Sunday Bonus Round: Live Live Live The Summer of 93!


A week or so ago the one and only Mikey Ladano posted about all the Live Albums that came out in the Summer of 93 which was a fantastic read!

Click below to read the Gospel according to Mikey!

#792: The Summer of ’93 – Live Album Explosion

So I commented on Mikey’s post and well here’s what I said…


Excellent post-Mikey!
Being that I was already working fulltime in 93 I scored all of these as they came out. By that, I mean KISS/MAIDEN/OZZY/VH/JOVI.

I got hosed on the VH not only the CD but I bought the crappy live video as well so they duped me out of a ton of cash. That album was a letdown man. Sterile sounding.

Maiden what can you say run the well dry with the soon to be x singer at the time(Air Raid Siren ) I bought em all I like the tracklisting on A Real Dead One. People griped about the sound on them but man it’s live and dry. I was ok with it.

Alive 3 I bought when it came out right away than a month or so later me and Tbone were in Winnipeg(to see McCartney) and at one of the record shops in the mall they had a deal if you bought Alive 3 you would get a poster of the cover.
I made Tbone buy it so I could get the poster haha.

Ozzy was a tough slug through. I was really looking forward to Live and loud as this was the tour I caught live in 92. It’s muddy sounding and I get tired off Ozzy going on and on about getting fucking crazy. Cool to hear it live in person but tiring after repeatedly on my CD player.

Jovi I bought just the studio portion. I recalled seeing the live disc as well but it was more pricey.

I basically purchased all of these twice as my brother was 10 years younger than me(Todd was 14 in 1993) so I would send him( since I was working) to the record store after he got out of school and get me the CD’s and I would pay for him to have the cassette version as that’s what he was into.
Todd was my mule hahaha. It would be great to get home after work and there was a new release waiting for me!

Man, this was a post in itself…haha

How’s that for an answer??

Better yet here’s some banter between Mikey and me in regards to the live albums specifically Van Halen!

Jeez, Deke you SHOULD post that. Why not?

Shit if you don’t, I should! LOL!

That Van Halen video…sucked. It just sucked. It was badly edited, Sammy wearing one shirt in one shot, and another shirt in the very same shot. I hated it and I do not own it.

A Real Dead One still doesn’t really turn me on much, but also thanks to later live albums like Rock In Rio.

Cheers Deke, you should make this a post.


Ha thanks, man. That live umm ok kinda live video sucked ass as I felt gypped after I purchased it and watched it once….
Tbone go duped too as he bought it so I felt better haha



31 thoughts on “Sunday Bonus Round: Live Live Live The Summer of 93!”

    1. I could see how you would think that but to me It being Maiden I was like ok with it lol.
      Guess thats where the word ‘fanboy’ comes from.
      Considering there was as lead singer change brewing in Maiden may have lead people to think what you were thinking.

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  1. I already left a big comment on Mike’s post but basically… spent most time with Ozzy’s. KISS was ropey and Maiden I only got the Real Live One at the time. It was crap. Got the other two eventually but not till much later. Not a great era for Maiden but No Prayer has grown on me a lot over the years. Do like that one. But Fear Of The Dark was pants.

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    1. No Prayer has grown on me over they years. At the time I thought NPFTD tailed off at some points. But looking back at it now I need to get that on vinyl at some point same with FOTD.
      Two sleeper albums in the Maiden catalog if you ask me.

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      1. I know a lot of folk really like it but it just never sat well with me. Even the songs that people liked, like From Here To Eternity and Afraid To Shoot Strangers… I just thought those were pretty bad.

        I did really like Judas My Guide and the title tracks. I even liked Weekend Warrior! Although that was more like a Tattooed Millionaire offcut than a Maiden song.

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      2. Ha I don’t need to review it as you jsut did in two paragraphs! haha
        From here to Eternity i like. Afraid to Shoot Strangers is a odd track for you. I remember they played ATSS’s on the 2012 tour. My brother was “whats this?? and went for a piss!” Kinda of an oddball choice for that setlist but it was to give Janiick some solo time as Maiden were playing all thiose 7th Son songs on who took the solos originally which is the right thing to do.
        But I hear ya. ATSS’s lags a little


  2. I like Alive III and that is basically the only one I have from this bunch. I’m not the huge Maiden fans you guys are, I wasn’t into Ozzy anymore and VH by this time sucked in my book so they didn’t get my money either.

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    1. VH sucked! Ha tell us how u really feel about VH John.
      It was a double whammy with both live disc and the video justt being subpar visually and the audio was to sterile for a live crowd.
      A total shame as I saw the 91 tour and they were aweosme live.
      Too much monkeying around in the studio with the brothers in regards to the live album.
      I will add that cover is cool haha

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    1. LOL.. Fair enough Mr J!
      Getting some good ol backlash on the Sam Halen live opus which it totally called for!
      I like both era’s of the band as you know but man they dropepd the ball on this one…


  3. Haha – I picked up that Van Halen VHS for $1 a while ago thinking, oh, this might be fun to send to one of the Canuck Bloggers.
    But then it occurred to me that none of you might still have a VCR – and after reading this, I hadn’t realized it was such a dud of a video!!
    Ahh well, thought that counts as they say?!

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  4. I played the crap out of the Van Halen and Ozzy ones back in the day. I was a high school student and couldn’t afford to buy up the back catalogs. I got the Van Halen for Christmas and taped my buddies Ozzy. They are not the best versions of the tunes, but they were a good way to get a taste. I still listen to them. Ozzy’s constant chatter doesn’t get old for me, lol.

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      1. No kidding eh. I was one of those except I gave about 400 reocrds to my buddy back in 1990. I kcik myself over that but currently I’m over 300 so its coming back!

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