Big Sugar: Eternity Now(2020)

Gordie Johnson and Big Sugar have released there first new studio release in 5 years as of May 8th, 2020.

5 years is a long time between records and sadly Bassist Gary Lowe who passed away in July 2018, Gordie along with his wife Alex have carried on (Ben Richardson plays Bass on the album) which as they say, music can heal.

Eternity Now is the name of the album and let me tell you all it’s a great record.  Big Sugar fuses all kinds of music genres that you have come to love from this band. Some Rock fused Reggae mixed at times with some old school ZZ Top which keeps you guessing from track to track especially upon first listen as you don’t know which way Gordie is going on this record.

Alex Lifeson from RUSH shows up and jams out with Gordie on the title track and it has a vibe of a mid 80’s RUSH song.  I like the added percussionist on this album, Rey Arteaga who adds a ton of flavor along with drummer Richard Brown. Together they create a real slick vibe between them.

1. Eternity Now (feat. Alex Lifeson)
2. Love Is Alive (Gary Wright cover)
3. The Better It Gets
4. Wonder Woman
5. Anything Is Possible
6. New Event Horizon
7. Ultra Violet
8. Strange Spectacular
9. Everything You Want It To Be

I have been listening to this album quite a bit this past weekend and I can tell you that Eternity Now makes a great headphones album. Either way do yourself a favor and get a copy of this record!

23 thoughts on “Big Sugar: Eternity Now(2020)”

    1. That’s awesome Pete. Glad your checking them out. B.S is an excellent draw here in Canada.
      They would pack out the bars and play 3 hour shows. Crazy good band both in studio and live.

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  1. Bummer – I forgot about Lowe passing away. That guy was a bass monster. I will definitely get this on CD, but by gosh that cover art is dreadful. It looks like it was done in 15 minutes.

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