Backcovers: KISS- Asylum (1985)

Fellow Blogger Pal and extreme Movie Buff the one and only Buried On Mars commented on my review of KISS Asylum a few months back about the attire of one Paul Stanley. 

Take it away Mr Mars…

“Cowboy boots and chest hair! That back cover needs a full post!”

This one’s for you Pal,

Bernard Vidal did the photography shots for the record so as you see the back cover shot had been altered. Somebody at Mercury records back in the mid-’80s had some crayons lying around and decided to glam up the back cover picture of the band.

Let’s diagnose each KISS guy starting from the left working our way right.

Shall we,

Bruce Kulick is looking not too bad in a 1985 kinda way. Nice rock attire. Unlike the front cover, they left the red off of his lips to man him up a bit on the back cover which is good. 

Gene Simmons looks like the Demon should. Wearing black and doing the pose. Mean Gene loses points for the added red on his lips.

Paul Stanley is a fashion disaster here. Look at him, man!Mr. Mars said Cowboy Boots and Chest Hair. Blue boots. Green Pants with god knows what on them. The half shrunk sized Pink T-shirt with the sunglasses hanging down. Yikes. I guess with him and Simmons being the leaders I guess they wanted the extra red added to there lips. Holy moly Paul. Were you sober at the time?

Eric Carr took one look at Paul and thought “Nope” not going there which in turn was the smartest decision one could have made that day back in 1985. 

Kinda funny looking at this pic and thinking that the two hired guns in the band (Kulick and Carr) had better dress attire than the Starchild.

Simmons, your safe this time!


21 thoughts on “Backcovers: KISS- Asylum (1985)”

  1. That is just scary. They finally found their look a few years later with Revenge, but this time was really tough for the band’s appearance. They grabbed hold to 80’s attire, embraced it and then became a caricature of it.

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  2. If you asked 100 people, draw what the band ‘Kiss’ looks like – I wonder how many would draw this back cover!
    I’m glad Mr. Mars asked the question & I enjoyed the analysis here, Deke!

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  3. Well, there is one positive…they didn’t do the eighties one glove thing! Man that picture is so 80s I can smell the hairspray.

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