I have not done one of these posts in almost 2 years. In case you missed it I’m going year by year back to the 80s and what releases that year came across my radar!

1982 things really began to ramp up big time in Metal. Between getting into all this Hard Rock and basically discovering it on my own (I had no older or brother-sister to steal music from) through reading magazines or going down to the record shops with my pals Muc and Tbone there was a lot of music coming out.

My allowance would dry up quicker than the Sahara as soon as my Mom and Dad gave me my weekly sum it was off to the races for records and magazines!

Iron Maiden put out The Number of the Beast in early 1982 which made me very giddy with delight as it was just in the summer of 81 that Killers came into my world followed shortly after by Maiden Japan. I still remember buying TNOTB at Music City in Thunder Bay. Grabbing a copy already mesmerized by the artwork of Derek Riggs and flipping the cover over and going where’s Di’anno?

I had no idea Maiden parted with Paul as Maiden wasn’t getting the full out press coverage on this side of the Atlantic yet. (That was coming). Once I got this album home the new guy Bruce Dickinson made my fears go away as once Invaders kicked off Side A I was onboard!

Another favorite act Van Halen released Diver Down which at the time I thought was lazy of them to do a half covers/half original album. But as I write this in 2020 DIver Down has slowly crept maybe into my Top 5 of the whole Halen catalog. Who doesn’t love goofballs doing what they wanna do. I didn’t get what and why VH did this record as a 15-year-old in 82 but I get as a 52-year-old in 2020.

I accept Lazy at times now!

Fellow British fella’s Judas Priest released the phenomenal Screaming For Vengeance which takes you all of 20 seconds of The Hellion to realize that Rob and Company are ready to grab you by the throat and choke you out!

It Worked.

RUSH put together their masterpiece in Signals which we all dug as no two Rush albums sounded alike. Peart/Lee/Lifeson. Need I say more?!

I picked up UFO’s Mechanix which to this day is still my fav of the UFO  studio catalog.  Phil Mogg is a great lyricist and Neil Carter was a huge addition to UFO.

Not to be outdone but 1982 brought Mogg’s nemesis Micheal Schenker and Mikey released the brilliant Assault Attack as well earlier in the year the double live One Night At The Budokan.

Attack of the Mad Axeman!

1982 I purchased my first Zep album Coda which to this day I still really dig. Some cool stuff on that album which opened my ears to the other albums of Zep!

Some other firsts that went into my record pile that year. Rainbow with the brilliant pomp rock of Straight Between The Eyes. Scorpions with Blackout. Krokus with the AC/DC riff-rock of One Vice At A Time as well as Anvil with Metal On Metal which was a pretty damn heavy album at the time well in my world that is…

Another couple of firsts in 1982 in regards to the world of Ozz. I bought Diary of a Madman and for Christmas my parents got me Speak of the Devil and Rush’s Signals as well.

Prog and Satan for XMAS 1982.

Stevie Ray Vaughn with Texas Flood was a sound I had never heard and SRV records a guitar-driven album as a 3 piece which sounds totally live and from Texas Flood out I bought anything SRV put out after.

Saxon came across in my world thanks to my pal Muc as he had on import The Eagle Has Landed. What a starting point!

Adrian Vandenberg as well put out a stellar album titled simply Vandenberg which easily became one of my all-time favs as there is not a dud on the debut.  Too bad they never cracked the North American market like they should have. Dick Kemper had the coolest name ever for a Bass Player.

My favorite Canadian Punk n Rock band  Teenage Head released the fantastic Some Kinda Fun Lp and SKF is just that, Fun!

I discovered cool Canadian Rock Dudes Coney Hatch who delivered a monster in the form of the self-titled debut! Thanks to Music Express Magazine which was Can-Con and did there best at promoting Canadian Bands many of which I read for the first time in M.E!

Racing Time from Santers which was another fine record from the Toronto 3 Piece.

Course 1982 would not be complete without a couple of albums from a couple of bands that were trying to find there footing in 1982.

Aerosmith returns with a couple of new dudes in Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo who released the stellar Rock In A Hard Place which did not exactly set the world on fire but in my world it did! Steven Tyler still had life in him as this album only cost 1.5 million to record!

Must have been snowing lots on the recording console,

Gene and Paul yes Gene and Paul put out the perfect KISS album in Creatures of the Night in which no one cared but I did. I spun the shit out of Creatures and I couldn’t understand why the masses were not on board with a ramped-up amped up KISS plying their trade of KISS Rock for those who still believed. We all know Ace is on the cover but KISS hired a bunch of hired guns to lay down the solos including everyone’s favorite crazy man Vinnie Vincent!

KISS stepped up. I thought so too. Not many did though!

1982 was the start of a huge musical curve for me in the Hard Rock Sphere! I couldn’t get enough records/tapes and magazines.

1983 was going to be even nuttier!



31 thoughts on “OLD DUDE SCHOOL OF ROCK-1982”

    1. Bahaha
      Actually Scott Music Express Magazine kept me in the loop win Can Con plus they were writing about Maiden before the American mags touched them


  1. Great stuff Deke. The early 80’s had some stellar releases that now are are considered Classics, but for us back in the day, they were new and fresh and plain awesome. I am looking forward to ’83 as that was when I really started diving head first in to music.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As you might have guessed Deke, I liked the allowance/sahara comparison!
    And I like a few of these ones too, though admittedly I missed them at the time, having been all of 1 year old. Believe it or not, I’ve got a student named Saxon this semester!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Saxon ! Awesome! Holler out Crusader in class and see if he responds haha
      1 years young wowzers that’s ok that’s what us old farts are here to teach you the lessons of the way of rock from decades ago haha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice one Deke. I wasn’t ready for rock in ’82. The only records I was spinning were movie soundtracks. I literally only listened to John Williams in 1982.

    What a year. Had I been old enough, some of these records would have been life changers for me too. Creatures for sure. Maiden and Priest for sure. When I got into rock, those were some of the first records and tapes I had.

    That is a sweet batch of records right there!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thats called getting a paycheque!
        In 82 I remember seeing a vain almost burst on my Dads face when he seen my math mark.
        I than realized at that moment I never wanted to see that vain again. Ha!


  4. Great year, nice write up as well, summarizing your purchases.

    What’s the go with you and bass players. Hey… that nameless bassist did a number on ya.. Leave Dick Kemper alone. Lol.

    And yep Creatures is one of their best, I think it was just ahead of its time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Although I was a good few years away from discovering any of the albums you mention here, a few are impact albums for me. Screaming for Vengeance remains my favourite Priest album. I don’t think that will ever change.

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