Old Dude School of Rock- Part 2-1987

Hey, Folks! Thanks for checking out Part 2 of 1987.

Those batch of albums from Part 1 of 1987 totally outsold those that I’m going to talk about here. 

Still some good stuff here and well, some so so stuff.

Giddy Up!

I was on board with what Gary Moore was doing after the brilliant Run For Cover album from 85. Gary dropped Wild Frontier which was a pretty good spin and Moore you have to give credit to him as he didn’t release the same album twice. Gary displayed his Celtic roots played through a Marshall amp. Over The Hills And Far Away, the title track and Thunder Rising are stellar tracks. The only real knock on this is the drums were all programmed.

Kinda weird but Gary went through drummers like my buddy Tbone emptying bottles of Scotch through this pandemic.

Ozzy released the fantastic Tribute double live album for his fallen partner Randy Rhoads who died 5 years prior back in 82. Rhoads playing was crazy at the time.  What a great band Ozzy had back in 82 with Rhoads, Bass licker and picker Rudy Sarzo and drummer fella Tommy Aldridge. All the songs on here are wicked but man Believer I just love. Ozzy is off the rails of course but Rhoads and crew keep the Crazy Train known as Ozzy on the tracks. 

3 years after the stellar comeback album Perfect Strangers comes Deep Purple with House of The Blue Light. I was pumped to buy this album as when I saw the first video/single Bad Attitude I was sold and bought it right away and then was bummed out as it was nowhere near as good as Perfect Strangers. Well, that was that and outside of Bad Attitude this album just did not do it for me. 

Sorry Richie, Ian, Mikey, and HMO!

You would think after not being impressed with an album that came out in 84 why on God’s Green Earth would I tempt fate by buying another album by the same band three years later. Well, that’s what I did as I bought TNT’s Tell No Tales. I. bought this on cassette tape for the walkman as I heard the single 10,000 Lovers (in one) and thought it was a decent track.  The rest is meh. I got hosed out $12  Canadian. End of Story.

John Norum who put out the pretty decent Total Control was another one I purchased on cassette tape. This was a good album. John even covered Vinnie Vincents Back on the Streets tune. Kinda funny I could not handle Europe at the time but Norum I liked as he laid down two brilliant solos in The Final Countdown and Rock The Night. So for that reason, I picked this up and enjoyed it at the time.  Quick question. Anyone else in Canada buy this one back in 87?  Yeah, that’s what I thought! LOL

An album to fulfill a Contractual Obligation came in the form of Sammy Hagar who released at the time his last solo that Sam titled I Never Said Goodbye. Hagar had his sidekick EVH play Bass as well as Sammy did the right thing and featured the solo band that he had with him up to the point where Sam joined Halen. Pretty good record especially opener When The Hammer Falls. Give To Live and Eagles Fly were tracks that Sammy incorporated in his acoustic solo spot on later Halen tours. 

Another solo fella who put out an excellent record that went nowhere sales-wise was x-Duranie Andy Taylor. Andy released Thunder and what a pretty fine slab o rock it was. Don’t Let Me Die Young is the best track on this record and if you recall my little interview with Jonathan Valen from a few years back gave some insight on this album as he was the drummer for Andy on this record and tour. Valen as well drummed in Priest on their Turbo Tour in 86 (but Priest don’t want you to know that!)


Speaking of Priest. J.P released the pretty decent double live album titled Priest Live which was there double live to satisfy all of us Metal Maniacs! Outside the atrocious budget looking, cover Priest nailed the classic’s on this record. This band was on fire live and is Valen on this album along with Holland on the drums? Something’s Fishy!  If you come across this record give it a listen as its a decent representation of those early to mid 80’s Priest albums that Rob Halford and his hombre’s laid down.

