Thunder Bay Arena Rocks Top Box Sets of 2019!

Zoinks! What’s going on now at Arena Rock? Well, folk’s my good pal Destroyer of Harmony from Australia requested another list around these parts! So blame him! LOL.

Peter(D.O.H) asked me about posting a list of my favorite Box Sets of the past year!

The People Have Spoken! Uh ok, One person spoke but still Peter got the ball rolling so here it is!

Now a few of these I have physical copies of. Others I have just purchased off iTunes! Yeah I know it’s not the same but it boils down to price. No way I could keep up with it all but as a music fan, I want it all!

After this post, I’m taking a bit of a breather as I’m going to chill out and read and spew my babble on the other Blogger’s Top Album/Concerts/Movies Lists for the year 2019!

In case your keeping score I have posted three 2019 year-end lists in 6 days! I’m fried out!

Here we go, Folks!

1- Def Leppard -The Collection Volume 1-(1979-1988) What a box set from the Leps! The first four albums are included and I was really psyched to get the first three  Lep’s especially on viny(On Through The Night/High N Dry/Pyromania). Awesome set which I technically got back in December 2018(as a Xmas gift from my daughters) so it missed last year’s list.  The booklet included is slick, all the albums look and sound slick.  Slick all around! How about that live show from 1983? How about the twin ax attack of Pete Willis and Steve Clark on the first two Lep albums? How about it all? Winner Winner this Def Leppard box set is the best!

Coming up in a very close second was…

2- Whitesnake: Slide It In Deluxe C.D-(1984)– Lot’s of bands could take a lesson on how David Coverdale puts the time in effort into putting a box set together! Slide It In has it all covered. 6 CD’s stuffed full of Slide It In.  American and British remixes/demos/live show from the era/booklet it’s all here over 100 tracks of Coverdale Sliding It In all over the place on this the  35th Anniversary of its release! The three secret weapons on here are  Cozy Powell/Mel Galley and Jon Lord who have all passed on which sucks but the music lives on! Tons of music!

Sleazy Coverdale keeps the Snake in check and releases another stellar set in…

3-Whitesnake: Slip of the Tongue-Deluxe C.D-(1989)– So Coverdale releases the deluxe of Slide It In March of this year and seven months later in October comes the 30th Anniversary of Slip of the Tongue. At first, I scoffed at this deluxe edition but Ladano smacked some common sense into my noggin and it made sense. Yeah, Steve Vai and his wang bar extravaganza kind of got to me in the confines of the sound of Whitesnake but man the kicker with this set is the demos that feature Adrian Vandenberg on guitar, along with Sarzo and Aldridge on the bass and drums respectively as they kick out the jams on a bunch of demo tracks where Now I’m Gone sound’s better here in demo form than the actual finished version and a brilliant tune titled Liquor and Poker. Lick her in the front /Poke her in the rear! Hey, Coverdale sings that  I’m not making that shit up folks. Once again a ton of tracks/demos/live show from the era and a snazzy booklet included. Crank up Liquor and Poker below and hear Adrian/David/Rudy and Tommy slam one out of the demo park!

Hey, I need to get some Can-Con in so…

4- Sloan- Navy Blues- Deluxe Vinyl Edition (1998)- Some of my blog world buddies that being Kevin and Mr. Books along with myself scored this impressive Box Set from Sloan as only 1200 copies were pressed and are now sold out! Thanks to my pal Tbone who graciously purchased this for me as a Birthday Gift when Sloan rolled into Tbay this past October. Sloan goes all out on this 3 vinyl album set that features demos/ a couple of 45’s and another album worth of material and a booklet chronicling the time of this album’s release originally(1998). The best thing is all the money made on any Sloan stuff goes into there pocket as they own there material!


5 Stone Temple Pilots-Purple-(1994): 40 songs from what I would consider STP’s finest bunch of tunes. The real ace in the hole in this set is the live show from 1994 which has the band firing on all 4 of its cylinders. The late great Weiland is brilliant on these live tracks.

6- R.E.M-Monster-(1994)– 4.5 hours of a Monster album from R.E.M.  Tons of great stuff on this one friends. Demos that are chill which is surprising and a live rocking show from Chicago along with a remix of the Monster album that strips down some of the effects of the original album. Special thanks must be given to Peter Buck who found his volume knob on his amplifier and cranked it up on Monster!

7-The Cult-Sonic Temple-(1989)– You know Sonic Temple would have placed higher as I had preordered it on Amazon than it got canceled by Amazon as there was some manufacturing issue. I waited and finally succumbed to iTunes to hear the demos of the Sonic Temple songs which are excellent. The live show Is decent enough but the sound is a little muddy but who cares. Crank this sucker up! It’s The Cult for Fuck sakes!

