Hardline: Life Live(2020)


Man, it’s been a while since I did an actual review of something new.  

Hardline first came across my radar in the spring of 92. They put out a really slick piece of Hard Rock but even though Hardline had in the band Neal Schon(who actually turned up his amp on Double Eclipse and cut his tyes at the time with the ballad guru Jon Cain) the band got caught in  Cobain’s Tattered Cardigan and were snuffed out quicker than a bullet from a gun.

Too bad as Double Eclipse was a great album in which I have reviewed at this site. Nothing wrong with it. It all boiled down to timing.

Fast forward to 2020 and Hardline is back with a live album that piqued my curiosity and in doing so I checked out the songs that were on it and noticed a bunch were from debut back in 92.

01. Place To Call Home
02. Takin’ Me Down
03. Dr. Love
04. Where Will We Go From Here
05. Page Of Your Life
06. Life’s A Bitch
07. In The Hands Of Time
08. Take You Home
09. Everything
10. Hot Cherie
11. Fever Dreams
12. Rhythm From A Red Car

So I bought it.

Only Lead Singer Johnny Gioeli is left from the 92 version of the band. ( Original drummer Deen Castronova shows up on some tunes on this release) We all know what Schon is currently doing right? Suing members of Journey and complaining that Steve Perry won’t return his calls.

Give Gioeli credit, the players on this album are good and Johnny’s voice has stayed the same. Dude must thave looked after himself vocally which was a smart move.

If your a Canuck like me you will notice Hot Cherie from the Streetheart catalog is still played as that was from the debut.

Speaking of the debut Takin Me Down, Dr. Love, Life’s A Bitch, In The Hands of Time, Everything and my favorite from the Hardline mix Rhythm From A Red Car are all featured on Life Live so for that alone is worth the price.

The other tracks are worth the listen. All in all a decent live record.


22 thoughts on “Hardline: Life Live(2020)”

    1. It was bad timing for Hardline. They opened for VH in early 92 but when I seen VH back in Nov/91 it was Alice in Chains opening.
      Tide was changing. Double Eclipse was a great record but it went nowhere. Schon on guitar had no pull anymore so I wasn’t surprised when he ditched Hardline rebooted Journey with Perry than Perry booted Journey adios.
      LOL What a bunch of drama these old farts can drum up.

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      1. Oh yes old wounds don’t heal with any of them….it turns into a bitch fest.

        That was bad timing. In music I’ve read that happened before with the Beatles…those 50s artists couldn’t survive because the Beatles just wiped up…and they loved the 50s acts.

        You brought up something…wasn’t it a ritual with VH to have a band open up for them to get booed?
        I do remember around 85 BTO opened up for them and I read they were one of the few that didn’t get booed. I wish I would have went.

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      2. That story is true about VH and their opening acts.
        Alice In Chains were plugging there debut album so alot of people in the crowd had no idea. I knew of Man in the Box. The crowd didn’t boo they didn’t holler either. It was kinda polite applause. lol

        Here’s a clip of Sam talking about AIC pretty cool his line of thinking about them .

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  1. Loved the debut
    Heard some of the other stuff on Spotify over the years but skipped it over.

    I read the firs paragraph a few times as I swear I though I read Corabi’s Tattered Cardigan instead of Cobain’s Tattered Cardigan and I was like wtf. Lol.

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    1. If this was a studio effort I would have passed as well but since it was live and top heavy with songs from the debut, that’s what sold me on it It’s a good spin.

      Ha, you had me doublecheck that I had Cobain not Corabi.

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  2. You know, as much as I love Journey, I never got into Hardline. I know that first album is highly esteemed so I really have no excuse except to say that in 92 I was not into hard rock as much. I was into metal, going deeper into thrash etc. Now maybe buying a 2020 live release is not the way I should go, but next time I do my online CD shopping, I will look for Hardline. Deal?

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    1. Sounds good Mikey. I mean this is the first Hardline release I bought since 92 so your not really that far behind me. lol
      It’s a good album this live one but Double Eclipse is stellar Hard Rock.
      Schons second best guitar album after the H.S.A.S release.

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      1. I mean it’s basically Journey so I’m bound to like it. Especially considering Journey is suing Journey right now.

        Lafon posted that Journey have a new rhythm section, that they are “known guys”, but are not Randy Jackson and Deen Castronova.

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      2. Holy shit that would literally make me poo my pants with laughter. I’m guessing two young guys that we know from other hired gun situations because that’s all they are. Through this all, I feel bad for the singer who seems like a truly nice guy in a dream/nightmare of a job!

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      3. You know the singer will get canned if Perry was ever to change his mind! LOL
        I laughed my ass when I read that Schon was yacking about Perry not returning his calls.
        Old Dude Rock Drama.

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      4. Old Dude Rock Drama is what I’m changing the name of my site to.

        Yeah it’s sad. It started to get sad when Neal married the White House gate crasher, and it got weird when I saw Jon Cain on 100 Huntley St. Just…Separate Ways, guys. Separate Ways.

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      5. BAHAHA. Cain is the king of keyboard sap. People like that stuff so God Bless em…

        They need to pitch a fork in it.


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