Weekend Spin- The Rolling Stones: Still Life (1982)

Man do I ever love this album.

Recorded live back in 1981 when The Rolling Stones were touring all over the U.S.A  and selling out stadium shows like no one’s business.

Still Life came out a year later in 1982 and I remember like it was yesterday when I heard it for the first time,

I was in Grade 11 headed for Soccer practice when a buddy named Joe Cassidy(RIP) picked up a few of us along the way and in the tape deck, Joe had Still Life cranked.

Joe was nowhere the music fanatic I was but that day at that given time I heard Still Life and was blown away and needed to get my own copy ASAP! (which I did).

This album is The Stones at there finest. I don’t think they have recorded a better live album in my opinion and maybe that’s due to the fact that where this album dropped into my life then.

Still Life is loosey-goosey in the playing and that’s what makes this album so endearing.  You hear the intro music being played and the roar of the crowd as the Stones hit the stage and launch into Under My Thumb. Keef and Ronnie Wood play off of each other. It’s basically like they are jamming in your basement the only difference is 50,000 were watching at the time.


How about Mick Jagger right before the second song in (Let’s Spend The Night Together) to ” Have a few beers, smoke a few joints”

BADASS that Mick was back in 81.

One of the real things is this is the Stones stripped down to the bare minimum as in players. There’s no backup singers and a bunch of people up on stage. It’s the Stones with Ian Stewart (piano) and Bobby Keys (sax).

The Stones express just keeps cranking along as they plow through Shattered and the really catchy and quickie Twenty Flight Rock that clocks in at 1 minute 48 seconds! I can add I love Charlie Watts shuffle like playing on this tune.

Going To A GO-Go was the single from this release and just like how the track before it (Twenty Flight Rock) is a cover these guys had the craft at making the song sound like there own. Not too many bands can do that. (Aerosmith would be another act knowing how to do that)

Side 2 kicks off with the quick hop of Let Me Go. Just a straight ahead Stones track followed by Time Is On My Side where you can hear Keef and his Marlboro whiskey drenched backing vocal superbly backing up Mick.

Just My Imagination picks up the pace which in turn is followed by the biggie hit from 1981 Start Me Up. What an opening riff and such a brilliant segue into Charlie’s drums as he’s locked n loaded and in sync with bassist Bill Wyman.

I love the slip n sloppy guitaring of Ronnie and Keef on album closer (I Can’t Get) No Satisfaction. The Stones barrel there way at a rip n tear like pace as Mick and company can see the finish line.

Another FIne Gatefold! Two Keef’s/Two Micks and One Ronnie, Charlie and Bill!

This is a fun listen. What’s more amazing is that out of the albums 10 tracks 4 are covers! Ha, usually I would knock this as The Stones had a huge catalog of tunes back then but they get a pass as I mentioned due to the fact they can play covers and make em sound like there own.

Kinda funny that this album came out in 1982 the same year as Van Halen who did a half original/half studio album and VH got ripped apart by the press for being lazy.

I guess that separates The Stones from Halen as the fans accepted The Stones and that lazy hazy brilliance that they could ooze.

Lot’s of that on this one Folks!

39 thoughts on “Weekend Spin- The Rolling Stones: Still Life (1982)”

  1. Time is on My Side is what got me to listen….and then Going to a Go Go. I wanted so much to see them but they didn’t come near me. Good album and a good time in my life.

    Deke have you seen the film made of this tour? Lets Spend The Night Together? Keith smacks a dude over the head with a guitar when the guy tries to get to Mick.

    Great review!

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    1. Yes I did see that movie but I think i need to watch it again as it was so many years ago! lol
      Keef was the ultimate rock n roll pirate He had the swagger and so many wanted to be like him.
      There’s only on Keith Richards. He’s on his own planet!

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  2. It’s amazing how vivid those memories can be of hearing an album for the first time in a friend’s car – for me, that was the first =w=eezer album while on the way to Skydome. Like you with Still Life, blown away!

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    1. I still need to pick up that Weezer Blue album on vinyl. In My Garage has to be my fav off that release. That guitar solo on it is out of the Frehley Playbook. Rivers nails it!

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      1. Me 2 Geoff. Back in 94, that omission of Gene and Paul from that tune you know drove them batty. They would never admit it.
        Clever on Rivers doing that, lol

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      1. I reviewed Still Life when I first started and I always would bug you about reviewing Still Life. By the way check your email.


  3. Interesting observation on the ratio of covers, and comparison to Van Halen! Good call there.

    I have only heard this album one time to be perfectly honest! It was somewhat rare on CD back in the Record Store days.

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      1. I’m getting close to the VH years with Templeman book so it should get interesting.
        Ted so far just spills the beans on recording and what he saw from the recording console not what was going into the musicians system!

        So far that is. That could change come VH lol


    1. Wow, that’s saying something! I think if you come across it Joe pick it up as I think it’s right in your wheelhouse.
      At the time of this release, I saw a few adds for it and that’s about it.
      If I never heard it that day back in time I may have never knew Still Life existed as well!

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    1. Hey CB thanks for stopping by. I always like reading about one’s discovery of music.
      For myself I had no older brother. So it was magazines and my friends that would guide me at times. Still Life being a prime example.

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      1. I used the same sources as you later on. I just want tom hear the music and why people get moved by it. That’s my deal. I se some interesting choices on this album. Opening with the Duke and throwing an Eddie Cochran song in. Makes sense on Eddie. Stones were rockers.

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