SLOAN: Live at Yep Roc 15

Sloan released a short little  10 song ass-kicker of a live show yesterday over at Bandcamp. Below Is the writeup from Sloan’s website.

In 2012, Yep Roc Records celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a festival called YR15. Over the course of 4 raucous days and nights, 26 Artists performed for Yep Roc fans from around the world at the legendary Cats Cradle and other venues around Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina.

Sloan came south of the border for Yep Roc 15 performing on Friday, October 12th at the legendary Cat’s Cradle.


released May 1, 2020

Recorded by Robert Cooper
Mixed by Chris Stamey
Mastered by Mike Westbrook

dEke sez:
From set opener Losing California to set closer Money City Maniacs this is Sloan on the fly. Get up, hit the stage, and blaze through a bunch of tracks clocking in at 31 minutes.
This is LIVE LIVE LIVE! No mucking about and as Bassist/Lead Vocalist Chris Murphy states at the start” Were going to Burn through a bunch of tracks” and that they do! Power Pop at it’s finest!
Bandcamp is a cool format for artists and bands. Basically, Sloan sets the minimum of what you want to pay which for this album is $8.00. 
You can pay more if you want or just pay the 8 bucks. From what I gather most of the dough goes straight to the pockets of the band!
Anyone who has seen Sloan live knows the great live show they put on.
What’s better is that Sloan never charges for those bullshit Meet N Greets as the guys especially Chris always come out front to sign merch and chat. (with what’s going on in the world now who knows what will happen). Still, though toss down a few bucks and support bands like Sloan. ( Just so you know it’s in American funds)
On a side note when Sloan last played Thunder Bay back in October 2019.  Tbone and I were chatting with Chris and I asked him if Sloan would do another live album. Chris told me ‘No one listens to live albums anymore” In which I answered “I DO!’
Thanks for listening to me, Chris! lol
Great Stuff!

26 thoughts on “SLOAN: Live at Yep Roc 15”

    1. I know your deal with phyiscal copies Mikey but since this is going pretty much to the band and in an uncertain time. I thought to those times I’ve seen them the last 3 times through town and they always come out and hang after playing for 2 plus hours.
      It’s the least I can do.
      Hell, even Mike Portnoy posted a pic of him being this Sloan release as well.

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      1. I SAW THAT! I was shocked but then remembered, well, Portnoy likes all kinds of music period.

        I will probably end up getting it anyway. More live Sloan is better than less.

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      2. I know there are a few tracks from Between The Bridges which I believe is your fav of Sloan or one of them!


    1. HAHA. I like to think so but I don’t think so on the advice comment.
      But if you recall from my Sloan review from last October I questioned Chris on it as 2019 was the 20th Anniversary of the Sloan live record. I told him time for a new one.
      I’m glad he came around on my suggestion! lol

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      1. I brought out 4 Nights at the Palais Royale recently – I remembered Patrick has a great line in the album notes about making mistakes live. It was something like, when you make a mistake, play it again and then you’re ‘jamming’ – I plan on using that as encouragement to my guitar class. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, you’re just jamming!

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  1. Another fine Canadian band that got all but overlooked south of the border. They put out some really good records in the 90s. I saw them in the early-2000s in toronto when they showed up unexpectedly to open for Foo Fighters. They were quite good though I recall not being in a good mood – think it was girl problems – that day so I wasn’t as happy as I might have been otherwise. “Underwhelmed” perhaps, yuk yuk.

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    1. Well played on the Underwhelmed comment.
      Sloan are a great live act and I’ve been lucky to catch them the last 3 times through town.
      You have to appreciate the fact that they still tour the U.S and pull a decent crowd to see them.


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