Triumph came back with Survillaince which was a try to return to the classic rock years after Triumph destroyed their fan base with Sport of Kings(86). This album tanked. Triumph played like 8 shows and Rik Emmett split and Triumph was listed as D.O.A. For the trashing, this record  I kinda dig as in Never Say Never and the wicked friggin brilliant Headed For Nowhere that if your a guitar player out there reading this check out the battle royal of guitar solos between Steve Morse and Rik Emmett. Holy friggin Wow! 

Wild In The Streets from Helix  tried to recapture the glory years of Helix which in 1987 they were trying to hold onto. Helix gave it there all and this may be my second fav album of there’s after No Rest For The Wicked. Ok maybe third after Walkin The Razors Edge which would be Number 2. Still, though Vollmer and The Doctor put out a solid batch of rock and it was a shame that this album did squat in the U.S. Here in Canada it sold well and Helix was still headlining arenas but the crowds were dwindling which was no fault of Helix and the material they were putting out.

Mikey Schenker got a vocalist with the last name MacAuley and good on Michael not having an ego and calling the band the MacAuley/Schenker Group. (M.S.G). M.S.G released the ok sounding Perfect Timing album which had MSG really going for the American Market. MSG had there shot as they opened for RUSH on there Hold Your Fire Tour. Robin MacAuley has a good rock voice and I’m surprised this album didn’t take off in sales.

Contagious from those fun dudes known as Y&T really tried as well to go for the gravy train on this record. Overall a decent attempt as the title track that came out as a single and video didn’t move mountains. Y&T played the game somewhat getting outside songwriters and for once they didn’t have a goofy cover! I bought this on cassette back in 87 and a year ago (2019) bought it on used vinyl as the price was right. Way fuckin better than that previous Y&T studio attempt in 85. Ask Tbone about that album as I’m sick talking about it now. lol

Space Ace finally returns to solo land after many starts and stops in the early ’80s after he left KISS. Ace wasn’t fooling around as he put together Frehelys Comet with a stellar band in support. John Regan on Bass, Tod Howarth on Vocals and Guitar as well as Anton Fig who is the key on this album. Hell Ace even dug up Eddie Kramer to dial it in just like Ace and Eddie did on the 1978  Frehley KISS solo album. A pretty damn good record that I still enjoy putting on when the mood hits. Rock Soldiers was the single from this record while Breakout (co-write with Eric Carr) Something Moved, Stranger In A Strange Land are great tracks. Dolls though sucks but made me realize that Ace was still on the party train as he must have been high to want Dolls on this album. Still a pretty decent record all in all.

Well, that’s it for what soaked my wallet in 1987.

Coming up sooner than later-1988!


48 thoughts on “Old Dude School of Rock- Part 2-1987”

    1. Lot’s of Love for Priest and that album. They were on fire back then. Pretty ballsy to open that tour with Out In The Cold which went against the grain of opening a metal concert with ,but for Priest it worked.
      I need to revist Second Sighting. It fell off my radar pretty quickly back than but the debut is solid. Sounds better on vinyl now that I finally got it. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I prefer Second Sighting. Lots of great songs. Love tgat Triumph record too,. A shame they never came back w Rik (on record)


      1. Thats right! Lots of women in the crowd looking for there Turbo Lovers! I’m surprised you weren’t there!


    1. I gave TNT a fair shake twice and just could not get into them. Maybe if I caught them live it may have swayed me but I don’t even know if they toured N.A. let alone Canada.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. See sometimes you need to see a band live to ‘Get it”. That band for me was GHOST when they opened for Maiden back in 2017!
        My brother was raving about them where as I was like meh until I heard them live it was like ‘Holy Shit!” Now i get it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is true, sometimes you need to see the band live to ‘get it.’ Of course there are exceptions as with me in regards to Onslaught. I’ve listened to their recorded material and thought, “Hey, pretty good.” However, the two times I’ve seen them live, I wasn’t that impressed with them.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah,well there you go and I can agree. At the time back in 90 I thought Poisons Flesh and Blood release was excellent. Seen that tour and they show I had seen that night in Winnipeg was brutal.
        Played a 75 minute set of which 30 minutes were useless drum and guitar solos.
        Never again..

