Coming Soon….

What do The WHO/KISS/SCORPIONS/OZZY/MOTLEY CRUE and dEke’s have in common?

We all announced farewell tours/posts. But just like those artists I mentioned above they can’t let it go and to be honest neither can I!

When I started this blog 7 years ago I posted like a lunatic. After a few years, I slowed down and started to post only on Mondays and Fridays and on time’s other posts if it was a live concert review, etc.

I did indeed wanted to pack it in 100% but you know when I posted The End of the Road a few weeks back(thanks for the kind comments folks) I wasn’t looking to play the sympathy card I just wanted to give a heads up to let everyone know I was packing it in.

But after some time away my noggin is clear and I miss it. The writing of reviews, my shitty spelling, bad punctuation lol but most importantly the comments from you my dedicated bunch of friends who always take the time of day to comment and to banter is the best. For those who don’t comment just reading it is a great support as well.

Fellow reader and life long pal Darr kinda summed it up best and his words kind of spoke to me.  Dar said, “Maybe you just gotta start playing selected dates and not go on worldwide tours.”


Makes sense. Instead of feeling the need to post twice a week. I’m going to be on no set schedule. Maybe 1 post a week. Maybe more maybe none.

Who knows…

So yeah I’m back and thanks for sticking around.

(the pic posted above is for Sarca! The Unablogger is BACK!

38 thoughts on “Coming Soon….”

  1. Awesome. Glad to hear sir. Well, I guess this means I can’t quit either. lol. Seriously good news. You were the first blogger to start commenting and reach out with advice, encouragement and SLOAN!

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    1. HAHAHA. You got it Scott! I think I had to stick a fork in it to see how I really felt. Instead of just thinking about it.
      Once I did that and just the other day it was like man I kind of miss spouting off. lol
      One change I’m going to try and do is to take a page out of your blog and that’s keep them short as well.
      I said ‘Try’ haha

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  2. Just like a”bad penny” can’t get rid of ya. Yeah once a week is CB’s rhythm but you will never top me for “Shitty spelling/bad punctuation” . I didnt get a grade 5 education for nuthin.
    I thought I was going to get a ‘Coda’ review. I like that album and the pic.

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