Weekend Spin-Hear N Aid: (1986)

Starting something new called Weekend Spin where I will babble on a bit with an album that I pulled off the shelf and spin. No in-depth stuff here just some words about the album and maybe if anything you will check out what I’ve been digging.

When Quincy Jones back in 1985 did the We Are The World tune for Africa with all the Pop-Tart  Stars at the time Quincy ignored all the Metal bands as he was too busy kissing Micheal Jackson and whoever else’s ass at the time.

Ronnie Jame Dio took that as a slap to the face of the Metal Community and along with his bandmate’s in Dio that being Jimmy Bain and Vivian Campbell wrote the over 7-minute epic tune Stars.

Ronnie enlisted a ton of Metal Heads. Basically, a who’s who of what I was listening to at the time.  8 Lead Vocalists, 14 Guitarists, 2 Drummers,1 Bassist and 1 Keyboardist.

Man, that’s a ton of rock! Quincy would Run To The Hills with all this metal blasting.

Stars is a good song as you have to keep the tune flowing especially come the solo sections. I remember watching the video numerous times and being amazed that Neal Schon actually found the volume knob on his Marshall amp as Neal just laid down a wicked solo.

Yngwie J Malmsteen, on the other hand, made me laugh as he played a million notes in about 15 seconds of solo time. 

The rest of the album featured other artists some who weren’t there to record the song Stars but contributed a tune to fill out the rest of the album.

For shits and giggles look at the pic above where it’s broken down into 6 sections of Guitar Solos.

Imagine for a second these guys were Guitar Duo’s in bands together.

How about a band featuring Neal Schon/George Lynch? Vivian Campbell and Yngwie Malmsteen? Craig Goldy and Eddy Ojeda? Interesting to see Goldy here as he was the fella who replaced Vivian when he split from Dio shortly after this release.

Accept with Up To The Limit. Motorhead contributed On The Road. Jimi Hendrix Can You See Me. Y&T blasting out Go For The Throat and The Scorpions making a break from The Zoo.

The other artists featured were more of a selling feature of this album for me as these were unreleased tracks that they donated to the Hear N Aid project.

Those were,

RUSH- Distant Early Warning (Live from Toronto 1984)

KISS- Heaven’s On Fire(Live from Detroit- Animalize Tour 1984)

DIO-Hungry For Heaven( Live from Philidelphia 1985)

I originally bought this on cassette at the time it came out. I know it was out on vinyl as well and I’m not too sure but I don’t think the Hear N Aid release was ever available on CD. I could be wrong though.

About a year or so ago I was vinyl hunting and came across this in the bins and it was a no brainer pay cash and dash. I was and still am not big on compilation albums but this one is the exception to the rule as it features acts I liked and still do for that matter. 

A fun spin for a good cause.



55 thoughts on “Weekend Spin-Hear N Aid: (1986)”

    1. Pretty stellar list of artists. I was surprised it didn’t go through the roof in sales to be honest.
      I don’t own many comps(actually none now that I thought about it) but I’m glad I grabbed this one.
      You can order the Betamax and a T shirt John! lol

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      1. I found my copy about a year or two ago in a collection I bought. It was full of 80’s pop albums in Mint condition. I think I bought like 40 albums for $80. Got some U2, Huey, Madonna and even some Elvis.

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  1. I am lucky enough to have owned this on cassette, vinyl and Japanese import CD. I don’t know why the reissue never came. I’m so glad to have it on CD.

    Definitely an important moment in metal and a great weekend listen.

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      1. To be fair we probably couldn’t have sold it at that price on a shelf. The only way you can get that price is online. Customers would have laughed at me for a price tag that high on a shelf. Cheap bastards. LOL

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      2. As for Japanese imports Mike, your old store has some on shelf(I.think the most expensive is a Bowie) for close to a grand. I laugh every time I see them collecting dust. They probably gave the poor sap a few bucks for them when he traded them in.

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  2. Quincy Smuincy…

    I just looked up the video…man I forgot about this totally. Even Spinal Tap was in there. Dio sure had an operatic voice…dude could sing anything. Thanks man for the memory!

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      1. Yes he could…I have to wonder if he studied opera man… him and Mercury could sing anything…and properly.

        A lot faces I haven’t seen in a long time. It seemed like musicians back then…pop and metal had more of a community between them….or maybe I’m looking back fondly lol.

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      2. You can hear Dio in Bruce Dickinson’s vocals as well.

        My buddy Mikey Ladano has posted a bunch of vids on Youtube From when Bands would hit Toronto.

        Here’s a cool vid with Dio talking about Hear N Aid and you can hear the frustration Dio has even with some rockers making promises that they didn’t keep. The guy interviewing Dio is JD Roberts who is now John Roberts at Fox or Cbs News…

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      3. Thanks man…What an open, straight forward, and caring guy he was… I started to laugh when he talked about difficult guitar players…”remember I worked with Ritchie Blackmore”…that was classic!

        I like how he explained why Spinal Tap was included…I totally get what he was saying.

        I wonder who all backed out? They probably regretted it later. I would have thought Van Halen would have chipped in but you never know with him.

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      4. Yeah it would have been interesting to see who said no. Those VH bros are Twisted man and on another planet and i love that band so I guess I’m twisted lol


      5. Man I did NOT like what they done to him. Eddie can be just awful rude talking about people.
        Man…my opinion…which is worth nothing…but they were a better band with Sammy as far as music….but I liked them much better with Dave. I can’t help it.

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      6. For myself as a fan of both it was a win win. Two different acts which meant more money spent as a buyer. lol
        Those Roth albums are classic even the 2012 one.
        Van Hagar good stuff as well. But nothing beats those first 6 Dave Halen albums. Stellar stuff.

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  3. Great track. Especially the two minute guitar solo. There was also a VHS video which showed the making of the track and I remember Don Dokken pulling out all these Dio like vocals and then asking the boss if he noticed them. Lol.
    Nice to see him pay homage to an influence.

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