too.

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