Led Zeppelin: Coda (1982)


Hey, Folk’s this review is for CB and for the person who called me Coda Face! haha! Cheers, 2 ya!

Two years after Bonzo‘s passing in 1980 came the contractual record obligation in the form of Coda.

Led Zeppelin had to fulfill their commitments and deliver one more studio album to finish off their record contract with Swan Song Records.

It doesn’t matter that one of the best rock drummers of all time passes away a contract is a contract.

Coda for some is a throw together an album of odds and sods. For others, it has some great tracks and for myself its the tracks that matter.

Zep broke up as 1980 ended. I was 13 at the time and immersed in KISS/Cheap Trick/AC-DC/New England/Queen. Led Zeppelin was not even on my radar at that time. Course I knew the name but I had no real idea about who they were.

As 1982 rolled around a pal in highschool (John Young-M.I.A) had gotten Coda and when I heard what was my first song which was Ozone Baby I was hooked.

BAM! A slap right across my forehead. I took to this album right away. I mean listen to the sonics of those drums! Holy Shit they were LOUD!

I quickly went out and purchased Coda on cassette and from there I started picking away at the Zeppelin back catalog. I even got on board with Robert Plant‘s solo career as well buying all of his 80s output on cassette tape except for the brilliant Now And Zen album which needs to be heard on vinyl.


Coda, I was able to pick up recently sealed for $20  which was a steal as far as I’m concerned.

Nice Gatefold layout with a ton of pics and the cover is simple yet effective. 8 songs make up Coda which clocks in under 34 minutes.

Side 1 features 4 songs from the 1970 -72 period. Opener We’re Gonna Groove is a great track as Bonham drives the drums and everyone else follows. Kinda interesting that this song is actually a live version but the crowd was removed and Jimmy Page dubbed some guitars so the song would fall under the studio album contractual obligation which is wild, to say the least.

More Bonham on Poor Tom as the boys once again follow his lead. Almost a shuffle like track. Great track and Plant tosses down a superb vocal.

I Can’t Quit You Babe is from a soundcheck and Page sizzles the fretboard while Bonham and John Paul Jones lay back and let the chill groove come to them.

Walters Walk ends Side 1 with some cool ax work from Jimmy and drums from you guessed it…Bonham. Walters Walk is a pretty decent track that was leftover from the Houses of the Holy sessions.

Side 2 features tracks recorded between 1976-78.

Ozone Baby leads off and I will go out on a limb here and say its easily in my all-time Top 5 Zep Tunes.  Ozone Baby features driving drums/walloping bass line along with Plant singing for his supper!  Goes to show you how Zep had such stellar tunes sitting in their vault.

Following the brilliance of Ozone Baby comes Darlene which is another great track that has some cool piano and how about that tempo change which almost goes back to the 50’s rockabilly shuffle. Another superb track.

Bonzo’s Montreux is John beating the crap out of his drums with a pretty innovative solo and man, just listen to the superb sonics. Production is crystal clear.

Wrapping up things on Coda is another stellar Zep tune in the form of Wearing And Tearing which ends the album on a blistering pace. So good as this one just wants you to reach over and turn the volume knob way up! Another one that sat around in the crazy vault. Plant played Wearing and Tearing at Knebworth 1990 (with Rob’s solo band) which is on YouTube if you are interested and Jimmy Page even shows up and this kick this tune into another dimension!

Coda even all these years later is an album that I love as it shows you how good the 4 members of Zep were and the fact that they had so much strong material that these were considered leftovers.



29 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin: Coda (1982)”

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Plant had one fantastic live band back than didn’t he? Wearing and Tearing is so good from 1990 I msu thave watched that clip about 10 times recently.

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  1. Codaface was a nice evolution of the Cupface tradition!
    $20 sealed sounds like a solid return on investment – and it sounds like many bands “A+” material would be lucky to sound as good as LZ’s leftovers!

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  2. Great find for $20. I don’t care what people say, I like this one and all of there albums. I’ve always wanted to do a Worst to First on their albums, but I feel inferior compared to these things. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to tackle.


  3. Not only did the “deKE” come back, he came back with a vengeance. I was on the flying Zep airline for a long time and I loved this record from the moment I put down the needle on ‘We’re Gonna Groove’. Totally get your love at first listen with ‘Ozone” Love the loose no bullshit sound of this. Yeah, I read some of the things said about the album. CB ignored that shit. Good snag on the copy. I’ve been listening to this one along with ‘Graffitti’ a lot lately. Zeps debut gets regular play just to remind me where they came from. They were good.
    “I Can’t Quit You Baby’ is killer.

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    1. Thanks for reading CB. It’s a great package including the gatefold and such. They were a band that was way ahead of there curve in sound. Imagine back in the 70s Zep rolling into your town with Peter Grant in tow and just laying waste city after city.
      Hammer of the Gods!

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      1. My brother seen them right out of the gate. He took some dumb girl instead of his snot faced kid brother.
        What would be the difference from that copy you have and the original I have? Better sound? …?

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      2. It is on 180 gram if that means anything. If it would have been the original version I would have bought that. That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me at all.
        I’m just glad to own a copy of Coda. I’m going to toss it on again tonight.

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      3. Me neither. It’s about the music. I’m just not up on all the tech aspects. Maybe just more bells and whistles for the new versions. It’s just cool that they keep releasing this music on vinyl. I listened to it after I read your take. Hey, I enjoy your stuff so don’t thank me. It’s a pleasure. Plus giving some ink to record that I think gets lost.
        Heads up. If ever you’re looking for a partner for rock trivia, give CB a pass. I didn’t know who Peter Grant was. Now I have to see a doc on that character.

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      4. Even though I am a big fan of Zeps music I didn’t get into their shenanigans. This guy sounds like I could get into a little history of his journey. Like a lot of bands they were surrounded by rumors and stories. How much of that is fact? You’d need someone like Grant to deal with some of those promoters. for sure.
        I heard Zappa answer the question about him eating excrement on stage. He said the closest he ever came to eating shit was at a Holiday Inn in Oregon or someplace. Now that was funny. Keep them coming deKE.

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  4. I realised that I’ve never heard this one. I was never the biggest fan of Led Zep and avoided it when I was ‘discovering’ the albums as it wasn’t one that was thought of highly. You’ve convinced me to check it out. Cheers!

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  5. I always liked this album also…much more than diehard Zep fans. Wearing and Tearing stood up to anything at the time. When I post anything from Coda…I always get a “well It’s not great”…Is it Led Zeppelin 4? No, but it’s a good album I’ve always liked.
    That is an odd one to start off with…coo. story! I had a friend who know I was a British rock fan…he started me on Led Zeppelin 4 in Jr High.

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    1. It is an odd one to start one but who said I had to play by the rules.lol
      It just so happened that my buddy had Coda new when it first came out. I was like “The drums on Kiss albums didn’t sound this bombastic” lol
      What I dork I was at the time haha

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      1. Rules are meant to be broken!
        LOL no one sounded like Bonham and Keith Moon. Those two had their own sound and made their bands stand out.

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