Ozzy Osbourne: Ordinary Man(2020)

Yesterday was a 37-year-old throwback review of Bark At The Moon. Today it’s what Ozz has been up too lately.

It’s pretty crazy to think that  Ozz is over 71 years old now. Course over the decades his body has taken a ton of abuse which I’m not going to go there as everyone knows Ozzy’s deal.

What I am going to yammer on about is the new Ozz album Ordinary Man which hit the streets Feb 20, 2020.

Before I go any further let me tell you that Ozzy has stepped up and gone right outside the box and has delivered to the masses a stunning let’s make that an incredible 10 songs(plus a bonus track making it 11) opus that In my fair opinion may be his best solo studio album in over 30 years!

Now that’s saying something!

To be totally honest with you all when I heard about this solo album from John Osbourne I really did not buy into the whole new Ozzy 2020 album.  If my memory serves me correctly the last Ozz album I purchased was back in 95 which was Ozzmosis. Ozzmosis had some good stuff and some so so stuff.

The albums that came after Down To Earth/Undercover/Black Rain/Scream for some reason I skipped. I don’t know why but I just did and maybe it had something to do with the singles I heard on local crap radio did nothing for me.


Under The Graveyard which itself has been played a ton on local crap radio finally won me over. At first, I was like ‘Ah new Ozzy song. Good on him’ and that’s the thing with shit radio they will play the crap out of some new stuff so it will either.

1- win you over.

2- bore the piss out of you.

Over time I caved and I picked Number 1 as the Ozzman won me over.

Ozzy went to town recruited a stellar rhythm section in regards to a Gunner and a Chili Pepper. Those being Duff (Guns N Roses) on Bass and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on Drums.

Add in guitarist and producer Andrew Watt. Ozzy has hit a home run with this album.

Opening track Straight To Hell (featuring Slash on Lead Guitar) blazes along and listen to the heaviness of Smiths’ drums. Heavy loud and bombastic! This song is one of those tracks that has you reaching for the volume knob.

All My Life and Goodbye(which is a  stellar track) features some wicked musicianship and some real catchy hooks without wimping out. Goodbye goes from some chill out psychedelic rock which at one point lifts off totally in speed which is just so good.

I have to add that this being an Ozz solo album don’t be fooled as writing credits are split 4 ways between Ozz/Watt/Smith and Duff and I think that helps in spades as supposedly this album was written and recorded very quickly which in the long run I think helps Ordinary Man to excel in its quality.

Strike when the Iron is hot I say.

The title track Ordinary Man (featuring Elton John^) is a decent ballad-like tune that has a bit of pace to it so it does not go right into wimpdom.

Even the lyrics are deep and very introspective.

Speaking of twists and turns Under The Graveyard is another one of those tunes that have a section that lifts off and keeps us the listener off our guard which is awesome. I love the chorus of this tune. It’s heavy and stomps about.

Eat Me has Ozzy tweaking about on the harmonica which leads into Duffs distorted Bass and don’t be fooled by the title as being hokey which isn’t. Listen to the words folks.

Tom Morello slams out a crazy good solo on what I call one of those End of the Album Gems titled Scary Little Green Men which has one super duper cool chorus! Total Ear Candy.

Holy For Tonight has a Sabbath-like style to my ears anyway.

It’s A Raid is a cool fast Ozz punker of a track featuring Post Malone which is actually quite good. Who doesn’t love a great tune about what happens when you leave a ton of Blow lying around and the Cops show up!

Take What You Want another mashup between Ozz/Post Malone and Travis Scott ends the album. An ok track which you have to give Oz credit as he’s going for the crossover appeal which at 71 years young you gotta hand it to him.

When all is said and done this album is BRILLIANT! Tons of hooks/tempo changes/ great singing and playing and some kudos have to be given to Watt as he pulled this album out of Osbourne and rocked it in a whole other direction which in this day and age is very impressive!

Ozzy’s Back-dEke’s Told Ya So!

