Tour Shirt Tuesday- KISS

I always loved this cover of KISS from the ALIVE album that came out 45 years ago! One of my favorite shots of KISS as if a picture can say a  1000 words this pic above proves it.

Funny thing is I never owned that Alive shot on T-shirt but when I went to Minneapolis back in 2003 to see the KISS/ Aerosmith co-headline tour there it was before my eyes at the merchandise table. I don’t even remember what I paid for it and I didn’t care  at that exact moment  I went back in time when KISS Alive along with Alive 2 are the first two ever live (or so they say) albums I ever owned back in the late ’70s.

Below is the link to my review of the KISS/Aero show in which I write about watching KISS, seeing and meeting Aerosmith, and almost causing a ruckus on a hotel elevator the morning after the show which if hindsight is 20/20 I should have made it happen. lol

The back cover of the shirt is pretty cool as well.

I would have bought the T-shirt even if it was only the KISS Alive print on the front. That’s how much I dig this shirt. In case you’re wondering this lineup was Simmons/Stanley/ Criss and Thayer.

I would like to thank IZZY for lending a helping paw in putting this post together! 

30 thoughts on “Tour Shirt Tuesday- KISS”

  1. Nice looking pup!
    Gotta admit, not a Kiss fan anymore (I like a handful of their songs still) but loved them when i was a little kid in the Destroyer era. Even had the famous comic book back then … just clicked on e-bay, they seem to run from $65 and up now, but it’s many years gone.
    Have to admire them though – one thing Gene simmons said in an interview years back resonates – he said “Other guys have a rock band. I built a rock BRAND.” smart marketing.


    1. Izzys a great pup! KISS is indeed a brand and it’s a fact they wear proudly!
      I’m a fan but I won’t spend a ton of dough on them but when I come across there albums at a decent price I will grab em but to pay 65 bucks for a comic book isn’t happening lol

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      1. To some degree you can measure Simmons’ effectiveness by their renown – I mean I bet if you show someone who is our age and doesn’t listen to rock at all, a photo of Kiss in their makeup, that person would probably recognize them. Sure can’t say the same about say, Aerosmith or Van Halen.

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  2. Izzy did a great job!
    I’ve seen them twice. Once in 84 and it wasn’t good…they were really subdued… but I saw them on the Psycho Circus tour in the late 90s. …that was great with Peter and Ace.
    Cool shirt Deke…In the late seventies, they owned the world. It felt like I went back in time in the late 90s. I still have the 3d glasses!

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    1. Yeah it’s cool we both saw the original Kiss
      I saw them in Oct 79 when I was 12
      Last time was at that show in 2003 and I’m good with that!
      Izzys a great girl we love her tons

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  3. Some worthy threads, for sure. Irony though is that Ace and Peter were not with KISS on that tour, but Gene and Paul had no problem using their pics on the shirt. But regardless, a very cool shirt and one I would definitely have bought myself. Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Dude.
      Peter Criss was still on the drums but Ace already had been replaced by Thayer. Peter was done after that run and his contract wasn’t renewed.

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  4. I have a shirt with the same front but of course not the tour shirt back.

    And yes, the short lived Criss/Thayer lineup. At least we got a live album of sorts with them. We will never get a live album with the Singer/Frehley lineup.

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