8-Skid Row-Skid Row-(1989)– This cool little ass-kicker 22 song set came out right around mid-January of 2019 and no one knew not even the band as it was straight to digital-only release which not only irked Sebastian Bach but Mikey Ladano as well. The debut sounds pretty good but I like the live show as Bach sounds like he’s 15 when talking but sings for his supper and I have always been a sucker for those tunes like Big Guns/ Sweet Little Sister/Rattlesnake Shake. You know the glammy cheesy metal stuff. Plus the fact that I seen them about 5 times live in person on this album as well played a part. But I get it when there is a zero option of whether or not you want packaging.

9-Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-(1987)- Ok, so the deal is this album placed in my Top 10 last year. This year as well. I couldn’t do just a Top 9 which would look goofy plus this is a classic. Figured I had better fess up about a repeat placing of this Gunners album as someone would have called me out on it!

10-Kingdom Come-Get It On-1988-1991- Thanks to blog pal HMO who alerted us all about this release of the 3 K.C albums on one compilation. I always dug that debut album that for sure sounded like Zep at times but who cares. Listen to The Shuffle and tell me that’s not a great straight-ahead track? Even the second album Kingdom Come In Your Face(LOL) has some brilliant tracks as well as a killer live version of The Wind. To be honest I haven’t delved totally into the third album as much as should have but still, the first two K.C albums are decent spins on the iPod!

Merry Xmas Friends.

33 thoughts on “Thunder Bay Arena Rocks Top Box Sets of 2019!”

  1. Man what a list! All great box sets. I knew Sloan would be on there! Funny about Skid Row and is it a coincidence Sebastian Bach is touring next year? I think not. Merry Christmas Deke

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  2. Thanks to DOH for the idea. Great list Deke! I have quite a few of those and I forgot that Whitesnake did two this year. Dang, David just keeps taking my money. Here’s to hoping we get a Coverdale / Page box set next!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was fun to compile a Box Set list as I had never done one as 2019 is the year of the Box haha!
      Pete planted the seed and after I thought about it it was like ‘yeah’. This year I’m not doing a Top Live Album list as these box sets or deluxe editions all come with live shows.
      I really hope a Page/Coverdale box set would happen as they did live shows in Japan I believe if my memory serves me correct! Plus it would be impressive as DC is the master of putiing one together or someone on his team is!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey, thanks for always reading and commenting and even quoting me at times which is a total hoot to see!
      Thanks Jeff and your right if your going to swipe a sound swipe it from one of the best!

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    1. Thanks Heff for reading/following and commenting since Day 1!
      Your one of the originals. I wish u as well and the family a great Xmas as well! All the best man!
      Lot’s more rock babble to come in 2020!


  3. Great list, thanks for listening to the people. Lol

    Nice touch on the Willis and Clark twin axe attack. Even Pyromania is as written while Willis was still with the band, so a real unsung player there.

    Totally agree with the Whitesnake box sets and DC’s commitment to marking them special. And LickHer and PokeHer is a blast.

    And like the previous list, it’s cool to see us talking about albums from the past in today’s day and age, like The Cult, GnR, STP, Sloan, Skid Row And Kingdom Come.

    Enjoy your break Deke.


    1. Thanks Pete!
      Good call on Willis contribution to the Pyromania album to which you have to give credit to Lepp as they always gave Willis credit for his work on it and didn’t do the old erase the tracks job.
      Now I just read today that Lep is releasing another box set in regards to the first two albums. So here we go again! haha
      DC is awesome at box sets and as John Snow said hopefully he does one for the Coverdale/Page album from 1993.
      Great call that we still talk about albums on there 20-25-30-35 Anniversary’s in 2019 into 2020.

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  4. Great list, Deke – and pretty varied too! (proving that the likes of Whitesnake, Def Leppard, R.E.M. and Stone Temple Pilotscan co-exist in the same space at the same time!)

    I think the one here that really impressed me most was Monster. Not only a great album, but the demos offered a glimpse at what could have been a very different album, while the remix also offers a glimpse at an alternative version of the album and live show compliments the whole thing brilliantly. R.E.M. at their best.

    The STP release is number two. I wish there were more demos and sessions stuff included, but you’re right about that live show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mr J!
      Those demos sure sounded different than the final version that ended up on Monster that’s for sure!
      I’m glad Buck found the volume knob on the amps haha
      Varied list is right but it all falss under the bracket of ROCK.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. I was thinking of doing a list like this, but I don’t think I bought enough box sets in 2019 to do it as well! Harem Scarem and Marillion put out some sets…

    Well done sir, you reminded me that I need that Skid Row soon. It would be cool if it showed up in a dropbox somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah early Def Lep. Not sure why they don’t just release two deluxe albums. But here we go again!

        I was told specifically that the old demos will NOT be on this set. No “Heat Street” or “Glad I’m Alive”. Joe doesn’t like ’em.

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  6. You’re a trooper Deke, that’s a king hell load of listening right there. What’s on the Skid Row one? the vinyl LP cost me quite a bit this year and I’m desperate to find a copy of Slave To The Grind for a reasonable price.

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