^-don’t scoff at Elton John being on here as if you recall back in 1986 Elton played the keys on the classic Saxon track Party Til You Puke from the Rock The Nations album which is 100% HMO Approved!


40 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne: Ordinary Man(2020)”

  1. I gave Rock The Nations 2.5 out of 5 haha. 50% approved!

    Only heard a few tracks from this. I liked Under The Graveyard and Straight To Hell was OK. Didn’t like Ordinary Man or the Post Malone songs though. I’ll see what Mike says when he reviews it!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. HAHA.
      Fake News as I’m not reporting the proper Saxon %!!
      I Like this album those PM song’s don’t make ot break the album for me nor does the EJ Tune, its everything else around it that sells it for me.
      God, I sound like an Used Car Salesman! haha


  2. I’m right there with you on this one Deke! I was out doing yard work yesterday and had this blaring on the bluetooth speaker so I and the neighbors could hear it and I didn’t get any complaints from the neighbors.

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      1. Yes, thankfully no snow down here. And quite nice temperatures in the low 50’s during the day. At night it was in the 20’s which is good. I don’t like it much colder than that.

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      2. I forgot to tell you, I wrote the review on this one this weekend. Mine won’t be out for a couple weeks as too many ahead of it I don’t want to move. I did leave a message and a link to your site if they wanted to read a better review.

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  3. Nice point Deke about radio overplay leading to 1 of 2 scenarios – I’m glad it was the better case scenario for you here. And yes, if you’re going to bring in a rhythm section, that’s a pretty good pair to bring in!

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    1. The reviews have been good for this album and why not as its a solid piece of rock. I’m really digging it.
      That’s saying something in this day and age! haha

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      1. Who knows, it may end up on a revised 1001 some day, the list tends to reward artists (Dylan, Bowie, Springsteen…) that return decades later with some of their best work!

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  4. Deke I’m with you on this album. And has the even been an Ozzy album that doesn’t have a brilliant musicians backing him up and writing songs.

    As good as Ozzy is, the band here are the stars and pop producer Andrew Watt really showed his prowess as a guitarist and rock songwriter.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Crossover is a big thing in music nowadays as some artists get it. Ozzy is one them or someone in his camp is.


  5. Holey, I was skeptical when Kevin bought this new Ozzy album, but I’m sold! It’s REALLY good. I found myself reading the liner notes to see who was responsible for this great album, and was very pleasantly surprised to see Ozzy… and other greats helping him out! Solid. Great review, Deke!

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    1. Thanks for reading Sarca.
      Ozz really went all out on it. The thing is I really like that he shook it all up. Watt had a huge hand in this album. I like the fact that he doesn’t solo for the sake of soloing. He keeps it short and to the point.


  6. Yep, I agree. Great write up and sounds like Ozzy really did hit a homerun with this one. Everything I am reading pretty much echos what you and I have written too!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha, I didn’t even notice. Hopefully that’s the new one. I got an alert from Google saying my original photo wasn’t big enough so I wouldn’t show up in searches. I had to change it. I don’t get the internet!! LOL

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  7. I have deep concerns but you have persuaded me. And since I can’t waste money on a domestic CD, I decided to buy the Japanese, hoping that I like it!

    I sure hope I do!

    There is a lot about this album that worries me, and even your review has only slightly set me at ease. Andrew Watt making a guest-laden album is my biggest concern.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you were to lsiten to it not knowing it was guest laden you would never know Mikey. Slash doesn’t sound like Slash on his solo even Morello.
      Smith and Duff (who sounds more like Geezer in some spots with the fuzz bass) are brilliant and Watt is smart man he keeps his solos short and in the context of the song.
      I love this album man.


  8. Great review, Deke. I wasn’t fussed about this at all, but you’ve convinced me to check it out.

    I knew Post Malone was on there, but I had no idea Duff was all over it. Definitely sounds like Ozzy has a good support cast …

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