Old Dude School of Rock-1985-Part 1

1985 brought a whole bunch more rock records that I took notice and spent the dough on.

Here We Go!

On the Can-Con front, both Lee Aaron and Helix released albums. Lee Aaron with Call of the Wild and Helix with Long Way To Heaven.

Lee enlisted Bob Ezrin and this was I thought a step up from the Metal Queen album from 1984. Lee had an ace up her sleeve in the form of guitarist John Albani who co-wrote a ton of tracks with Lee throughout the ’80s and into the ’90s. Paradise and Hot To Be Rocked are stellar tracks.

Helix came back with Long Way To Heaven which was a little dip in creativity but still not a bad album. The record’s production is so-so but the title track and Kids Are All Shakin were bonafide winners. Hell, I’m surprised Poison has never covered Ride The Rocket. Helix headlined arenas on this tour in Canada and even scored a Number 1 album in Sweden!

Hey, whaddya say?

Across the pond, U.F.O was on life support as Phil Mogg and Paul Raymond released Misdemeanor which outside the shitty sounding production had some decent tunes like This Time, Heavens Gate, Night Run and Name of Love which were good rock tunes. Atomic Tommy was the guitarist and was pretty decent but the album sounded like it recorded in a tin can. Too bad.

Vivian Campbell calls the last Dio album that he played guitar on “poop”. Sacred Heart back in 85 was a hard album for me to get into. The previous two albums Holy Diver and Last In Line were stellar so it happens at times and as I have said in the past that there were so many records coming out (29 albums I bought in 1984) that if something didn’t grab you right away it may get filed away for decades. This was my deal with this record back in 85. But come 2018 I picked it up used and had a revisit and it’s not as bad as I remembered. Please don’t tell Vivian I said that!

Gary Moore by his connection with RUSH got me onboard with the fantastic Run For Cover album. Having ex-UFO dude Neil Carter certainly helped the cause as well. Gary had Phil Lynott and Glenn Hughes on this as well. Check out Moore’s solo on the title track. Moore soars on it!

Y&T put out two releases in 85. Open Fire is a pretty decent live album featuring a bunch of tracks from the catalog of Yesterday and Today. The title track just kicks you right in the nut sack and is brilliant as is 25 Hours A Day. The only knock on this album is the studio track Summertime Girls which is a feeble attempt at a hit. Not only was Summertime Girls on Open FIre but it was also added to the Down For Count release that came out in late 1985. Don’t get me started on Down For The Count! Lol

Adrian Vandenberg and his namesake band put out the poppy Alibi which did nothing for me at all. After the stellar debut in 1982 followed by the so -so followup in 83 comes Alibi in 85 and I need an Alibi if anyone was going to question me if I liked this album!

ZZ Top blasted off with Afterburner. This record had a ton of synth/programmed drums, well actually everything was programmed except for Billy Gibbons who is always is brilliant with the singing and guitar playing. Afterburner tore up the charts back in 85 as this album will always hold a special place for me for three reasons!

1- Afterburner was a gift from my parents Christmas 1985

2- Planet of Women which opens Side 2 is easily in my all-time Top 5 ZZ tunes!

3- Being 18 at the time of Afterburners release and a song titled Woke Up With Wood was just pure SONIC GOLD! (plus it’s a great track)

Iron Maiden released one of the best double live album packages in Live After Death. Double Gatefold. Tons of pics/a booklet featuring a ton of tour info and more pics/ brilliant Eddie artwork and Maiden playing at the high level we are all accustomed too over 4 nights at Long Beach Arena in California!

When the Air Raid Siren tells us all to “Scream For Me Long Beach” by God we all did!

Ted Templeman fresh off of producing 6 Van Halen multi-platinum albums hooks up with the freshly reunited Aerosmith and record one of the best doped up boozed-up live studio albums of all time in Done With Mirrors. What a great bunch of cranked up AeroTracks like My Fist Your Face, Reason A Dog, Shame On You, Gypsy Boots,The Hop. The album flopped commercially as some say it doesn’t sound finished which I disagree with as this was Aero’s last drug hurrah before they sobered up. I love this album and so does Tbone!

Joe Perry doesn’t as if you recall the time I wrote about when I met him outside a hotel in Minneapolis (2003) that I told him that I was psyched that they brought back the fantastic Let The Music Do The Talking in the set that night.

Joe Replied with ” You like that one huh?”

I came back with “I love the Done With Mirrors record”

Joe didn’t respond!


That exact moment made me love Done with Mirrors even more!

Check back in few days with Part 2  of albums that I rocked out with back in 85!