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Don Dokkens solo band opened for Poison and Don and his band smoked Poison that night.
        Don loaded up on some fantstic talent in that band. John Norum/Mikkey Dee/Peter Baltes and Billy White. Those cats could play.

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  1. You are right, there are some good albums on here, but Part 1 were the massive albums of the year. Some great stuff and I had a few of these. But the line was “Kinda weird but Gary went through drummers like my buddy Tbone emptying bottles of Scotch through this pandemic.” Classic Tbone!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha. Classic Tbone was right. He actually has a Scotch Room in his house. He’s so fun to chrip lol.
      Lots of albums and lots of huge sellers that’s for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! That post would have been fantastic. You should do a Point/Counterpoint. Two different reviews of the same track. One post being why you love it and the other way you can’t stand it.
        Love/Hate! Blackout In Scotts Room!


      1. Ok I need to dig it now. I actually seen it a few days ago in my basement lying around on top of a box. I don’t think I’ve played it since early 88!


    1. Thats awesome Kev that those albums resonated with you like that.
      By the way I enjoyed your Vinyl Youtube show last night. Like seeing all those different records.
      Cool stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks man! It was great to have you there! No one else could answer those questions! I thought I was only a guest, then Bill asked me to come back. Looks like we will be doing it for a while. Good thing I have a lot in my collection to talk about!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Those two other cats Bill and Bamby seem like good guys and are passionate about records.
        With what’s going on right now its cool to watch something than all the fear-mongering going on!
        I will try and chill out in the comments lol. It’s like i’m on Rock Trivia at times!

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  2. House of The Blue Light was a totally forgettable album (heck, I forgot about it). Perfect Strangers was the last Deep Purple album, in my opinion. Thanks for the post. Rock on!

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      1. Oh yeah for sure Jeff. Have you heard the Live Perfect Strangers album from a few years back that came out that was recorded on there trip to Australia back in 84?
        It’s great show. Gillian is hoarse but the band is on fire.
        I’m glad they did not fix it up!

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  3. “Randy Rhoads Tribute” became my Guitar Bible for many years. The impact of that album on me is huge.

    For Y&T, I liked Contagious. Yeah the band was going for the “Slippery” sales but it’s still Y&T at the heart of it, like their 85 album that you and TBone love. Lol.

    From a guitar point of view, this album also had a lot of nice riffage and solos to unpack. As well as “The Wild Frontier” from G-Moore.

    So many good guitar sections.

    Priest live my cousin played a lot. I’ve never owned it because I didn’t think I needed to.

    I got the other albums many years later.

    Is there a Part 3 Deke.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No part 3 Pete!
      Headed into 88. I guess I could copy my 87 writeups on Lep/Guns/Snake and Aero and say here are the top albums from 88 selling wise. haha

      I have realized that by doing this I have missed a few albums along the way that I thought of too late after I posted so I will tidy it all up at the end of 1990.
      Hopefully I’ll remember.lol

      I knew Rhoads would be your guitar guy on this album. Dude is on fire. Still talking about him 38 years alter after his death. Impact player.


  4. One of my favourite groups from the late 90s/early 2000s is a group named Ozma – and they have a tune, in Search of 1988, with the lyric: “1988, take me back to 1987”
    I enjoyed this 2-part trip back to ’87 Deke & I’m looking forward to the next voyage in search of 1988 old dude rock!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dude, Bad Attitude rocks! I didn’t actually hear it until late 88. MuchMusic pretty much ignored that album, they never even played the other two singles.

    I was going to pull out the Priest Live vinyl last night actually. The reason I didn’t, after thinking about it a bit, was that my copy sounds horrible. Really scratchy cover. So I have always preferred the CD version. But that album did dominate my summer of 87…that and Frehley’s comet which was my favourite birthday gift!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great video last night man. Good thing you got going there. Keep it up!

      MM was weird that way. They picked and chose what they wanted to put on whether it was selling didn’t mean anything to MM

      87 was a good year in music.


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