Foreigner: Double Vison-Then And Now(2019)


I’m sure you have picked up lately that I have been on a Foreigner kick by acquiring some of the old Foreigner on vinyl.

But with reunions and such now in 2020 ruling the roost Foreigner has done that but with two lineups which is the current one that is touring only with original Guitarist Mick Jones which I’m kinda on the fence about as lead singer Kelly Hansen does an admirable job singing the classics that were originally sung by the brilliant Lou Gramm!

So what we have here in 2019 is a Foreigner mashup of current and ex-members hitting the stage together and jamming some classics!

Now at first, I was on the fence about getting this release as it was just another compilation but the fact. that Lou and original guys are on it interested me, to say the least!

  • “Cold As Ice”
  • “Head Games”
  • “Waiting For A Girl Like You”
  • “Headknocker”
  • “The Flame Still Burns”
  • “Urgent”
  • “Juke Box Hero”
  • “Feels Like The First Time”
  • “Double Vision”
  • “Blue Morning, Blue Day”
  • “Long, Long Way From Home”
  • “Dirty White Boy”
  • “I Want To Know What Love Is”
  • “Hot Blooded”

The performances here are pretty damn good. Where Foreigner hooks me in is those guitar-driven rock tracks like Long Long Way From Home/Dirty White Boy and of course Hot Blooded.

Special mention must be given to the current band that kicks some ass during Double Vision. This even surprised me!

Pretty cool to hear both incarnations get together and jam out Hot Blooded while the original band plays Feels Like The First Time together in mega years!

Decent live album that these guys put out. I gotta hand it to them as this release even surprised me!

9 thoughts on “Foreigner: Double Vison-Then And Now(2019)”

  1. Thanks for the review. I have been pondering over this album for weeks – love the first 3 Foreigner albums, love Kelly Hansens singing too (see Hurricane and Stuart Smith).

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  2. Nice one Deke! This interested me as well, I just didn’t pull the trigger. The adding of the original members for a a few shows was a cool idea and I would have loved to have been lucky enough to have seen this one. Maybe they will do it again and I will go if it is close, but with the current line-up only, probably not even though they are all great musicians, it is still would feel like a cover band for me.

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  3. So I understand, there are two Foreigner bands? If so, that makes total sense since they are coming around here all the time. Either way, I wanted to see them but weith only one original guy not so much anymore.

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