Weekend Spin-Motley Crue: Shout at the Devil(1983)

Starting something new called Weekend Spin where I will babble on a bit with an album that I pulled off the shelf and spin. No in-depth stuff here just some words about the album and maybe if anything you will check out what I’ve been digging.

What better way than to spend Easter weekend than dropping the needle on both sides of Shout At The Devil from that zany wacky bunch calling themselves Motley Crue.

This album reeks Hollywood 1983 style. Hard rock was exploding up and down the West Coast of California which even trickled into my parent’s little house in Thunder Bay back in 1983.

Motley filled that void of makeup that KISS was ditching and we as in many of us bought into what Nikki Sixx was selling.

Sixx was a great seller of Motley back in the day and had a creative way of articulating points where he didn’t come across as a bonehead whereas guys like Kevin Dubrow ran there mouths and in so by doing that destroyed not only their reputation but there own bands as well.

Sixx sold us on to be anti-everything.

Shout at your Parents said, Nikki. Shout at your Teachers, Shout at everything standing in your way and most importantly…

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL hollered Nikki/Vince/Mick and Tom.

We did and in shouting, we bought this record and it filled that gap. In some bizarre twist of something that I can’t explain this album still resonates with me today.

I  still really like this album and that’s saying something as this year marks its 37th Birthday. A few years back I saw it on vinyl and picked it up as the price was right. 


SATD falls into that category of why some of these albums stand the test of time. The reason being is at the time of its release sure there was hype and press coverage but the Crue had not sold a huge amount of albums yet at the time of SATD’s release. Sometimes the best albums from bands are when they are still broke! 

Case in point- Shout At The Devil.

Maybe that’s the charm of this record as SIxx is writing like he’s going for the throat. I liked the lyrics on this record. 

Bastard has to be my fave as it just stomps along delivering some cool street lyrics directed at some old ex-manager or something…

Great stuff man takes me back to when I was 16. Sixx was spouting off about the Devil, about chicks that have Looks That Kill, a Bastard manager and what about those goofball lyrics to 10 Seconds To Love a track that makes you laugh at the age of 52 yet at 16 you thought this was how the rock guys did it! 

A pretty cool fantastic spin when in this day and age you just want some escapism.

Be Strong and Shout At The Devil.



30 thoughts on “Weekend Spin-Motley Crue: Shout at the Devil(1983)”

    1. I bought it new but they made the cover look like it was worn out to give it that retro feel.
      The gatefold is cool just like how the original album was.

      That’s cool you got Decade on vinyl. I don’t think I even knew it was issued that way.

      Broke Dick Dog

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  1. This is one is my favorite. You can’t go wrong with the first two albums, but this is the one that started it for me. And SATD was the song I ended my Motley Crue 10 song series on so that should tell you something.

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      1. I have all of theirs they offer on vinyl. Still need the self-titled, New Tattoo and Generation Swine. as those haven’t been issued yet. I do have Corabi’s 94 Live show of the self-titled so that is close enough for now.

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  2. Good point about some bands releasing their best stuff when the bank account balance is low, Deke – maybe there’s more urgency to the sound?
    Though in my current stage of life, I don’t know if I condone shouting at parents/teachers, but I like that they didn’t discriminate with their targets, everyone, including the devil, was on the receiving end!

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      1. Thanks Geoff. Something new I thought I would try and shake it up around these parts. I’m sure your homeboys from Kingston will make an appearance at some point!

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      2. I wouldn’t object to that!
        A couple friends are participating in the ’10 album covers’ facebook photo series, it’s been nice seeing Up To Here / Day For Night appear while scrolling

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      3. Those two Hip albums you mentioned along with Road Apples and Fully Completley are perhaps my favs of the HIP catalog.
        Special mention must be given to Phantom Power.

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      4. For my Birthday last year I got the huge 10 lb book of Rush’s Touring History. It’s massive like 500 pages etc. I reviewed it last year but lately I’ve been going through it a little more closely and I came across an intersting quote from Neil Peart right before the start of RUSH’s 1991 Roll The Bones Tour.
        Peart said that RUSH offered The Hip all the North American Tour dates. The Whole Tour something like 103 shows.
        Hips manager turned it down.
        Peart said a missed oppurtunity. He’s bang on with that statement as they would know as RUSH opened for everyone in 74-76 and look where it got them.

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  3. Plus they had quite a few songs written which didn’t make the album or were kept for other albums like Hotter Than Hell which became Louder Than Hell, Run For Your Life, I Will Survive, Running Wild In The Night, Black Widow.
    In other words the band was pretty fucking productive and from quantity you get quality


  4. I will say when I was in high school…this was one of the most popular bands…period. They were everywhere. I always liked the drummer Tommy Lee…he was/is a great drummer.


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