47 thoughts on “Old Dude School of Rock-1985-Part 1”

    1. It’s knd of funny how one can appreciate something 3 decades later eh Scott?
      Thanks to Run For Cover I basically bought his next two albums Wild Frontier and After The War right as soon as they got to the shops here.


      1. HAHA. What can ya do? Vivian was so good back than and still is but he’s a different player in Leppard of course.


  1. Love that Aerosmith one as well. That was the first Aero album I bought with my money. I had all the 70’s thanks to my brothers. There was crap in 85, but a few good ones. I also had the ZZ Top one, but out of the ones you have, those are the only 2 I had. Let’s hope part 2 is full of better albums…at least better IMO.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Look for the David Wells Autobiography. It’s an excellent read as Wells pulls no punches.
        He talks about the time he was sitting beside Key on a Bus trips to the park all year and was giving it to him day after day week after week and finally one day Key shoved Wells head into the glass of the bus.LOL
        Wells said that he found a whole other level of appreciation for Key that day. haha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always like Sacred Heart but on a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8, while I give “The Last in Line” a 10 and “Holy Diver” an 11! “Done With Mirrors” is a good album and while not a commercial hit, it did put Aerosmith back on the road to success.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OK I got to get back into reading again. I’ve been too distracted lately.

    Joe was probably fishing for a compliment since LTMDTT was a Perry Project song…telling him you liked an Aerosmith album might have been a bummer!

    Live After Death was one I had, and Helix I bought later on. I think in 85 I was mostly buying up old Kiss albums! I was getting into them big time and I really don’t remember buying ANYTHING that year besides Kiss and Maiden. I’ll have to wrack my brain but that’s all I got.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gene and Paul thank you for buying up old Kiss albums in 85. You were helping them with there pension plan back than.

      What I really wanted to do was tell Perry how aweosme the second Project album was but I fumbled that one in the end zone as my mind went blank.

      I was psyched that I was taller than Perry lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are taller than Perry? Is that because he’s short or you’re tall? We can’t have too many tall guys at Sausagefest. Meat is already taller than me.

        Buying those old Kiss albums and hearing them for the first time is an experience I remember fondly. My sister and I would look at song titles and guess who sang what songs. We would also try to guess what the melody would be just from the title alone. Some times we were close!


      2. 6 FEET? Too tall. Sorry. I never told you about the height rule. We have reach our quota of tall guys. Max the Axe is a shorty and he can’t handle too many tall guys or he can’t see.

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  4. With ZZ Top….is it just me or does every album they released in the 80s after Eliminator sounds like a continuation of that album? I’ve always liked ZZ Top.
    I love his guitar playing…he is awesome.

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      1. I will check it out. Don’t get me wrong…I did like them…I saw them in the early eighties with Sammy Hagar opening up…best light show ever.
        They had to change with the times.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow. Now that is a rock show. I caught ZZ October 90 on the Recycler Tour and it was a great show. So that Recylcer album has that extra something that I liked as I heard half of it live.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That sounds like a great show. I saw them on the Eliminator Tour in 83…I just looked at my ticket stubs lol. Man I was into those videos with the 3 girls and the car…all of them.

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  5. I still see the first three Dio albums as the best ones. I like a few things in Dream Evil and Lock Up The Wolves.

    Gary Moore In my opinion started his run of three awesome albums with Run For Cover. Love that guitar solo in Empty Rooms.

    We all know that “Down For The Count” is your favourite album. Maybe those Summertime Girls broke your heart. Lol.

    “We shall fight in the air, we shall never surrender” and off it goes. Live After Death is a monumental masterpiece for a live album.

    So you had wood as well. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Summertime Girls.
      Maybe I was bitter as I worked 6 days a week from 6am- 2pm washing dishes back in the summer of 85 so I saw a lot of Summertime Nothing that year! LOL

      I’m glad I got those first DIO on vinyl. Good rock records. Good call on Empty Rooms. Moore was a monster on that stuff as well. Played with so much emotion.

      L.A.D what a monster live album. Still to this day I can throw it on and holler “Revalations this One!” as my daughters think I lost my marbles! Lol

      It’s all about the Wood back in 85.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the bar was set pretty high with Eliminator that’s for sure!
      I like Afterburner in certain parts. Some great stuff as the first side is pretty solid.
      Side 2 after Planet of Woman kinda slides a little bit in the creativity I find.
      What can you do as they we’re on a huge tour/video/recording cycle at the time.
      Still Gibbons shines as does Beards drum machine LOL


      1. Don’t be knocking Velcro Fly! That tune still gets a chuckle out of me! But you’re right, Eliminator did set the bar high. And yeah, really can’t blame them for dipping into the well again. I just think it is a good set of tunes.

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