Carl Dixon: Unbroken (2019)


Carl Dixon is a true Rock n Roll Survivor. Carl is a musician, author, and inspirational speaker. For more about his journey read Carl’s 2015 book “Strange Way To Live”. Carl survived a serious car crash in Australia back in 2008. It has been a long road back for Carl but he didn’t let that keep him down as he’s been one busy fella releasing some solo albums along the way while touring solo and recording and playing shows with Coney Hatch who released the brilliant “Four” CD back in 2013!

So on November 29th of this year, Carl released what I would consider one of the better  Hard Rock releases this year titled “Unbroken”.

Unbroken features 11 brilliantly crafted rock songs and if you know Carl’s past with Coney Hatch(I do!) you will like this immensely.


1. Can’t Love A Memory 2. Bowl Me Over 3. Nothing Lasts Forever 4. Every Step Of The Way 5. Summer Nights 6. All My Love And Hopes For You 7. This Isn’t The End 8. Drive Just Drive 9. Roll The Dice 10. Keep The Faith 11. Unbroken

Carl opens with “Can’t Love A Memory” which is a straight-ahead rocker that sets the table for the next 10 tracks that follow.  Carl has shaped up a real decent rock record along with some help from Robby Boebel, Mark Santer and Dylan Gowan who all contributed to the recording process of this album.

I have to add that German Guitarist Robby Boebel (Frontline and Phantom V are two bands Robby has been in) plays some phenomenal guitar riffs and solos on this album. At times I hear Micheal Schenker and John Norum in his solos!

Carl knows the fine art of writing great hard rock tracks as “Nothing Lasts Forever” which Carl lyrically tells us the story of Coney Hatch in the early to mid-’80s as success will not last forever.  I love how Carl gives his respect to Judas Priest in one of the verses as well as in 83 when Carl sings the line “The Maidens/Fastway and Coneys make it three” as that was the tour Coney Hatch was on for about 40 shows with Iron Maiden. Great stuff and as Carl reminds us at the end of the song that “There’s a Devil in her Deck”. Such a cool track.

“Every Step OF The Way” I can honestly say is a song Dokken wishes they had written which features all the fine things about 80s rock that we love. Hooks lots of Hooks! I must mention the fine drumming of Mark Santer and Dylan Gowan(Larry’s Son) who should get some recognition along with Carl and Robby.

“Drive Just Drive” is another fun hard rock song and it shows in spades. One of the best things I can say about this album is that all the players on this album do just what they do. They stick to a sound that they know best.

This album is chock-full of uptempo Melodic Hard Rock Gems(nothing too soft here folk’s). If you’re a fan of just straight-ahead guitar rock, catchy hooks, awesome vocals and choruses, “Unbroken” will be just what the doctor ordered!

Check out Carl Dixon Music by clicking the link below where you can order “Unbroken” as well as Carl’s book and swag!

11 Songs! 44 Minutes of Awesomeness!



17 thoughts on “Carl Dixon: Unbroken (2019)”

      1. Absolutely J! At this point in my life it’s always a cool feeling when something new can grab you sonically!
        This style of Rock was a big part of my listening habits when I was 15! Now I’m 52 and when I hear albums like Carl’s it takes me back to that certain times and place when life was a lot simpler!
        Thanks for reading

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