Weekend Spin- ZZ Top: Eliminator (1983)

This is a great rock album. Period. Eliminator was my first ever ZZ Top purchase back in 1983 on cassette tape than of course it was an upgrade to CD’s when that became the rage and then a ways back I got this on vinyl.*

You really need to hear this one on Vinyl! Loud!


Frank Beard or is it the drum machine? Well, whoever the drummer is led off the album with Gimmie All Your Lovin. What a track as Billy Gibbons just blazes that guitar sound that is out of this world cool on this record.

Look at those tunes posted above from the back cover. Blogging Pal Geoff Stephen said certain studio records from the ’80s by artists or bands were almost like Greatest Hits Records. Bon Jovi with  Slippery When Wet and Def Leppard with Hysteria are two that come to mind right away.

Eliminator would be another one added to that Greatest Hits Studio list. Look at Side 1 with that One-Two-Three punch of tracks.

How on Gods Green Earth was I Need You Tonight not a single? Who dropped the ball on that call?

You gotta love Bassist Dusty Hill who gets to belt out the lead vocals on Side 1  closer I Got The Six and Side 2 closer Bad Girl.

Ya gotta love that one verse of I Got The Six which goes…

Look at this, what a pair, she won’t let me touch her there,
she’s so discriminating.
This is weird, it’s time to blow, I just heard the rooster crow.
I guess I’ll have to spank my monkey.

That my friends is poetry in motion.

Side 2 begins with Legs. I mean how many copies sold because of those videos and this song? I betcha a cool 2  million alone. Don’t scoff at that last comment as Eliminator has sold over 10 million in the U.S and is 10 Times platinum here in Canada! 

As much as Side 1 crushes with that ZZ Sleaze Top sound Side 2, once you get past Legs, doesn’t let up.  Love that Bass n Pop that Billy er I mean Dusty does on Thugs which is such a cool song. Billy sells this tune with his vocal. Carrying on TV Dinners is just that.  TV Dinners. I mean what a great advertisement for well, TV Dinners. Gibbons slips n slides on that guitar like no one’s business. It’s like his playing is so greasy on this track its’s as If Billy ate a Fried Chicken TV Dinner before recording. 

If I Could Only Flag Her Down is one of the all-time great ZZ tracks. You hear Billy’s guitar sleaze tone on this bad boy! Holy Shit Man. So right now crank this sucker up as its one of those wham bam thank you mam tracks! End of Album GEM!

Billy Gibbons is a true star on this record. Gibbons playing on this record is easily in my all-time Top 5. Maybe that could be up for debate but my reasoning is this was my intro into the world of two Longbeards and Mustache and Billy man what a sound and not a whammy bar in sight!

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I’m sure that Gibbons had a hand on this album with the help of a fella named Linden Hudson. Hudson unfortunately never got the due for his contributions to Eliminator which is a shame really but it’s called the music business.

*- I got Eliminator a ways back but recently picked up some records and this one was in the pile. Congrats Tbone you’re getting your own copy of this record if COVID thing ever lets up…


45 thoughts on “Weekend Spin- ZZ Top: Eliminator (1983)”

  1. Great album in a decade full of albums with hits. I saw them on this tour in Nashville…they sounded better live and that is saying something. Best light show I ever saw to that point. They were popular before but this boosted them in the stratosphere. Great post Deke.

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    1. Man what a tour to have seen. I didn’t see them until the Recycler Tour in 90. Great stage and light show like you pointed out.
      You cannot go really wrong with there stuff.

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  2. Nice choice, Deke – on the 1001 (as it should be).
    I agree that about 20% of the US sales can be directly attributed to the video, that’s a fair estimate!
    I wonder if he ever teamed up with Swanson’s TV Dinners on a promotional campaign – sounds like that was a missed opportunity if they didn’t!

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    1. Yeah no kidding. They could have have gotten some free TV Dinners for sure.
      I remember back at some point in the 80s Gillette offered them 1 million bucks to shave the beards. They refused! lol
      ZZ knows a gimmick!

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      1. hahaha. For sure! Man what a great flick.Speaking of Dumb and Dumber Lexie gave me a haricut this week and she said at one point when cutting my bangs i looked like Carrey! lol
        She than took it to a Number 6 blade and shaved it down. lol
        Great having a talented daughter who in this time can cut hair.

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      2. HAHA. You folk’s look fine. You folk’s are amazing at doing those vids. Great family bonding time. How many have you done now?
        Over 30? Has to be and no 2 are alike.

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      3. My thanks, Deke – I think we determined that the Thursday of March break was the first one, so it’s been two months now. The nice comments are always appreciated too!

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  3. I knew we were brothers! This album was the first-ever cassette I ever bought with my own money, 1984. We were on our one and only ever family trip to Orlando for Disney/Epcot. I had Christmas money, and bought a boombox and this cassette. Life was good!

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  4. This post inspired today’s car albums! Not Eliminator though as I’d listened it it more recently, but ZZ Top for sure. You got me in the mood so we played Tejas, Tres Hombres and Rio Grand Mud. And yeah this is a greatest hits! I think Thug is the only tune that doesn’t show up on anything else.

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  5. No argument from me on this being a great rock record. Each side is killer and so many songs branched over into the mainstream. In Australia they used the Radio Edits Of the songs to play em. It pissed me off because they crunched the songs into 3 minute versions.

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  6. Great album. I know many disagree but to me it was them at their best – yes, more radio-friendly and less bluesy than before but it worked for me. Even without those girls in the video and the spinning fuzzy guitars it would’ve been a great record. I’d actually forgotten ‘TV Dinners’ was on this – I heard it on radio not long back, first time in years, and I was thinking it was off their followup album. Could very easily have had six hit singles off it.
    I think though that it was more or less a Billy Gibbons solo work in reality – have you read that? It was all him with his guitar and synths and a great studio engineer and Dusty and Frank basically only showed up for the videos?

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    1. It sure is Jeff. I watched it ways back and I will probably watch it again. I like how it showed them jamming and Frank Beard as far as I’m concerned steals the show with his dry humor.

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