Every week I watch fellow Bloggin Pal Kevin who is a Youtube sensation talking about vinyl with a few other fellows. It’s cool stuff as all genres are covered.  You can find the fella that runs the show, Bill at ‘Start To Continue’ on

Vinyl Collection Live Chat  – Lookin Though the Record Shelves with BILL/BANDY/MARS/JAKE POLYKILL

Last night Kev was showing his cool looking AC/DC collection and here’s photographic evidence posted below of the one and only Mr. Mars.

When Kev was parading his AC/DC collection I immediately thought of my Highway To Hell album that I purchased a year or so ago. At the time I was on the hunt for AC/DC records and Highway To Hell became available at the place where I used to pick up my records.

I remember talking to the owner of the shop and she told me she had  Highway To Hell for sale and could hold it for me but the only thing was it was taped up. I said no big deal really. She said “well it’s duct tape!” lol

She said even though the album looks hilarious with all four corners taped the record was in decent shape.  I said put it aside as it was worth the $8 bucks especially with the cover taped up like that! 

The front cover you can’t see the Duct Tape much …

The back cover though tells a whole other story!

Love it!

I recently acquired a second copy of Highway To Hell and sorry to report that no tape of any type is holding the Highway To Hell cover together.

I figured this AC/DUCT TAPE record needs a loving home and what better place than Tbone’s Mancave!

Thanks, Kev for the inspiration!

Click Kev’s site here and give him a follow!


28 thoughts on “AC/DUCT Tape!”

  1. Great duct tape!! All records should be saved by that. I have a couple that need fixing and now I know what to do. Thanks for the inspiration. And I thanks for the heads up on Kevin’s Youtube stuff. He’s a Youtube sensation, huh!! Pretty Cool!! 🙂

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    1. Ha. Duct Tape Blues!
      Kev and the 3 other dudes seem like cool guys. They love vinyl and they play these records which is cool. I even learned some stuff as how to properly clean records etc.
      Great stuff.

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    1. Ha! I like to ride shotgun on the sidelines and chirp comments. lol
      You guys are hardcore and that’s awesome. I enjoy it but crazy that you guys can go on for 2 hours!

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      1. I was able to post the video to my blog now. Was having a trouble posting Youtube vids for a while so I gave up. lol
        Did the old copy and paste and it worked!

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      2. I used to alwasy do It through the Youtube feature in the WordPress site but than one day it stopped working. So I gave up lol
        Copy and Paste is the way to go.

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  2. Duct tape will fix anything! As long as you don’t have to tape the vinyl you are in business. …well…. yea I’ve done that before…I at least could listen to one side. lol

    Cool show…I listened to around 30 minutes so far…

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    1. Ha. I never heard of a duct taping arecord and actually palying a side of it. lol
      I’m sure the boys will appreciate the fact that you are checking it out.

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      1. Hey man I saw this on youtube and it looks like something you might like although you are tired of the song. I’ve never seen this. Iron Maiden, Queen, Deep Purple, Rush, Black Sabbath etc members doing Smoke On The Water.

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      2. Thats a great version Max. I bought this back on caseette single back upon its release.
        Thanks for bringing this back to my attention 30 years later!

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  3. Send that to my place and I’ll really duct tape it for you. I’ll put a whole roll on that baby. I just ducted my glasses on one lens and they look great but I cant see shit.
    Would you have bought it if the actual vinyl was taped together? I’m thinking yes.

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