FIVE BUCKS AT THE DOOR: The Story of Crocks N Rolls.

Hey, Folk’s pretty psyched to share with you all a trailer of a documentary that will be coming out on a local bar with a ton of history here in Thunder Bay!

FIVE BUCKS AT THE DOOR: The Story of Crocks N Rolls

Crocks N Rolls was a landmark and still is as many an act have rolled through and played the place known as Crocks that has been run since Day 1 by Frank Loffredo who still promotes show in this town and has been doing for over 30 years!

I believe the Doc deals with the years 1986-1996.

The names of both Frank and Crocks will be familiar to you fine readers as I have reviewed a bunch of shows that Frank has brought to town. Frank as well has been a big supporter of my scribbles and hack style of writing at getting the word out through social media!

I thank ya, Sir!

Best line in the trailer comes from Frank himself who says that “Thunder Bay is like The Dukes of Hazard”

A soundtrack as well will be forthcoming as well so I will keep you all posted!

Check out the trailer posted above as you can get a little taste of the music scene from Tbay from wherever you are in the world!


26 thoughts on “FIVE BUCKS AT THE DOOR: The Story of Crocks N Rolls.”

      1. I did, it looked great.
        On a side note, in an idle moment I looked at the temperatures in Thunder Bay … man, how do you survive? I freak out at 2 degrees above freezing!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well we are weathered haha. This winter has been mild -5 to -15. Some mornings its -29 but hey its where we live so….

        Our next cold spell I’ll let you know…


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