KISS: FM Broadcast-2014


Did you really think we could get out of the month of January in a new decade none the less and not have a KISS review around here??

Well, what we have here is an Unofficial Live KISS release which is one of those cash grabs by some bootleggers. Where it came from I have no idea as iTunes of all places had it so I scooped it. (if you go looking for this on iTunes here in Canada it’s gone. (Simmons probably lawyered up lol)

Like so many bootlegs the cover is telling that when one puts these things together at least get the friggin cover right.

The cover shot has The Demon(Gene Simmons) The Hired Help(Tommy Thayer) and Starchild(Paul Stanley).

Totally wrong lineup of this band as the audio from the show is The Ritz show that KISS played back in the summer of 1988!

As you all know KISS ditched the Makeup in 1983 and KISS at that time had the great late Eric Carr on the drums and Bruce Kulick on guitar.

Back in 1988 Tommy Thayer was in his band Black N Blue who ironically were plugging there current release Nasty Nasty produced by you know who, Gene Simmons.

This cover is ridiculous haha.

This throw-together bootleg reminds me of the live cassette tapes I used to make back in the day as I couldn’t fade out the crowd after a song so it would sound silly so I generally avoided adding live songs to my mixtapes for that reason.

The running order of KISS FM Broadcast is all mixed up. The songs are all over the map. The full Ritz show is I believe 20 songs.  This release has 18.  ( Reason To Live/Bang Bang You both from Crazy Nights are missing)

Below is a pic of the songs from the Ritz. This is not the actual running order of FM Broadcast but it is the same night/same songs. I nicked this picture from Ladano’s site as I really didn’t feel like typing out 18 songs! Thanks Mikey!

I will add that with this release it’s as live as live can get as it was broadcast on local radio back in the Summer of 88. Someone taped it and now 3 decades later you can buy a KISS live album that features 100% no fix ups in the studio. In other words, Mean Gene and Super Paul had zero, zip control!

The sound itself is decent and KISS back in 88 was a well oiled slick machine. You get the warts n all of a live show. You have Paul introducing Calling Dr. Love saying that it came off the Love Gun album(ha) while Gene kinda half-asses his singing at times during the verses and doesn’t care(maybe he forgot who knows) which believe it or not is kinda cool. I posted a live video from this show below. The audio and video are a little off but you get the gist. I like how Gene just slacks off vocally haha.

Eric Carr(RIP) shows what a fine drummer he was as Eric and Bruce Kulick team up for some hot-dogging on No No No which sounds way better on this release than the Heart sounding Crazy Nights studio album!

Kulick plays brilliantly(as does Carr) as they keep it together musically so Gene and Paul can do there Rock Star shenanigans.

For me, this is actually KISS ALIVE 3 as its the only KISS live album without Gene and Pauls approval as there was no mucking about with the live tracks in the studio!

This show is packaged in many different covers and titles. Most are indeed advertised as Live At The Ritz or Ritz on Fire.

One other Ritz cover which is hilarious is called Radio Live which I posted below. Same 18 tracks different running order. I mean has KISS ever opened a show with Lick It Up? Exactly!




14 thoughts on “KISS: FM Broadcast-2014”

    1. My iTunes version does not have Reason To Live. It’s a shoddy version of the Ritz show but cool in a way. Well that’s what I tell myself anyways! haha


  1. There’s a plethora of these FM broadcast ‘unofficial releases/boots’ out there. I had a few of them that I’d bought on cassette way back (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, GNR, Blind Melon, Nine Inch Nails, etc) from stalls in the Barrowlands (Italian boot labels, I think – Kiss The Stone and LiveTribe). I wonder how much these labels are making off this stuff? I’ve seen vinyl copies in HMV and Fopp, so they must be fair game.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If Gene isn’t getting his pockets stuffed with dough than I’m not to sure how fair game the KISS stuff is.
      I like the fact that they can’t control everything hahaha..
      Warts n all live show.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Likely find some bands / artists are more protective than others. There’s actually a half decent STP boot on iTunes last time I looked… maybe I should get that before it’s pulled.

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