Kim Mitchell: Kim Mitchell(1982)

Are you going to find a better 5 song studio solo E.P than Kim Mitchell’s 1982 self-titled release?

Maybe but probably not. For myself, I missed the boat at the time on Kim’s time fronting his former band Max Webster at the tail end of the ’70s.

It was a Canadian magazine Music Express that put out the word that here was Kim. Now solo and trying to make a go of it with his name on the marquee.  I bought this way back in 82 on cassette tape and lo and behold saw it sitting in the used bins on vinyl a few weeks back.

A no brainer pay in cash and dash out the door!

Kim goes balls out in power trio mode with Paul DeLong on drums and Robert Sinclair Wilson on Bass. Kim has always played some killer guitar on all his albums but this EP has Kim going to a whole other level on the fretboard.

Kids In Action sets the table as Mitchell gets right down to business and with Jack Richardson dialing in the sounds with Kim these songs sound live with few overdubs in the studio.

Put it this way all these cats can play and of course along for the ride is Pye Dubois who handled all the lyrics while Kim took care of the music.

Kim has that cool summer breezy cool guy vocal vibe which comes across huge on these songs. 5 songs/no ballads just Kim lifting off on what would become a pretty good career in Canada.

If your a guitarist check out this EP for a crash course on exceptional soloing as you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been slowly collecting Kim’s output on vinyl in the 80s as I come across it.  Now with the inclusion of this EP on vinyl along with Akimbo Alogo(1984), Shakin Like A Human Being(1986) and Rocklandwonderland(1989) my KM collection is coming along nicely!

Rah Rah Ole!


28 thoughts on “Kim Mitchell: Kim Mitchell(1982)”

  1. I was going to mention him to you last week. I loved his big hit here. Go For A Soda. Took me to the 90s to figure out who sang it and ordered it from Tower Records.
    I need to listen to his earlier music.

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    1. That’s awesome Max. Akimbo Alogo is a great record. This E.P came out right before it. Kim was sizzling that fretboard. I know my bloggin pal Pete from Australia says this EP is not available to stream there but it’s on YouTube.
      Amazing burst of creativity from Kim during this time.
      Thanks for reading.

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  2. I remember listening to Akimbo Alogo after one of your reviews. This EP is not on Spotify but I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube.
    Thanks for sharing because Max Webster got no traction in Australia and neither did Kim Mitchell

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    1. They never really dented the American market either Pete even though RUSH took em out a few times.
      The E.P is on youtube for sure as what isn’t lol.
      Check out Kids In Action live. Kim’s guitar playing is scary just like his hair at the time! Lol

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  3. Outside of Soda, don’t really know Kim. I do have one Max Webster album that was in a collection I picked up from my brother-in-law but that is it. One day, I will get around to checking him out in more detail. Great post!

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      1. HAHA! Man if it paid the bills it would be the ultimate gig but I’m with happy with the followers I got and the blogs I follow as this is a great time to do this stuff as there is nothing to do other than blog really!

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  4. Back in 82 you had the perfect Kim Mitchell look except you weren’t bald under the ball cap. Lol. If I recall at one point someone (maybe McCollough) called you Akimbo… ??

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